Chat Rules

1. Dont agrivate the Ops intentionaly it will end in being kicked off the channel and more than likly banned from the room.

2. No using of vulgar language this chat shall be clean and wont be no dirty chat like some places i know about.

3. No begging for Ops, It gets annyoing after awhile Ops will be given to you if the Op feels its the right thing to do other wise you will have a voice.

4. No flooding or external messeges or advertising other chat rooms.

5. No Clones of any sorts in the chat room.

6. Some Mild RPGing is alowed but not all out RPGing its not acceptable it gets way out of hand after awhile.

7. Anyone cought nuking other chatters will result in a perminent Ban. no accpetions.

8. This Chat room is more for an older audience so kids i advise to have your parents around things might be siad that could afend you.
Chat Rules
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