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Vicky: Minasan! Be sure to sign our cool new Guest Book! I already have!

Shalon: Hey Vicky the Guest Book is meant for Guests! That's why it's called a GUEST Book!

Vicky: sticks her tongue out at Shalon. To everyone else: Just be sure to sign it k?

Shalon: You all come back now you hear?

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Vicky: Hey Shalon! Look! This many people came to see us!

Wufei: QUIET WOMAN! Do you ever stop talking? Your worse than Maxwell!

Duo: Hey!

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Shalon: Well sorry for the lack of updates! Contrary to popular belief we are not dead.
Vicky: We'd like to blame it on the fact that we actually have lives outside of ASV, but the truth is we don't.
Shalon: Speak for yourself!
Vicky: What?!? You're saying you have a life without me? That is so unfair!
Shalon: Deal.
Vicky: Oh and one other thing, we've got a new email.
Shalon: Seems the other one now it's
Vicky: We thought it fit.
Shalon: Enjoy!

Episode 13: Shalon and Quatre Gone: Chili Cook Off ASV Vicky Style

It is another quiet day in the life of ASV. Despite the absence of the two more responsible of the group, Quatre and Shalon, things seem to be going all right. Perhaps it is the shock of the lack of the responsible heads, but amazingly, everything seems to be going without a hitch. Heero if off in a corner working on his laptop again, Wufei is taking a much needed nap, Duo is by the stereo listening to music with headphones on, Vicky is losing yet another video game, and Trowa is scouring the kitchen for food. Yes, everything is right with the world.

Trowa: *from the kitchen* Umm is anyone planning to make dinner?
Vicky: That’s Quatre’s job.
Trowa: Well that’s the problem you see, Quatre is still not here.
Vicky: Then it’s another fend for your-self-night.
Heero: I think there is still some left over pizza from yesterday.
Duo: Oh you mean the one left on the counter? Ya, um I ate that.
Vicky: That was mine!
Vicky: Ahh man, not only did you eat my Pizza but you made me lose my game.
Duo: Hey don’t blame your inadequacies on me. Not my fault you suck.

Phone rings, Duo jumps up to answer

Duo: I GOT IT!!! *Picks up the phone* Yee-llo!…. Whoa dude! Where are you? *yelling away from the phone* Hey guys it’s Quatre! *back to the phone* Your where?… What are you doing there?…. That’s interesting. So when are you coming home? …Uh-huh… ok… uh-huh… Well that is no where near Rome. Better luck next time bud. Send me a post card kk? Laters.
Phone: Hey wait.. Duo! DON’T HANG UP!!

Duo hangs up and goes back to listening to his head phones.

Heero: What was that all about? Where’s Quatre?
Duo: He said something about being in Toronto.
Trowa: Well that is nowhere near Rome.
Duo: Yeah, that’s what I told him.
Vicky: Hey, I’m hungry…
Duo: Yeah, how about some pizza?

Pizza boxes are strewn around the living room, the guys and gal, are belly up with very satisfied looks on their faces. (Get you head out of the gutter you sickos)

Wufei: Man that was some good pizza.
Vicky: How bloody convenient, you sleep all day and only come out for meals. Next time at least wake up in time to help with the tab.
Wufei: Well we wouldn’t have to order in if someone would just cook us a meal.
Vicky: After you Wufei!
Duo: Oooh a challenge!
Vicky: Tomorrow night. Cook off, we’ll see who has the better cooking skills.
Heero: Vicky perhaps we should remind you of one small set back.
Vicky: What would that be?
Heero: You can’t cook.
Vicky: Thanks for the support. Just for that, Heero, you will be the judge. Actually, all of you will be the judges. Sound fair?
Wufei: You’re on!
Duo: Way to go Heero, now we have to eat her food.
Vicky: Excuse me, I have to go prepare for this duel. *storms off*

The phone rings and Trowa answers it.

Trowa: Hello? … Quatre? …What was that? I can’t hear you… …we must have a bad connection…. Where? …. Sorry, your going to have to call back, I can’t hear you at all. *Trowa hangs up*
Heero: Where is Quatre now?
Trowa: I think he said something about Iceland, but I’m not sure.

Vicky: *humbly re-enters the room* Um Heero, can you drive me to the Grocery Store?
Wufei: Finally SOMEone is doing the grocery shopping.
Vicky: I'm only shopping for my supplies. I'm afraid you'll have to get your own. Neh!
Duo: Whoa man I'm coming too!
Vicky: Why?
Duo: I need supplies too.
Vicky: Well I asked first go get your own chauffer
Duo: I can drive...
All: NO!
Heero: I'll take both of you, if only to prevent the event of Duo driving
Duo: *pouts*
Trowa: Heero, I though you had put that away...
Heero: *shrugs* It’s deep down in my.... *ahem* I don't know how she could have seen it
Trowa: err...
Duo: Naha.. It's my turn to ride Shotgun.
Trowa: that is getting to kinky for my likes.
Wufei: Well you know she always looks.
Trowa: Definitely way to kinky.
Vicky: You sickos, Shotgun means I claim the front passenger seat.
Wufei and Trowa: Ohhh.
Duo: Ewe... is that what they were thinking?
Heero: Let's go.

Everyone starts walking out the door except Trowa.

Heero: You coming Trowa?
Trowa: Not a chance. *shudders* Nightmares....
Heero: *grabs Trowa by the unibang* you are not leaving me alone with them. Get in the car!
Vicky: We promise not to leave you in the parking lot this time.
Duo: Yeah, we will leave you in the park or something instead.
Trowa: *grabs onto the doorframe* Nooooo....I don't wanna go!
Wufei: Come on, man! Pull yourself together!
Vicky: Just think of all the pretty girls you can meet.
Duo: All in "Super Super Market" Uniforms!!
Wufei: Just get in the car No Guts.
Trowa: Very well, if you put it that way. But I will not be separated from the group this time.

At the "Super Super Market"

Heero: Ok this is how it is going to go, we will split up in groups... Trowa and Wufei you go with Duo, I'll go with Vicky.
Duo: Oooh some alone time with the chicky.
Heero: Duo grow up. Ok you have 20 minutes and then we meet up at the car, sound good?
Wufei: Ok... Frozen foods here I come.
Vicky: Wufei that is cheating.
Wufei: Oh did I say that out loud?

Vicky and Wufei grab a basket and the two groups head off their own ways.

Vicky: Ok, first stop: fruits and veggies.

As Vicky is perusing the fruits and veggies isle, her cell phone rings.

Vicky: Hello? Oh hey Quatre! Guess what? Wufei and I are doing a cook off! I plan to win, but I'm guessing Wufei is too. How's Rome? I hear it's really nice at this time of the year.... Oh you’re not in Rome.... How did you get there? No I don't have any family in New Zealand, but I do have some in Mexico... Oh no good, sorry. Heero? Ya he's right here, hold on for a sec Quatre. *turns to Heero* Its for you.
Heero: *takes the cell phone* Hello? Quatre? .....Hello? I think it got cut off. What did Quatre want?
Vicky: No clue, but I don't think he will make it to the cook off. Can you pick out some strawberries please?

Heero: What are you planning to make?
Vicky: No clue.
Heero: So what are the strawberries for?
Vicky: I was thinking of making a sauce out of them.... maybe get some spinach
Heero: On second thoughts...maybe it's better that I don't know. Being the judge and all...
Vicky: Oh, right. Wouldn't wanna play favorites or anything. *bats her eyelashes at Heero*
Heero: Hn.

Over in the Spices aisle

Wufei: Do you guys see the Cumin?
Duo: No but I see all sorts of other stuff...
Trowa: They should be arranged in alphabetical order if that helps.
Wufei: Here it is, now for some pepper and cloves.
Duo: You know Wu-Man you need more then spices to make a meal
Wufei: Right you are Maxwell, would you mind heading over to the meats aisle and picking up some beef tongue?
Duo: EWE! *cough* I think I may be coming down with something...I may not be able to properly judge.

Over in the bulk section..

Heero: You don't need gummie bears.
Vicky: How do you know that? *fills a bag with gummie bears* Oh and chocolate, rainbow chips and and...
Heero: Are you sure all this candy is good for you
Vicky: Who cares!
Duo: Ya know Chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac
Heero: Hey what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposto be with Wufei?
Duo: He sent me on a small errand.
Vicky: Oh what is it?
Duo: Top Secret, highly confidential, but just a word of encouragement... no matter what you ruin with your cooking, you will still have an advantage.
Vicky: I think we're going to need more chocolate!
Heero: *groan*
Duo: Opps better be heading back to my master.

Back in the grain aisle

Wufei: The trick to picking the best rice... *mumble mumble mumble*
Duo: Hey Wu-man, here is your tongue, just a heads up, you are in for some fierce competition.
Wufei: Oh really? *thinks* Then perhaps I should change things up a little... Duo can you go locate me some beef tripe?
Duo: Ahh. Did I mention the competition was FEARCE?
Wufei: Don't question the master Chief.
Duo: I bow to your superior cooking knowledge
Trowa: Wufei, what exactly are you making?
Wufei: Nothing to extravagant, just some curried chicken with rice.
Trowa: *looking bewildered* And the Tripe and Tongue?
Wufei: Just a ploy to through off the competition... and of course keep Duo out of our hair, shall we go pick out some chicken meat?
Trowa: Lets.

Over in the Frozen Foods aisle

Heero: Remember no cheating Vicky.
Vicky: I'm not cheating.
Vicky picks out a bucket of premium vanilla ice cream.
Heero: What exactly are you planning to cook?
Vicky: Just wait and see. Now I need cookies.

Over in the meats

Duo: Ok here is your tripe.
Wufei: Thank you, you have proven your self to be quite useful.
Duo: Anytime, glad to be of service.
Wufei: Now I only need one more item.
Wufei: Go to the where the pickled preserves are and see if they have any Prairie Oysters.
Duo: Prairie Oysters?
Wufei: A delicacy in some cultures.
Duo: Right-O
Wufei: After that you can meet us at the check out.
Duo: I'm on it!
Trowa: Prairie Oysters?
Wufei: Like I said, a delicacy, In SOME cultures. A recommendation, don't eat them if you have a weak stomach.
Trowa: I'll take your word on that.

In the cookie aisle...

Vicky: Oreos... Oreos... Oreos! One bag of double stuff Oreos. And I think that is it. Oh Wait! Ketchup! How could I forget Ketchup?
Heero: Ketchup?
Vicky: For dipping, silly!
Vicky: Seventeen Minutes, perfect. I'll just pay for this and we are done.

In the car

Duo: Man what a haul! Ya got some interesting stuff Wu-Man, I look forward to this cook-off, it may even be the first time I actually look forward to Vicky's cooking
Heero: Don't get to ahead of yourself there.
Trowa: *in shock* We didn't get arrested.... and I'm in the car. All's right with the world.
Wufei: Don't jinks us Barton!

Security knocks on the window

Wufei: Told you!

Everyone holds their breath as Heero unrolls the window.

Heero: Can we help you?

Security: I'm sorry to bother you, but the young miss seemed to forget one of her grocery bags. *the security guard gives Vicky a flirtatious wink and hands the bag to Heero though the window*
Vicky: My ketchup!! Thank you so much sir!
Security: Just doing my duty and helping a young lady. You wouldn't happen to like to get together for coffee some time.
Heero: *irritated* Ya well thank you we must be going. *deliberately roles up the window*
Vicky: Heero! That was rude, after all he was being nice. I don't know what I would have done if I forgot the ketchup.
Heero: Winning the cook off comes to mind.
Vicky: Oh, Heero. You're so funny.
Heero: I was being serious.
Vicky: I can't wait to get home and start cooking. You're going down, Wufei!
Wufei: We'll see about that.

At the house

Duo: Oh hey we got messages on our answering machine.

Duo pushes the answering machine message retrieve button and a digital voice is heard
Answering Machine: You have five messages.
Message one:
Quatre's Voice: Hey guys, I'm guessing your not home, that is ok, I'll call back later.
Message two:
Quatre's Voice: Um ya, I was hoping someone would be home, you see I'm in a bit of a situation. Perhaps I'll try one of your cell phones.
Message Three:
Quatre's Vocie: Well it seems that Vicky's cell phone cut us off, look here is the situation. *muffled sounds of Quatre covering the voice receiver and talking to someone else* Just one more moment sir, I won't be long. *Quatre uncovers the receiver* As I was saying, I'm in New Zealand and... *click*
Message Four:
A woman’s Voice: This is a Message for Mr. Quatre Winner, This is Happy Mortgage Credit Agency, it seems that you have an over due payment on your Mortgage that needs to be settled. We have tried to contact you numerous times and have been unable to reach you. If you are avoiding the payment, please be advised that we will call our lawyers to settle your account. *click*

Duo: Sounds Serious

Message Five:
Quatre's Voice: *very rushed* Heero please pay the mortgage bill, you know what to do. *beep*
Digitized voice: End of Messages Low battery

Trowa: We should really get that fixed.
Duo: Later... Now COOK OFF!
Vicky: *to Wufei* You are going DOWN!
Duo: Awe man I cannot wait to see what Wefei has planned should be good! Until then how about some Mario Cart? Heero? Trowa? You in?

Five minutes later...

Vicky: OOOO Mario Cart! Can I play?
Heero: Aren't you supposed to be cooking?
Vicky: Oh right!
Duo: Is something burning?
Vicky: Eer...
Wufei: SON OF A...
Vicky: Apparently it wasn't mine! I want to be Princess!
Duo: It smells like.....*sniffs the air* Burnt strawberries....
Vicky: SON OF A...
Trowa: How do you burn strawberries?
Heero: It's Vicky, trust me, she will find a way.

Ten minutes later Vicky comes out of the kitchen looking a little frazzled but feeling satisfied.

Vicky: Now can I play?
Duo: And your cuisine creation?
Vicky: Done and Done.
Heero: That was quick.
Wufei: *from the kitchen* BLOODY WOMAN!
Vicky: Ya, turns out burnt strawberries don't go well with curry, so I just threw away the strawberries, luckily I had some left over that I could still use, and decided to NOT cook them.
Trowa: Curry and Strawberries?
Vicky: Ya, Wufei's curry looked like it could use some added colour, but Wufei didn't think so. He has no artistic bone in his body.
Duo: Vicky! That's a very underhanded, sabatogey thing to do. I'm so proud of you!
Heero: Don't encourage her.
Vicky: Why thank you Duo. Can I play Princess now?
Duo: I'm afraid not. Mr. T is using her, but Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Toad are free.
Vicky: Yoshi it is!

Just as Vicky sits down to play Wufei comes out of the kitchen.

Wufei: All right! Dinners done. Time for the judgment.
Duo: Finally! I'm starving!
Vicky: But I just started playing...

Every one sits down around the table, while Wufei serves everyone.

Wufei: Curried Chicken with Rice, my specialty
Vicky: Show off! I'll go get mine.
Duo: No really no rush.
Trowa: *takes a bite* Spicy with a bit of sweet.
Heero: You can really taste the strawberries, nice touch.
Duo: WOW! You can really do some miracles with Tripe and Beef Tongue!
Wufei: You're an idiot, Maxwell!

Vicky comes out of the kitchen with a tray of bowls, and sets one in front of each person.

Vicky: Gummie Bears in Wonderland. VICKY's specialty.

In the bowls are two scoops of vanilla Ice cream surrounded by Oreo crumbs, chocolate, whipping cream, strawberries and of course, gummie bears.

Trowa: It actually looks editable
Heero: I'm impressed.
Vicky: And the ketchup is for when you decapitate the gummie bears! blood...the blood...oh the horror!
Heero: I'll pass on the ketchup.
Wufei: No fair! You cheated! It was supposto be a COOK OFF! You know with COOKING!?
Vicky: Wufei, you know very well I can't cook. You want Quatre and Shalon to come back to a pile of ashes and cinder?
Trowa: You got to give some credit, she actually had some sense and knew her limitations and worked according to them.
Vicky: Yeah! So I made dessert! Now we have a full meal!
Wufei: So all this were just.... using me?
Vicky: *happily munching on bloody gummie bears* Using is such a harsh word... I prefer “finding a means to the end”. I mean how else were we to get fed?

The front door opens and in comes Shalon surrounded in luggage.

Vicky: SHALON!!!
Shalon: Good just in time for dinner, Smells good!
Trowa: That was a fast two months...
Shalon: Time flies and all that. Now...what's for dinner? *sits down* And where's Quatre?
Heero: What surprises me is that was an uneventful two months.
Shalon: That is surprising. Maybe I should go away more often. You'd almost think I was the one causing trouble. *thinks* Nah!
Vicky: Chicken Curry, and we don't know.

Phone rings. And Wufei answers it

Wufei: Hello? Winner where are you? ... Rome? What are you doing there? Shalon is home now you know? Uh-huh? ok. Best of luck buddy.
Heero: How is Quatre's world tour going?
Wufei: Good I think, he's catching the next plane he can home.

On an airplane.

Airline stewardess: Is there anything else we can get you mister Winner?
Quatre: No thank you, I'm fine, I just can't wait to get home.
Airline Stewardess: Oh, so you live in..?

Intercom: Thank you for flying BB Airlines, we should be reaching our destination of Moose jaw Saskatchewan in exactly 8 hours and 45 minutes. The...

Quatre: No NO NO!

Vicky: Ooo I get to do this on my own. Scary. So here is my authors note: Seeing as I have to do this on my own, I will do the best I can for spelling in grammar. usually Shalon checks and edits the episodes but seeing as she is not here well. All I got to say is sorry for the inconvenience, its temporary trust me! I hope you enjoy the episode. Hey anyone know if there is even an airport in Moosejaw Saskatchewan?

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