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My name is John Kotman. I am a graduate of Calvin College with a major in Mathematics and a minor in History. I also completed the education program (secondary education). I am currently a high school Social Studies teacher at Unity Christian in Fulton, IL. Click the link if you want to learn how to make a webpage. It is quite exciting. I found this site extremely helpful. If you are starting your own webpage I highly recommend this page. Many thanks to Dave.

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I have added some pictures from my honeymoon.

I have added a Social Studies section, which includes a general outline of what will be covered in each of my classes for the week. This is meant to be a resource for both parents and students. I will keep the information here as up-to-date as possible, but anything mentioned in class takes precedence. NEW 8/28/06

Visit NPR's Car Talk radio show website. It has great stuff, including some excellent puzzlers.

I just added a new Lord of the Rings family tree. It is huge and illustrates the connectedness of the families. NEW 4/9/04

I am making some layout changes to my Lord of the Rings section (it is becoming better organized). NEW 3/24/04

I have added a temporary index to my new Lord of the Rings pages.

I have made many additions and updates to my Lord of the Rings page. I added info to the characters page. I also have added many new features including: a character index of names, a list of people who died in various battles, a list of who people killed and how they died, and a family tree of the House of Finw. I will also add many more family trees in the near future.

I added a section to the Lord of the Rings, which gives information on the Races/Groupings of Middle Earth. I have also added names and descriptions to the Characters Section. NEW 9/8/02

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Lord of the Rings

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