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Welcome to the official site of "Happiness...Is A Tribute CD" a tribute to Our Lady Peace.  This tribute is comprised of 12 musicians - some being full bands while others are solo artists - each contributuing a different OLP cover.  Some of the musicians on this CD are very professional and polished sounding, while others don't have quite as much experience.  However, one thing that draws us all together is that we are all huge fans of OLP!  The process of creating this CD started in September of 2002 and stretched through to early April of 2003.  This project has been a great experience for me, as I hope it was for everyone who contributed.

I would like to get this CD out to as many OLP fans as I can.  Therefore, if you have a copy of this CD, please feel free to give copies in any form (CD-R, audio cassette, mp3, etc...) to anyone you see fit.  One thing I ask that you don't do, however, is sell copies.  This rule applies to everyone - myself included - wheather or not you contributed a song to the CD.  The reason I ask this is that I strongly believe in an artist's right to their music.  We didn't write this music, so we have no right to benefit from it in any way, other than our own listening pleasure, of course!  If you plan on distributing a good number of copies and feel the need to charge a very minimal fee - say $1 or less - to cover the blank media and postage (if applicable) that would be okay.  One other thing I will ask is that you include the address of this website with any copies you make.  The artists who contributed worked hard on their covers and they deserve at least the amount of recognition that this site gives them.

If you want to get your hands on a copy, please click on the link on the upper right of this page!
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1.  Rob Patershuk - Starseed
Ruby Corvenne - The Wonderful Future
David White - Somewhere Out There
Exit Left - Naveed
Dan Bernitt - 4am
Dan Lawton - Whatever
Clumzy - Automatic Flowers
Troy Tyson - Stealing Babies
Pistols At Dawn - Life
David Jaffe - Clumsy
One Day Less - Not Enough
Tim Fromme - Julia
Tribute Cover Art
Front Cover
Back Cover
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As stated above, I don't feel that I should profit from this CD financially.  However, if you really enjoy this CD and feel that you would have purchased it had it been on sale in a store instead of given for free, please consider giving to War Child.  This is an organization that both myself and OLP support.  For those of you who don't know what War Child is, they are a non-profit organization based in Canada which enters war effected countries around the world and gives as safe and productive an environment as is possible to the children living there.

I have donated $5 (US) on the behalf of each contributer to "Happiness...Is A Tribute CD" for a total of $60 (US) donated to this wonderful organization!

If you would like to donate or find out more information, click the banner below.