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Hola Chico's and Chica's!!! Welcome to my virtual home on the internet! I'm glad you dropped in! My name is Tanya, and I'll be your hostess for the evening. I live in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (EH!)...however, to be quite honest with you, I would much rather be living in London, England, because the pubs and clubs are excellent, shopping there is practically like being in heaven, the people are absolutely wonderful, and British guys are so hot!!! (Seriously, British guys are really attractive...and the added bonus...they are total sweethearts!!!) I bet you are asking, "What is this website all about?" Well, I guess you could say that this page is all about me...what I love; who I love; and the kind of things that I do. I know that this might be boring for some of you....ok, almost all of you, but, hey...I might as well tell you about me while I have the chance! What are you going to find on this page? Well, an autobiography (so you can find out exactly what kind of person I am), make-up advice, fashion advice, a page on my friends (so you can see what kind of people I hang out with), and lots of pics of my friends, my surroundings, and obviously...ME!!! Anyway, I am not to sure what else I can tell you....so enjoy navigating around my page!

It's All About Me!

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Fashion Stuff

Blue Eyeshadow is a SIN!!!

All 'bout my Friends!

The 2001 Bluevale Grad Formal!!!!


My Trip To London and Paris

Gawd I look bad....

Ok....you can stop laughing at me now......

Hmmmm....now how can I keep you entertained while you are here? Well, you've got three options...One, navigate 'round my page with the links provided up above; Two, you can check out some of my favourite web pages with the links provided below; and the Third? Well....I haven't thought of a third option yet....*If you've seen "Four Weddings and A Funeral" you will get this joke* Anyway, have fun!!!!!

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Popular Fashion Shows from FirstView

The Best City Ever...LONDON ENGLAND!!!

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Doctaa GoodFellaa...The Original Typical GoodFellaa

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Yer Tha Counter Person Ta Visit!

The Last Time I Updated This Page Was: June 18th, 2002

My grad photo

At least I LOOK smart......ok....I lied...I don't!!!

Hey look....it's me!!!

This is a picture of me in front of my aunts house....wearing an outfit that I designed. It was taken this summer right after going to 2 weddings in one day!!!

Isn't she a cutie?!?!?!

Here I am with my cute little cousin, Vanna. This was taken on her 1st birthday....and I couldn't help myself...I had to buy the cute little tiara for her to wear, and my grandmother designed and made the dress for her. She's a little cutie isn't she?

Holla At Me!

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Well, I guess this is it for my website. You can keep checking in because I am always updating or improving my website. What might you see in the future? Let's see....ummm....background music (no doubt about that), more pictures of my trip to London and Paris, as well as other trips, more pics and entries about my friends....and I don't know what else I might add. I guess this is it for now. Feel free to drop by at any time you want to. Hmmmm.....well...have fun and thanx for dropping by!!!! Lots Of Love N Respect, Tanya***

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