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This is basically a collection of whatever I feel like writing. It'll probably be a lot of journal-type entries, but there might be other exciting things; like lists. I would also like to apologize in advance to my friends for this page because you all drive me a little crazy and I might decide to talk about you here. I'm sorry for that, but remember that a true friend stabs you in the FRONT...and in the end, I'll probably still love you. Probably.
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:: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 ::

Today my friend Keith's away message says that he's "kind of pissed right now." That's no good! It's almost his 19th birthday...he should not waste his time being pissed, he should spend his time arranging a trip to Canada.
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:: Tuesday, April 02, 2002 ::
Boys are so silly. Take, for instance, what happened to me tonight at the rec center. I was at the front desk talking to my friend CJ. He was working with this other guy, whom I will just call "guy" because I have forgotten his name. Anyway, "guy" says "Hey, look at you! Whew!" and I say "Yeah, look at me..." then he says "That should be illegal" (referring to the way I looked)...and I say "Yeah, haha," and started to feel uncomfortable and started squirming. Then, he turns to CJ and says "What she doesn't know is that I'm not kidding..."

Okay, boys. Listen up. Some girls might like that sort of thing, and I'd admit that I probably would IF I KNEW who was saying it, if I was a friend. Don't try it with a random girl. It is a bit creepy.
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Okay; I posted all of this stuff last night after the ears were still ringing from the thousands of girls screaming and I was super tired...but I didn't get the chance to explain how completely awesome it was. I saw NSYNC at Comerica Park this summer.... I had amazing seats (they could have spit on me) and that tour had more special effects....but this was definitely a good and memorable experience. In fact, I think that I am going to add their link to my page. Yes, that sounds good. That will show how dedicated I am. I was also asked by the Kettering newspaper to write a review of the concert for the next if they had to ask....
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First day of school. I didn't have class until 11:15. How great is that? I woke up at 6:45....the sun was shining on my face and the birds were singing in the courtyard. I just stayed in my bed until 7:45, which is when my alarm was set for. I wanted to get a jump start on my day by going to the Rec Center. I only did a little bit of exercising...but I am planning on working my way to a flat stomach and thin thighs.
NSYNC was tonight! I did not end up going backstage, or even coming remotely in contact with the fellas...but damn, they put on a good show. I am surrounded by boys here at my school, and they are convinced that all members of NSYNC are gay. Right. And what would they personally benefit from having a female target audience? These girls at their concerts would do absolutely anything for them...and, if you are a fella...a little piece of advice....NSYNC concerts are the best places to pick up girls. There are so many, and they are all decked out in their finest club attire. And no, they would not think anything less of you if you went to a concert....I think that my guy friends are just jealous that the NSYNC boys are on my wall and they are not.
I saw my good friend Melissa at the concert. She is also going to the concert April 2 in Grand Rapids. I had the opportunity to do the same, but I hate driving and I have class at 8:00 the next day. Driving back from the concert tonight was pretty was snowing!!

Look at Mother Nature's sense of humor on April Fool's Day...Waking me up with warm sunny-shine and putting me to sleep with flannel pajamas.
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:: Saturday, March 30, 2002 ::
Ahem. Today I moved back into my dorm. Well, not all the way in, but in nonetheless. Just the big stuff: carpet, fridge, tv, etc. First, I was so excited because my door is fixed, and I can now chill with my suitemate. I like my suitemate, her name is Kait....huh...sounds like a poem. The thing I realize next is that there are pop cans in my closet. (Actually that is a lie, I walked in to notice the cans first, then I went to see if the sliding door was fixed...) I also noticed a book lying face-down on my shelf. I went over to see what it was. It was not left by the previous tenant, that I was sure of. This was left here intentionally for me to see, for me to have and own. What book, you wonder, could tell me all of this? William Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew.” Apparently, I am a shrew. I was informed of this fact last school-term, and this, I guess, was a little reminder. How lovely.
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:: Thursday, March 28, 2002 ::
Today was a fine day. I woke up in Sarah's basement. I threw on some jeans, brushed my teeth, and stuck in my contacts. I did not brush my hair. Instead, I drove over two hours back to mid-Michigan. We dropped of Sarah's stuff, went to her fake-job for 10 minutes, and then went to Buddy's for some nachos. Delish. Then I bought some tap shoes at a little place called "Bottom's Up." The inside is the size of my dorm room. All that matters is that I finally have the shoes....and my performance for McKinnon is still tentatively scheduled for April 12. Come to the ghetto and watch me tap dance. I promise you'll leave with a smile on your face. (and for all of you who say you can't read this font...that says TAP DANCE, not LAP DANCE).
:: Love from eLL 11:24 PM [+] ::
So, I went to St. Joseph yesterday to surprise Meghan Leigh at the variety show. I bought her some flowers; they were tulips and were orange and yellow. She was definitely the best singing act in the talent show; hands down. And she looked gorgeous. This girl will be a model when she grows up. I cannot believe that she is going to be in high school...I used to babysit this girl. I feel ancient. She has no big sister, and I have no sister at all...I think that she needs a little guidance from a "big sister" type, so I want to take her away for a weekend and do things that big sisters do. I don't know if I'll be able to do that now that I am going to school......but I suppose this summer would give me ample opportunity. I wonder if her parents would be okay with me stealing her...
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:: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 ::
Blogger stinks. It makes me mad.
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I am taking a mini-road trip today. I am leaving town around 2, heading to southwest Michigan. Sarah is going to go with me to take some stuff back home. Maybe she'll drive my car for me. Oh, I forgot that she has homework and has to bring her laptop....damn MSU classes. It's only a trip for the night...we're coming back tomorrow morning. Ah, it will be worth it.
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Blogger sucks at 1 a.m. I was editing my last post, adding to the KC Ray List of Happiness, and it never went through...grrrr. So now it is a little bit better because I fixed it.
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There's no doubt about it. The votes are in. Verdict? I love KC Ray. He is, like, my favorite boy ever. I want him to be happy on this Wednesday, so this list is dedicated to him.

First off, how's about the name KC Ray...(who ever thought it would stick?)
Dixon erasers. (taping them under the desks...way devious and smart...)
Feminine hands. (survivor @ megans!)
Parents in education!
Spring Break 2001, Clearwater beach. (I still owe you some pictures)
Saxomophones. (ah yes, the 7th grade dropouts...)
Honda Power!
Mr. Knapp, "The Little Big Guy"
Um, I am drawing a blank because it is 1:00 am....there are thousands of more things I want to add....but seriously cannot think of them. I hope you have a great Wednesday and can't wait to see you again!
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:: Tuesday, March 26, 2002 ::
I have no motivation to pack for school. I want to leave my house so badly, but packing and cleaning are almost the same thing. Whenever I feel like cleaning, I lie down until the feeling passes...(I have this wall-decoration-thing that says that...) So, whenever I feel like packing, I also lie down until the feeling passes...

I know that I have to show that I have done some work, though, because I want to take a trip tomorrow to see Meg-Pie sing. Meghan is a girl that I used to babysit...I started babysitting for her when I was in the fourth grade. She is now in the eighth grade, and is as tall as me. I am about 5'9". Anywhoo, she is in the middle school variety show and will be singing a solo. I kind of promised that I would be there; so I should go.

Now, back to lying down...
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back to school, back to know the rest.
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:: Sunday, March 24, 2002 ::
I saw E.T. tonight with Fatsarah. I feel uncomfortable calling her Fatsarah because she is sooooo not fat, so from now on, I will call her Ms. Crabtree. It was a good show. I haven't had much human contact for the past week with those of my own age, so I think that I talked a mile a minute and never let her get a word in. It was all about Lindsey. I feel bad because I am always aware of my actions after the fact. Ms. Crabtree is the bomb-diggity. I think I may have been using that adjective too much as of late, but I like the way it rolls off my tongue. It doesn't look as cool written, but try saying it outloud. Go on, try it. It makes me feel like a Catholic schoolgirl-wannabe thug.

Also, I'd like you to notice that I added some things...a brief bio and a page devoted to boys. The boy page is under heavy construction, becuase I am not sure if I should first complain about boys, or swoon over them. I cannot decide which to choose over the other. I think that they must coincide in order to keep the peace among myself and my male friends.
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:: Friday, March 22, 2002 ::
College parties are way more fun than high school parties. I went to a party tonight, and besides the music, it was the bomb-diggity. Something kept going on with the music, there would only be like 30 seconds of song playing and it would very annoying....
Anyway, it is fun to get all dolled up and go out with some friends. You meet tons of new people too. And it is so much fun to be the only sober one, until everyone starts spilling their drink on you and slurring their speech to the point of utter incoherence. Then it is time to leave. Drunk boys are also fairly free with their speech, and they're quick to tell you how pretty you are. It's a great self-esteem boost. Sometimes they ask for a hug, but they don't feel hurt when you say no, they just keep drinking. Sometimes they ask you to dance, but you tell them that you can't dance, or that your feet hurt. They don't feel hurt when you say no, they just keep drinking. Sometimes they ask you how tall you are, and, just becuase you are taller than them, they assume you must be at least 5'11". You try to deny it, but there is no use. They won't have it.
I'm probably going to see all the party-goers tomorrow morning at Fowler's basketball game. I'll be the only one happy to be awake at 9:30.
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:: Thursday, March 21, 2002 ::
All you folks who come from Smalltown,'s a little note to make you happy. Fowler High School just won their semi-final basketball game! They are now in the finals, ready to play Saturday morning. Let me tell you a little bit about Fowler. Fowler is a small farm community. These farms produce many different things, but one thing that they are known for is their athletes. They grow them there. I've seen them in the fields.
I have many, many good friends that grew up in Fowler. My life story is a little complex, but once apon a time, I almost moved there. Instead, my family moved to a neighboring farm community, and the Eagles from Fowler became my new arch nemesis. Or is it nemesi? I am not even sure how to spell nemesis, but I hope you get the picture. Anywhoo....I eventually moved once again. One of my friends from this new school wanted to date this boy from Fowler, and wanted to make a trip out to his house, but didn't know how to get there. I was like "I know how to get to Fowler!" and thus began the beginning of new beautiful friendships.
Picture this: four "city" girls, driving down dirt roads to find a house (in the dark)...we find the house, which is full of Fowler boys. They are cute and funny and nice and polite and can carry conversations. The total opposite of what we had been encountering at DeWitt. And all we did all night long was talk about nothing. It was great, and probably one of my favorite memories of high school. So that is how I met my good friends from Fowler. And right now I just want to say congratulations to the team and say hello to my Fowler Fellas.

*I just want to say that small-school sporting teams are always more fun to watch than big-schools. When you are from a small town, you have to work with what you have. There is no other choice.
:: Love from eLL 10:19 PM [+] ::

I feel like a computer genius! I taught myself how to add links to my page! And, they are fully-functional! Please visit KC Ray, Fatsarah, and Sarah.
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:: Tuesday, March 19, 2002 ::
How high does sausage rank on your list as must-haves? I just saw the funniest commercial. It was for Jimmy Dean Sausage. There was a mom, a child, and the Jimmy Dean Guy. The mom says something like "Wouldn't it be great if kids were always ready on time? And if you could have delicious sausage cooked in under one minute?" Then the Jimmy Dean Guy says something about the new flavors of microwavable sausage.

Okay. First of all, I have seen this commercial maybe a half a dozen times and never paid any attention to it. tonight, i actually listened to it and i burst out laughing. When ranking one's priorities in life, i understand that having your children always geared up for anything is important. maybe not number one on the list, but pretty high up there. But to have a commercial depicting this woman; where number one was her kid being ready, and the number two was microwavable sausage? Please. It's hilarious. and, the second thing i found amusing was that it was about new "flavors" of sausage. How many flavors of sausage can there really be?
:: Love from eLL 6:40 PM [+] ::

The "things that make me happy" list looked sad. It will not be making an appearance.
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:: Wednesday, March 13, 2002 ::
Look forward to an upcoming list: Things that make me happy.
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:: Sunday, March 10, 2002 ::
Crazy things happen when you visit the town you grew up in. Example: I left this place when I was in sixth grade, keeping contact with about 3-5 people. One of the people that I did NOT keep in touch with started talking to me online at the beginning of this year. He goes to school in the U.P. Then, he sent me a Christmas gift. It was very unexpected. I mean, I haven't seen him since I was 12 or something. Then, Sarah and I went to this place for dinner on Wednesday called Old Mill Run, which is way in the middle of nowhere. And who should I see there? Mr. U.P. How crazy.
:: Love from eLL 9:59 PM [+] ::
I have been out of town for a few days. My spring break lasted two full days. I left for St. Joseph last Tuesday night. It was slippery and I almost went off the road in Olivet. I had to stop at a rest area to put eye drops in my eyes. There was night construction in Battle Creek. I was dying of thirst and stopped in Coloma for a Coke, but wanted a Pepsi. (Coloma is where Fatsarah is from!) For all of the obsticles I faced, I actually made excellent time in this trip, it only took me 2 hours. Wednesday morning, I threw my back out doing absolutely nothing. I was walking from the bathroom to the bedroom. But, Sarah and I had big plans on Wednesday, so I sucked it up and took some drugs. Drugs didn't work, but I made the best of it. We visited our 4th grade teacher. We were supposed to talk to the class or something. So, we made a Powerpoint presentation. We dug out pictures of us as young kids and put them into the presentation. We also decided that 4th grade kids probably like candy, so we bought some for them. Then we ate the leftovers. It was fun. Kids are small.
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:: Sunday, March 03, 2002 ::
Speaking of the Devil

I went to Olive Garden for delicious soup, salad, and breadsticks with my cousin Janelle to celebrate my birthday (a little late...) and who should I meet there? None other than the Birthday Boy himself, Michael B. I was listening to Janelle tell a story when this kid started walking toward our table, but I was only looking out of the corner of my eye so I didn't really look AT him. He caught me off guard and I was like "who does this kid think he is coming over to my table..."
It's funny because whenever I go out to eat, I always sit so I face the door. I'm nosey and I like to see who comes in and who leaves. This particular evening, though, Janelle and I got into a little fight about facing the door. I kind of pushed her out of the way. But, we were celebrating my birthday, so I figured I could be selfish. I am glad I was selfish, otherwise Michael wouldn't have seen us.
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:: Friday, March 01, 2002 ::
Today’s post is in honor of my good friend, Michael. It is his birthday. Well, sort of. He was actually born on February 29th, so he really has no birthday this year. He is the only 4 ˝ year old I know that is 6’3”. Michael is a great guy and one of the smartest people I know. One of my best guy friends. I like him because I can be a nerd when I talk to him. Our frequent topics of conversation include Billy Joel, basketball, my school, George Dubya, Crocodile Hunter, and other fun stuff. He owes me a pair of Rocket Club sweatpants. He is the coolest. Happy Birthday Michael!
:: Love from eLL 10:54 AM [+] ::

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