Margaret BINGHAM and Joseph MUNCE
Joseph the son of Joseph Munce1742-1824 and his wife Elizabeth
 Abbreviations All the ones with surname MUNCE stayed in Ireland.
Complete family tree with short notes available in Word form by email to family - a file for Orange Tree and one for the Green Tree
Orange Tree  = Margaret Binghams descendants



pic Margt Bingham - smudge from husbands kisses after her deathPic Joseph Munce (1795-1893)
Margaret BINGHAM (1796-1867) m c 1822 Joseph MUNCE (1795-1893)
1.Eliza Jane MUNCE 1822 - 21-6-1838 aged 16 years, from TB in the Whitehaven Hospital for TB in N.I. 2.Joseph MUNTZ 1823 b Killough, 1886 died  17-10-1886 at Nathalia, Victoria m. Margaret MARTIN in N.Ireland
The brides are : Left, Maggie with her groom John Alex. Miller on her right sitting,
and Lizzie  with her groom Fred.Samule Burge Mc Naughton on her right, sitting.
Standing L-R : Mrs Longstaff,  her daughter Sarah Jane standing beside her spouse Thomas N Muntz, lady unknown and Nelson Muntz,  Miss Maude Muntz, minister, Emma Phillips, man unnknown, lady unknown, "Frank"  Frederick Furze (husb of Sarah Muntz surely in this picture where?), Mary Muntz, Jos. "Bingham" Muntz (his wife Maude not present),  man, Emma Muntz.

Sitting L-R: Susan Stuart, Mrs Eliza Muntz,  Jos. Muntz, Margaret (nee Martin) Muntz, 2 couples, Amelia (nee Phillips) and her husband Hugh "Martin" Munt z, an older couple unknown.
On the ground: L-R all unknown : 1 man, 2 girls, one boy and then on right 2 girls?

3.William MUNTZ 1824 -1890 buried Woodend Cemetery . m.Ann BRAY ( widow BREWER) Vic

I have a copy of a letter  written by W.B.[ William Bingham] Muntz 7th August 1865 to B.H. Kane Esq, Sec Board of Education, Melbourne, regarding a Metcalf shire proposal for a Common School no 467 as they wanted  aid to build " a substantial brick  school, deatils its size etc and  no of pupils and rooms and costs etc.building" many letter regarding this work.

Land title certificate searches of the land near Ashbourne occupied by half a house thought to be  occupied by widow Jane Stockdale [nee Munce sister of Little Joe Muntz of Everleigh Farm]   and 8 grown children show that John O'Grady had title but it was Mortgaged to William Muntz 1881 [discharged  1902].

4.Margaret MUNCE c. 1832 married  Captain "George" NELSON- no children" - no proof 5. Newell MUNCE1828-1893 m Elizabeth MC DOWELL 18XX -1911 (below)
6.John MUNCE  1829-1859 m Ann CUMMINS
            both died at sea with a baby too,  in a shipwreck  off Calcutta 1859 on "Alma" - he was Captain
          Shipboard Letter  to relatives in Ireland, written  in Birkenheadm  mentioning  this MUNCE tragedy. 7. James MUNCEd 1911 Ireland  m Margaret STEWART d 1917 8. Mary Ann MUNCE (1834-....)... m. ... Captain COTTER master mariner 9.Thomas Bingham MUNTZ b 15 June  1835 Killough N.Irl. d 6 Oct 1908 Melb.
            m  3 May 1861 Emerald Hill, Victoria
           Jane JAMISON b 30 August 1836 Belfast died 29 October 1901 Vic.
           They had nine children listed below.                               The gold   letterd opening ceremony booklet was given to Therese M. near Wodonga. 1990s . Liz email
        AIF record shows he was a surveyor, he was 24 in 1916  he served OS ,and his father was William Jamison Muntz, 'Rosstrevor', Fenwick Street, Kew, Victoria.He returned to Australia in 1919.

        "Ryde Council was empowered to construct a bridge and approaches over the Parramatta River under the Parramatta River Act, 1931. Ryde Council began work on the bridge in 1933, paying for the cost of construction through the collection of tolls. Ryde Bridge was completed two years later to a design by the Department of Main Roads (DMR); W I Muntz was the supervising engineer (RTA File 387.1176 Part 1 Bridge over the Parramatta River at Uhr's Point. General File. 1938-1952, Memo 29/9/1949). The Premier of NSW, the Hon B S B Stevens, officially opened Ryde Bridge on 7 December 1935. Other dignitaries present at the opening were W Harrison (Mayor of Ryde), the Hon E S Spooner MLA (Member for Ryde), as well as members of the Ryde Squadron Australian Air. Ryde Bridge was designed with a vertical lift span to allow passing river craft along the Parramatta River to pass underneath (including ocean going vessels and large sailing boats). The other option at this crossing would have been a higher bridge, which, with the extended approaches necessary, would have been very costly."

        1. W.McL. MUNTZ b? m  COLES
          • G.MUNTZ
          • R.MUNTZ
        2. E.K.MUNTZ m /div C.I.S. 1ch
          • D.MUNTZ b 1957
        3. P.H.M m C.T.  Sydney? 4ch
      • Mona Isabell Muntz b 1894 Balwyn d 1941 St Leonards m at  Sydney. to  Harry GREVILLE NI
      • Thomas "Archibald" Muntz  b 1895 Balwyn  d 1923 Frankston m.M BRADLEY d 1988 NI

      •   "Archibald Thomas Benjamin Muntz  aged 19 bank clerk  living at 'Rosstrevor', Fenwick Street, Kew, joined the  AIF embarking for WW1 on 6 Jan 1915,    father  William Jamison Muntz,  "Town Hall " , Kew.
      • Edwin Gordon Muntz 1896-1916 France WWI,  NI - memorial in Kew Cemetery - went to Scotch College.

      • Edwin Gordon Muntz   18  a surveyors apprentice,  lived  Fenwick Street, Kew, next of kin was Mrs Alice  Muntz  of  Fenwick Street, Kew, when he enlisted a for AIF on 30 Jan 1915. Killed Poziers France.- [  I had a copy of all his war records and letters to parents- 20 pages or so typed. etc.Liz ]
      • Jack Nelson Roberts Muntz b 1900 Hamilton m  M. ELLIS  - 2 dau [FINTONA ! ]
      • Jane "Jean Eileen" Muntz OBE  b 14-3-1903 Alexandra   d.1969.  NM

      • MUNTZ, Jean Eileen - OBE (C), 1957
        President of the Royal Victoria College of Nursing
      • Edith May Lamond MUNTZ b 1898-1976 NM
      6.Edith May MUNTZ MSc. Uni.Melb [ rare in those days]  b 1-5-1870 Malmsb. d 28-6-1911 aged  41 yrs NM
      7.Thomas Carson MUNTZ  b 30-3-1872 Prahran d 1939 Wang   [ engineer  I think?]
                                                    m Mary Elizabeth Lyle FLEMING

          [ Sands Directory - 1909  < 1908 | SANDS HOME | 1910 >
          468  Alb  NEWTOWN.  Alb NEWTOWN, INCLUDING

          SOUTH KINGSTON.   BOUNDED on the north by municipality of  Camper-     south by Erskineville and St. Peters; and on the west
          down; on the east by Redfern and Darlington; on the    by Petersham and Marrickville.
                                           Proclaimed a Municipality, 12th December, 1862,.
                  Clara Street—East side
                 105 Alice to Camden street
           14 Coombes David C.
           12 Broughton Ernest A.
           10 O'Dell Mrs. M. A.
            8 Gibby George
            6 Gooding John J.
            4 Tubbs Mrs. Grace
            2 Harrington Edward
                        West side
           11 Tree William
          Off— Austen Hurben
            3 Muntz Thomas C. Is this  the same man?
            1 Evans Ernest E.
                        College Street
                    Camden to Holt street }

      • Helen Mary MUNTZ b 1903 Malvern m Les BUCK Bendigo
      • Maisie MUNTZ  b 1905 Malvern d 1956 aged 51 ARMA #13537 NM dau F.... born around 1941 Tas ? adopted out ? Tasmania?
      • Stuart Bingham MUNTZ  b 1907 Malvern d 1970 m Marjorie COE,  1 dua EAM m KA Geelong
      • Howard Newell MUNTZ  b 1910 -1980 Colac m Alison Jean SHAW 5ch- 3  MUNTZ males see
      • Carson Holmes MUNTZ  b 1910 Wang d c 1982 Bendigo NM
      • Yvonne MUNTZ b1914 Wangaratta. m A.KNIGHT b 1913   3ch
           8. John James "Nelson" MUNTZ  b 28-12-1873 Prahran d -28-6-1927 Malvn
          m  1905 Jessie Westbrook WORRAL
      • Florence Muntz m PICKEN
          9.  Elizabeth Agnes MUNTZ  1876-1877
          10. David Livingstone MUNTZ b 9 Feb 1878  d 26 June 1923  m 1897 WA. to  Matilda or Martha "Hattie" MATSON

      David  Livingstone Muntz ( 1878-1923)
      Funeral Notice for David L Muntz - date and paper unrecorded.
      After a long illness of two weeks Mr. David Livingstone Muntz, proprietor of Muntz Studios Pty Ltd,. Glenferrie Road, Malvern died at a private hospital on Wednesday night. Mr Muntz who was 55 years old was born at Prahran and for 25 years he carried on business as a photographer in Malvern. He was photographer to many State Governors, and to Scotch college, Queens College and many other schools and colleges. He specialised in children's photography. Mr Muntz was the son of Mr T.B. Muntz, civil engineer and he leaves a widow and one daughter ( Mrs F. Foenander), who will now take charge of the studios.  The funeral will leave the residence [7] High Street, Glen Iris, for the Springvale Cemetery..

      He was also thought to be the first president of the Glen Iris cricket club and was certainly involved  as a Vice President in 1923-33 as their annual report also gives an obituary to him.  [generalities only]

      David Muntz of his Muntz Photographic Studios in Glenferried Road Malvern which he bagan around 1898 for about 23 years until his death.  Then his  daughter  Mrs Jean "Florence" Mary  Foenander  continued running the business until around the 1950s.

      WA Public Records: " MATSON, Martha Adelaide Jane - Marriage
          Spouse: MUNTZ, David
          Marriage Place: Fremantle
          Reg Year: 1897 Reg State: Western Australia"
       Martha Adelaide Jane (Jones) Matson was a widow with a child about 10 years old , Martha Annie Matson when she married David L Muntz.
          Martha Adelaide Jane Jones [born abt 1869 Vic]  married James Matson, born in County Donegal, Ireland, at Alexandra Vic. on 3 July 1886.
          They had 2 children:
          1. 1. Martha Annie Matson b. 23 April 1887 in Victoria, probably named for her paternal grandmother, Martha and her maternal grandmother, Annie; and,
          2. 2 Gertrude Matson b.1889, Victoria, d.26 August 1890 Victoria
          James Matson died as a result of an industrial accident in 1889 in Victoria soon after Gertrude was born.  James and Gertrude are buried in Victoria's Hazelwood Cemetery.

          Martha Adelaide Jane Jones parents were John Beever (Beaver?) Jones, a railway ganger, and Annie Maria (Batcheldor) Jones.  Two persons with these names were married in New York.

          JONES, John Beever CM 498425 Marriage
          Spouse: BATCHELDOR, Annie Maria
          Marriage Place: New York
            Reg Year: 1867 Reg State: Victoria
          Ref Number: 3250

          JONES, Martha Adelaide Jane CM 499048 Marriage
          Spouse: MATSON, James
          Marriage Place: Alexandra
            Reg Year: 1886 Reg State: Victoria
          Ref Number: 3888V

          MATSON, Martha Annie CB 1305216  Birth
          Father: James
            Mother: Jones Martha Adel
            Event Place: Traf
          Reg Year: 1887 Reg State: Victoria
          Ref Number: 15585

          MATSON, James CM 619823 Marriage
          Spouse: JONES, Martha Adelaide Jane       Note: same as above Jones^
          Marriage Place: Alexandra
            Reg Year: 1886 Reg State: Victoria
          Ref Number: 3888V

          MATSON, Martha Adelaide Jane CM 619840 Marriage
          Spouse: MUNTZ, David
          Marriage Place: Fremantle
            Reg Year: 1897 Reg State: Western Australia
          Ref Number: 497

      1. Jean "Florence" Mary Muntz b.1898 registerd Coolgardie, WA [ Reg.  # 395 WA]

      2.                .                         d 14 Sept 1946 Sydney NSW
                m 1  [div. abt 1925?] Keith FOENANDER
                                                       b 13 April 1896 Brisbane- died April 1990 Brisbane or Sydney?
                                                         secretary to the first Prime Minister of Australia [ Edmund BARTON,]
                                                                                                       mo: Mary WOOD, fa: Lancelot Terence Foenander  b Ceylon. m Brisbane.
                 m 2 Mr Nicholson at  Melbourne [NI]
            1. Rae FOENANDER  born 1921 Glen Iris Vic. m 1946   Vic ? Mr GP Barton
                •  J         bc  bc 1947    m   [living]   Glen Iris [desc. First Prime Minister of Australia]
                • W        b.c  1949  m   c  1948   [living]      UK
                • E        bc 1950       m            Sydney
            2. Josephine FOENANDER b 1923  Glen Iris m  1943 at Mosman NSW to  B   HENDERSON
                • Rt     HENDERSON   b.c 1944    NSW [living]
                • Gy  HENDERSON   b c 1946      NSW [living]
10. Hugh MUNCE 1839-1903 unm ..died (N.I)  where ? One Hugh Munce  sailed from Liverpool 2nd January

Photo believed to be Flying Officer W. E. Muntz, RAAF  Melbourne, Vic. 1944

New shipping records -2002 - CD - passengers New Zealand  to Vic *
also noted one Robert Muntz aged 70 sailed "Zephyr"1876 JUN to Vic from NZ [not a known relative] [VPRO fische 142 p 001]
New Zealand  to Vic
Mrs Mrs and Miss Muntz aged 61, 61, and 25 sailed on the "Westralia" 1920 March  [VPRO fische 381 p 002]

Britain to Vic
Mr R.H. Muntz  aged 30 sailed on "Omrph"  1902 ? is he a relative? [VPRO f 690 p010]

Internet links

John Monashs web site

"Catani  [Catani, Carlo Giorgio Domenico Enrico (1852-1918). Catani, Reinforced Concrete and Monash.
Catani was born in Florence. After studying civil engineering at the Technical Institute he gained experience in railway construction; then migrated to New Zealand in 1876. Unable to find work he came to Melbourne, where he was appointed to the Department of Lands and Survey.] is known as a colourful character. In 1905 he had evidently teased Shire Engineer J[ohn]. N[elson]. Muntz who had approached Monash for a Monier Arch bridge near Ballan. J Monash  told Muntz: 'I think Mr Catani's objections were only a bit of side, and one of the funny little ways he has got'. When JM learned that the Engineer at Benalla had told Catani about cracks in the new bridge, Monash warned him that Catani was 'inclined to take such erratic views'. Catani was amongst those who wanted the Janevale bridge re-tested after cracks developed there also (1912).


Engineers  of Victoria before the first World War
Muntz -  Edward James Engineer at Beaufort 1914. (Neerin Weir project.)
Muntz -  Edwin Parnell Consulting Engineer.
Muntz   F. P. Shire Engineer, Merriang. Darraweit Guim Br.
Muntz - Thomas Bingham.

A senior consulting engineer.
Member of a large family of engineers in Victoria.
Arbitrator for the Fyansford Bridge contract.
Designer of the Bendigo Creek Improvement Scheme and friend of M&A.
Fyansford Bridge, Barbers Ck & Wollert Brs, Kings Br, Bendigo.
Muntz - William Jamison.

Michael Muntz  the actor is from a Dutch family and not a relative until we can find how our lot got to Ireland!
Melbourne University web site has an article on the history of  Longrenong College which mentions Anthony Muntz who is a cousin  Horsham 1992,  "Several long term staff retired in the early 1990s - Deputy Principal Edwards, Peter Grenfell, and Tony Muntz."

    Also highly regarded artist, Josephine Margaret Muntz Adams (1863-1949) eldest child of Thomas Bingham Muntz (1835-1908) Frequently she used her relatives as subjects in her paintings - eg Stella White.
    I have a list of all Muntz's surnames and initials and addresses sorted by state in the public domain for Australia and New Zealand  for the year 2000 . This will get full names and relationships when I have time to sort it out. For a copy of this file in Word please email me and tell me who you are.
    Ü ü correct Muntz
    Abbreviations* : NI = no children, b = born, d=died, ch=children, dau=daughters, m=married,c=about
Corrections or better pictures to  Liz R in Melbourne email

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