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Konnichi wa, and welcome to my humble Dragon Ball Kissaten, the Dragon Ball Cafe, where you can find Dragon Ball information, quality pictures, song lyrics, translated Dragon Ball manga, and more! Come on in, take your coat off, and relax at any of these stations!

A lot of people have been e-mailing me, and to answer all of your questions, no, I will not be updating this page again. Sorry. It's been almost two years since the last update, and in that time Viz Communications has been publishing an excellent translation of the Dragon Ball manga series, making my translations an infringement of copyright, as well as pointless (not to mention the fact that Viz's are a lot more professional). The Viz translation is moving on to about what would be the third graphic novel volume in Japan, so you guys all have a lot of Dragon Ball to read! You should be able to find Dragon Ball manga at your local comic shop, but if you can't, you can probably find an online Viz shop-by-mail catalog on their site. It was fun maintaining this site, but I've moved on. Yes, I still love Dragon Ball, but I feel I have nothing really new to offer the Dragon Ball online community. So enjoy the old (or should I say classic) Dragon Ball Kissaten!

Updated 10/15/97

Information Desk

If you're new to the whole Dragon Ball phenomenon, you'll want to stop off here first. Information on the Dragon Ball manga, TV series, movies, and video games, and their creator, Akira Toriyama! Just click on Dragon Ball Issue 1!!

Sit down at a booth

Our waitress, Pan, will be along momentarily to take your order! Just click on her and she'll show you to your seat.Featuring Dragon Ball Kissaten's very own translated Dragon Ball manga!

Also! Text translation of the GT Television Special!

The Jukebox

Dragon Ball songs and translations

The Bar

Image Gallery and other goodies!

The Shrine to the Greatest Guys in Anime

Ever seen a guy in an anime show that you wanted to marry? You know the stuff! See the guys who make anime worth it (for me, at least)!

The Back Door

All worthy Dragon Ball links end up at the Back Door! Visit scads of other Dragon Ball sites!


10/15/97: Changed the Dragon Ball Kissaten logo (Like it?)

9/4/97: Added text translation of Dragon Ball GT Television Special

8/31/97: Put up Chapter 3 of the Dragon Ball manga; moved Chapter 2 to the back issues site on Fortunecity

8/29/97: Added the Shrine to the Greatest Guys in Anime, added Updates section

Planned Additions

Here are some additions I'm planning to make.

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