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Rabbit Island Music Festival Album
  Album Name: The Rabbit Island Music Festival
Label: Panini Records
Year: 1973


Gabby Pahinui
Leland "Atta" Isaacs
Sonny Chillongworth
Bla Pahinui
Philip Pahinui
Martin Pahinui
Cyril Pahinui
Randy Lorenzo
Manuel "Joe Gang" Kupahu


1. Wai'alae
2. Ho'oheno Keia No Beauty
3. He Nohea 'Oe I Ku'u Maka
4. Makee 'Ailana
5. Haleiwa Hula
6. Ka Loke O Maui
7. Ua Nani Kaua'i
8. Pua Lililehua
9. Pua Mamane
10. Kaua'i Beauty
11. Palolo
12. In The Garden of Paradise

About the Album...

Following the success of the acclaimed Brown Gabby album, Panini, Gabby and friends decided to get together for a follow-up recording session. They were joined by slack-key legend Sonny Chillingworth and respected musician Randy Lorenzo, one of the best "side men" in the business.

The album offers 12 tracks, including an awesome rendition of Sonny's signature Makee 'Ailana. When listening, you can hear the looseness and "good fun" they had while doing the recordings. The vocals, instrumentals and arrangements sound reminiscent of the awesome "jam sessions" the Pahinui's were known for.

(Manana) Rabbit Island is located of the coast of O'ahu. It is used as a bird sanctuary and is under the jurisdiction of the State's Division of Fish and Game, Department of Land and Natural Resources. The pictures featured in the album were taken on location.





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