Hazel Davidson

I have been an ESL teacher for close to 20 years.
I am particularly interested in the problems of NESB adult and adolescent migrants
who have literacy problems in their first language.


New Publications

Available 2008

Australian Government

Australian Government, the accompanying Australian Government Workbook and audio CD
are designed to help teachers and tutors working with students who are struggling with written English.
This material covers the three-tiered system of government and the electoral process
and contributes towards students' grasp of knowledge required for the Citizenship Test,
as well as their ability to participate confidently at election times.

Earlier Publications

A Whole New World

A Whole New World is designed to help teachers and tutors working with newly arrived refugee students
and others needing elementary language, literacy, numeracy and life skills
to function effectively in Australian society.
A CD of language-learning songs and chants, Songs for a Whole New World, accompanies the book.

All profits from the project donated to charitable organisations helping refugees.
In the first two years from publication, profits of $6,000 have been donated to:
Caritas, Médecins sans Frontières, Refugee Claimants Support Group, Romero Centre and UNICEF.


Reading materials with Workbook and sound CD
The early History of gold mining in Australia.

English Spelling Vol. 2

Long vowels & digraphs.

Cultural Imperialism through Language and Literacy Teaching

Written for QATESOL Newsletter
in response to a paper by Dr Gary Birch

A Very Big Country

Basic Australian geography,
covering major land forms, climate patterns,
states, territories and capital cities.
Reading materials at three progressive levels, Workbook
and choice of audiocassette or sound CD
Suitable for NESB and ESB beginner students

The First Australians

Low level reading materials,
with Workbook containing teachers' notes, stimulus pictures and exercises,
plus audio cassette.

English Spelling CD Vol. 1

Low level spelling materials on a computer disk ("Word" documents only - no sound),
covering the sounds of the alphabet and short vowels.

Article in Prospect, An Australian Journal of TESOL Vol. 17, No. 3, December 2002, pp.69-77 "Postscript to A Defence of simplification: Redefining 'beginner' "

Article in QATESOL Newsletter, Februrary 2003 "Phonics for Teachers"

English Spelling Vol. 1, on CD, Alphabet and Short Vowels for ESL/EFL
& Adult Literacy students

The Great South Land Readers for adult & adolescent ESL, EFL and literacy students

A New Slant on Vocabulary Development for a Slow-moving CSWEII Class (ESL)

Sharing Language Across Cultures AND Generations (ESL)
Using the language resources of the elderly to assist NESB students
Paper delivered to AFMLTA Conference 7 – 10 July 2001,
Australian National University, Canberra

Assessing and teaching adult and adolescent NESB students
with very low to non-existent levels of print literacy (ESL)

Paper delivered at ACTA-QATESOL Conference, July 2000, Brisbane

How to choose an outstanding text and extract the maximum mileage
for NESB student enjoyment and learning in all 4 macro skills (ESL)
(CSWE Level III)

Paper delivered at AMEP Conference, Nov. 2000, Melbourne

Aboriginal Literacy easily oversimplified (ESL)
Letter published in The Australian 21.6.2000

Mother tongue best for migrants' children (ESL)
Article published in The Courier Mail 14.9.1998


Coming soon

Phonics for Teachers

Paper presented at QATESOL Conference, Brisbane, October 2002

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