Welcome to my homepage about drawing chakra's. At this site I will give you a quick introduction in the different kind of chakra's there are and the way to draw them. In the table below you will see that every chakra has is one link. When you press that link you will go to the page of that special chakra over there I will explain something about the meaning of this chakra, the colors and the way to draw this chakra including an example. Further more there will be a link to the next, previous and homepage as well to some finished drawings of my self and some friends.

Use of colors
The base chakra
The hara chakra
The solar plexus chakra
The heart chakra
The throat chakra
The third-eye chakra
The crown chakra

Links to other pages

NimiaMand's page with some example's of finished chakra drawings.
Chakra page of the spiritweb 

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