To most of the folks in the greater Tri-Cities region, H. B. Beverly needs no introduction. He has been singing his songs to anyone who will listen for over 20 years now, and it seems he only gets better with age.

Widely known and called upon in the past for his dead-on renditions of Jimmy Buffett songs, H. B.'s determination to be respected for his own written songs led him to go into the studio for what turned out to be a two-year blood, sweat, and tears project that many people (including H. B. himself, sometimes) didn't think would ever be released.

There were many problems encountered during the recording of "H. B. Beverly & 3/4 Time" - accidental erasure of 3 songs, flooding of the studio resulting in equipment damage, money problems, lightning striking the hard drives containing some of the songs and on and on. For awhile the project seem cursed. Nothing came easy. Even the first pressing of the CD was not mixed or mastered very well, and was recalled for not being up to industry standards.

Jim Price, who went up for a Grammy award last year for his mixing of Doc Watson's latest album, came in and remixed "H. B. Beverly & Friends" into the great-sounding CD that it is today.

After almost a year following its official release, H. B. has gained the respect now of all who have bought the CD. Most who have purchased it have claimed it as one of their favorites from the last year. Although there were several problems with the record company after the release date (no distribution or promotion), it has sold steadily and respectably well by word-of-mouth...from those who bought it and were made into believers.

"H. B. Beverly & Friends - Home Sweet Home" was a labor of love with 26 of the finest musicians East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia have to offer. Not only does it showcase H. B.'s songwriting and arranging skills, it also features the best musical players from our region and, over time, it should stand up as a sought-after collectible because of those great players who participated.

Dave Carter of WETS-FM says, "H. B. has taken his place amongst the lineage of great songwriters with the release of "Home Sweet Home", one great-sounding CD!"


HB Beverly's music influences include the talented sounds of: James Taylor, Jimmy Buffet, John Prine, and Jerry Jeff Walker, Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, Jerry Lee Lewis, Steve Earle, and Jim Croce.  


Trying to describe the career of H. B. Beverly in a couple of paragraphs is quite a big challenge - and probably won’t get done here, so we’ll just mention what he’s been up to recently. 

After fourteen years of entertaining being his only source of income, you could say truthfully that he has enjoyed a limited amount of success at his trade. After all, the landscape is littered with the carcasses of singers who “made it” in the music world for a couple of years and were never heard from again. H. B. is still doing it - and getting better all the time! 

After H. B.’s first all-original CD, “Home Sweet Home”, was released in early 2000, he got a taste of why some of those artists were never heard from again. Shortly after the release of the CD, his record company folded (for all practical purposes) but yet, he had to fight it out in litigation with the company’s lawyers for over a year to gain release from their contract. Like so many others before him, the whole fiasco left him with a bad taste in his mouth for the business of music. But, after all was said and done, the music is all he knows.  



“Listening to HB play is like being in Key West, Florida. He takes you away to another time and another dimension that is just so special. He is a great performer who has tremendous diversity and talent...

...a great asset to the Tri-Cities!”

-Logan McCabe, Marketing Director-

Bristol Motor Speedway 


“HB ... larger than life, immensely talented. For twenty years, HB has been a fixture among East Tennessee’s popular songwriters and singers. Try entertaining a large crowd of people all by yourself. HB makes it look easy, but it isn’t. I believe he is a part of that great lineage that, throughout history, has designated a certain very few individuals to be entertainers and poets for the many.”

-Dave Carter, Producer/Host-

Studio One, WETS FM 


“HB has something for everybody. What a great entertainer...people love him! Our organization holds a Town Festival each year and folks always ask for HB to return. No matter how full my schedule is, I make sure I leave myself open during the time HB is on stage so I can enjoy his performance.”

-Ken Heath-

Chairman, Downtown Marion

Revitalization Committee 



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