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For H. B.’s first effort on CD, he chose to represent all the musical stylings that have influenced his style since the beginning - artists such as James Taylor, Jimmy Buffett, Jim Croce, Bruce Springsteen, Jerry Jeff Walker, and a whole roster of other Americana-type artitsts.  

There is a theme that runs through “Home Sweet Home” that takes a microscopic look at the predicaments of being in love - some nice, some not so nice. Things in the latter uncover heart-wrenching tales of infidelity, broken promises, and desperation and bring to mind the lyrical honesty of Merle Haggard - especially in “Walkin’ With the Devil” - where the character would sell his soul to Satan himself to regain his lover’s attentions. This mini-drama climaxes with our man doing the right thing and “selling everything (he) owns” to buy a sailboat, and gain freedom from all the stresses and hustling life here on the mainland, and calling it “Home Sweet Home”.  

The hidden track, “Big Fish In A Little Pond”, is a kind of mini-bio with a tongue-in-cheek look at H. B.’s career up ‘til a few years ago. Its jazzy, swing movement leaves the listener with a sample of the light-hearted things that are to come in the future of H. B.’s next CD outing.  

Matters of the heart are never easy, and while this is not a party album neither is it something that is unlistenable, such as H. B.’s hero, Springsteen, on “The Ghost of Tom Joad”. Quite the contrary, hundreds of people who bought “Home Sweet Home” say that it is one of the top ten CD’s that they have listened to since buying it, which speaks highly for both the lyrics, as well as the music itself. Time will probably prove “Home Sweet Home” to be one of the most important musical releases to ever come out of Bristol, known as “The Birthplace of Country Music”, simply because of the fact that H. B. included 26 of the finest musicians the Tri-Cities area has to offer. A great many of these will no doubt go on to their own successful careers. Some already have, such as Wyatt Rice, brother of award-winning “jazzgrass” great, Tony Rice. 


If you like any of the artists mentioned above who influenced H. B., you will welcome this CD to your collection.

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"Home Sweet Home"


"Lucky Man"

"The Spell"



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