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Art goes a lot deeper than just paintings and films. It makes us think, it make us feel, and it keeps us alive!
Art is the simple pleasures in life that allow you to step out of a stressful life and into one where you discover something about yourself that was hidden deep inside yourself. Sometimes, it may even scare you. Afterwards, you must examine that fear, hold it in your hands and develop it in to something positive. It is up to use to absorb the meaning and use that meaning in our day-to-day lives.
We were a club that started at Housatonic Community College in the Fall of 1998. Our goal was to offer a relaxed and uncensored environment people can experience life, art, cultures,  music, craziness, and a whole lot more!
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We usually held coffeehouses every two weeks, depending on our schedules. We sought to provide a "light at the end of the tunnel" for our college. Our intention was to stray away from the normal "come to school and leave when class is over" mindset.
Have you ever heard that no two snow flakes are alike? Well, the same holds true for our coffeehouses. We enjoyed keeping everyone who attended on their toes, which meant we shocked a lot of people.
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Updated on: 7/15/02
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"The eyes are the messenger of the soul, but the VOICE reveals the spirit."
HCC Coffeehouse Mission Statement
The HCC Coffeehouse has come to an end, unfortunately. It has been a great three years full of poetry, music, dance, emotion, passion, and intrigue. Those club members, who planned each coffeehouse, have transferred to four-year universities. Their hard work and dedication have certainly paid off.

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