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Welsh Traditional Lecture
by Ed Buczynski, a historical document

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The Healing Grove Has Moved!

We now have our own URL: We are keeping this site as a default site and as a host for our guestbook and PDF articles. It gives a snapshot of the old Healing Grove. For the latest, best version, please visit our new site. Thank you!

Merry Meet

Welcome to The Healing Grove, a place for survivors of incest and child sexual assault, abuse, their loved ones, allies, and anyone who cares about this problem. This is the home page for The Yahoo! Clubs The Healing Grove and The Healing Grove II.  We have links and resources for survivors, their friends and allies, and nonoffending relatives, including 800 numbers and hotlines.  The Healing Grove website has information for all survivors and allies.  This writer's spiritual path is Wiccan, and our original intent was to provide a special place for Wiccan and pagan survivors.   Recently, many nonpagans have felt drawn to The Healing Grove.  This is a beautiful thing.  Anyone who respects pagan spirituality is welcome here.  We believe in ecumenicism and celebrate inclusiveness!  No one will "evangelize" or otherwise harass another due to race, religion, gender, sexual preference, age, ethnic background, etc.   

If you are conducting research on incest or molestation, we will help you. However, please do not post any requests for volunteers in my guest book or in the Yahoo! clubs. See research guidelines for more information.

 The Incest Survivor's Aftereffects Checklist

Author and therapist E. Sue Blume has created a powerful tool for incest and molestation survivors. The authorized version, which she has graciously given us permission to share, includes an important preface. While it is geared toward women, the Checklist is also applicable to men. Allies of survivors can gain insight into some of the serious aftereffects survivors deal with.  The Checklist is available as a free Adobe Acrobat PDF  file or  in  HTML [web page] format.

Sabbat Articles

by Mike Nichols


A Garden of Healing Poetry Anthology

The poet John Keats said, "truth is beauty, and beauty truth."   It takes great courage to tell the absolute truth, from the depths of your soul.   It takes even more courage to show that truth to the world.  For  survivors of incest, molestation, and other abuse, the challenge is magnified a thousandfold.   These poets have overcome shame, powerlessness, threats, fear, even danger to their  lives, to share their truth.   The act of taking your emotions, your pain, the ugliness of your past and shaping it into art, of expressing your soul's truth, is  incredibly powerful.  It frees our minds and spirits.  

Reading these poems can be difficult, especially if you are a survivor.  They aren't graphic or explicit, yet the emotions they evoke are very strong.  So go slowly and savor them.  And  know  you are not alone.   If you are  not a survivor, you have been given a precious gift.   You will gain insight into the  pain of abuse, the consolation of spirituality, and the transformative power of creativity.  Above all, you will see the beauty, grace and courage of the human spirit.  If you have a poem you would like to share, please e mail webmistress.

Healing Grove News

2002 in Review

Our Dedicated Co-Moderators

I would like to than Ginger Havens for the wonderful job she is doing as co-moderator of the Healing Grove Group. Ginger is an ally in healing from Great Britain, and yet another redhead! This past year has been especially difficult for many of us, as we cope with the aftermath of Sept. 11 in addition to the challenges of daily life. Ginger has been there for us and I appreciate her. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Healing Grove, especially co-moderators Rayne and Spark, whose dedicated work, supportiveness, and wacky humor, have meant so much to us. Rayne and Spark are currently offline, but always in our hearts. Bright Blessings, dear ones!

From Clubs to Groups

The transition from Clubs to Groups was fraught with thrills and chills. We worried over the possible loss of our club; glitches; loss of members; loss of files; etc. These worries proved to be largely unfounded. Club, excuse me, group activity slowed down quite a bit. However, this held true in hundred of Yahoo! lists, as people panicked and jumped ship, or simply lost the habit of checking their groups. I look forward to things picking up in 2003.



Maybe its the Universal Life influence, but The Healing Grove is beginning to attract nonpagans.  Fellow travelers, seekers, New Age, agnostics, even atheists, these nonpagans feel comfortable with Wiccans, witches and pagans.  We all find healing and acceptance in The Healing Grove.  We respect each other's spiritual paths and support each other in healing. As my home country grows more intolerant, this has been my favorite development.

Wiccan and Pagan Resources

As promised, we have added Wiccan and Pagan resources to the Healing Grove. We have Mike Nichols' Sabbat Articles, which I often refer to when preparing to celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year. We also have a Welsh traditional lecture by a major, yet little-known figure in late Twentieth Century American witchcraft, Ed Buczynski. The Healing Grove Group has new religious links as well. Look for a special Wiccan and Pagan links page in the next few weeks. If you would like your page included, e mail webmistress.


An Ecumenical Prayer in Times of Terrorism and War

In this hour of grief and loss, may we have the courage to go on. May we have the wisdom to react to violence with unyielding compassion, courage, and justice for all. To be fair to all people regardless of skin color, religion, gender, orientation, nationality or ethnic origin. To respect the beliefs of others, even when they conflict with our own.

Bless the souls of the departed. Bless the wounded, and aid their recovery. Bless the families and friends of the victims. Bless the rescuers, the donors, and all that help in times of crisis. Bless our military and government officials with the wisdom and resolve to do that which is right for the world, regardless of the consequences to their own careers. Cleanse our souls of fear and hatred, that we may choose life. Open our hearts to the suffering of all. May divine wisdom, comfort, healing, and peace be poured out upon the nations of the earth. Let us love one another, remembering that we are all part of the family of humanity.

©2001 by Rev. Holly Harwood Goodwin may be reproduced in its entirety for nonprofit purposes.


The Healing Grove is for all Wiccan and Pagan survivors of incest and molestation, and their allies, including nonoffending relatives. Submissions are very welcome. We accept work by nonpagan  allies and professionals, such as The Incest Survivor's Aftereffects Checklist by E. Sue Blume, or the Gift to the Healing Grove poem by Clara Gerl.  Nondenominational works by survivors are equally welcome.  If you have a story (fiction or nonfiction), essay, book review or poem to share, please e mail us for writers' guidelines. All rights are retained by the writers.




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