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Between balances and projects
C.O.E.S. is now thirty years old

by Emanuela La Rocca - Presidente of C.O.E.S.

C.O.E.S. is an association of voluntary service in favour of the sicilian emigrants in the world. What is it? What does it want? What does it intend? What did it develop in these thirty years?

What's happened in these three decades? There are some important and interesting matters for our emigrants so far, but very close to us.

C.O.E.S. was born in 1966 like an association of voluntary service in Sicily (the first in favour of sicilian emigrants). The emigrant, without hope, left his Land and set off in search of other lands very far.

Abroad, in some european countries, he didn't find a place where he could live and he found a lot of difficulties. After a long and hard work our emigrants have occupied a position very important, sometimes on a managing level. Today, the Sicilians in the world work and managed the concern with the greatest ability.

As regards the associations we can say that they are the connection between Sicily and its Sons so far. After C.O.E.S., there are other regional associations in Sicily and national associations have organized thir regional representations in the Island.

C.O.E.S. can remember so many matters in these thirty years. It solicited to put in practice, in all Italian municipalities, the A.I.R.E., a General Registry Office in favour of the Italian people with residence abroad.

Infact, C.O.E.S. had received many laments of Sicilian people in Lugano, in Zurich, in Frankfurt, in Europe and in the World, because they were considered like citizen without birth-place. The problem was solved by a Sicilian Man, Franco Restivo, former President of Sicilian Region and in 1969 Secretary of State for the Home Department. He put in practice the A.I.R.E., avoiding the cancellation from the Registry Office.

Besides, the C.O.E.S. association, in cooperation with the Foreign Office, has organized many colonies in favour of the Emigrants' children. The associations and their Delegates have organized a lot of meetings with the Sicilian Government and have presented requests and needs of the Sicilian emigrants. One of these requests was the Regional Consulta for the Emigration problem. The Consulta was instituted with the first regional law in favour of the emigrants and was passed by the Regional Assembly in 1975, on the eve of the first National Conference in favour of the emigration problem, in Rome.

By the time, this law was modified, providing for new facilities in favour of the Sicilian people. At this regard, the C.O.E.S. association has carried out a program of hard work.

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