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Wazeau and Bandit

Bandit's page.

Bandit, the Nanday conure, rules the roost in Wazeau's World.

Well, at least he thinks he does!
You can find him almost anytime perched on Wazeau's shoulder
or tucked under her chin. You might even hear him
blowing her kisses.

The Bronze-Wing Pionus


Merlin's Page

Too dignified to admit he plays second fiddle to the green machine above,
Merlin spends his days trying to invade Bandit's cage, or drive him from my
shoulder so that he can assume the favored position. Luckily I have two
shoulders, and my hair is thick and long enough to create a wall between them.

Visit the rest of the flock!

Visit the rest of the flock!.

The Cats


Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

Visit Leo, our fat yellow lazybones, at his own home page.


Crow draped over the arm of the couch.

Scarecrow (Crow), our skinny black birdkiller who has a
particular fondness for finches and sleeping in extremely uncomfortable positions.

The Humans

Cynthia Schaum

Send Wazeau a Note

Computer programmer by trade,
Everquest addict by predisposition to obsessive compulsive behavior,
otherwise afflicted with Parrot Fever.
If you play on Tunare, send me a tell! I play Wazeau, wood-elf druid (of course),
and Dinone, high-elven enchantress.

Wazeau deLierre and Dinone Delusionne Dinone, High-elf Enchantress

Or stop by Forever's End, where I built Haughtington Estates and Thorons Gwath.
FE is going to be a fabulous place to play, but its still in early development so expect the unexpected.
And now since I've been bitten by the Everquest bug,
I barely have time to visit there myself :(

Want to learn a little bit more about me? Then check out some of my favorite things.

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My lyrics collection - find out what a closet romantic I am. Then there are my favorite musicians. And my favorite authors. Or some fun and games. Lastly, my favorite artists.

Tony Colbert

Last but most certainly not least, my son
Flight Sim Fanatic, computer gamer extraordinaire,
Everquest Addict (runs in the family)
Better known as Jortho, Ugmul, and Arjonz. He'd love to hear from you!

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