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Here you will find all kinds of information on the art of tatting. It is not dead!!

Reachout, get in touch with other tatters.
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International Old Lacer's, Inc.

Omaha Shuttlebugs Links.
Tat n Chat at the General Crook House (1999)
Shuttlebugs Snippits
Shuttlebugs Heart Exchange (2001)
Tat n Chat at the General Crook House (2002)
Shuttlebugs Christmas (2001)


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Use your favorite search engine and search for tatting. Links change so often, picotnet has decided not to maintain our own list on this site.


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Toucan Shuttle Wants You!
Learn to shuttle tat. Toucan says y(ou can)! First try Basic tatting instruction.
For the more advanced try Split ring tatting instruction.