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Ray & Ramona's Page

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Our country is saddened by the coward's blow

But we will overcome them and live in freedom
Welcome; You are my Countervisitor to come to this page.

"Ray & Ramona's Homepage"

our lives will continue to be free.we will not let those cowards change our lives
They will be overcomed by that which is right.They will be overcomed by that which is right.


If you want to enjoy a homepage that has good family values, and good common talk, you have reached a great spot to sit back and read about the views of the Day family.We hope that you check out all the different sections on this page and we would like for you to read about our daughtor, Patricia, who we lost to cancer. We hope that after you have finished your visit with us, you will sign the guessbook at the bottom, and we hope you will come back and see us again.
May God Bless America & All The People In It.

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"Ray's & Ramona'S Page Of Thoughts & Memories"

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This page is only to reflect my thoughts, and ideas. It is not intended to offend anyone. I hope that maybe something in this will give you hope, faith, and power. "God Bless All"

1996 --2001

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