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Information on the Concannon, Gerolstein, Higgins, Jehle,
Johnson, Jorgenson, McGarty, Patrick, Pierce, Rouse, and Sandlin families.

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We're looking into the names McGarty, Rouse (Trish's maiden name), Concannon, Gerolstein, Jehle, Higgins, Norris, Jorgensen (all names on John's side); Pierce, Sandlin, Johnson (names on Trish's side, from eastern North Carolina).

These are some family groups connected with our family. The lists are full of gaps, missing dates and middle names, errors in places of birth and death, incomplete listings of parents and children. If you can correct any of these errors, or add branches to our family tree, or if you find yourself on these lists, we'd be very happy to hear from you. Just send some e-mail, or sign the guestbook below. There will be more to come, as we find it.

Descendants of Thomas P. CONCANNON (1860-1930), Annie McARDLE (1857-1896), and Mary FLYNN (1864-1932)
Descendants of Philip von GEROLSTEIN (1850-1907) and his wife, Mary (1848-1916)
For more information about Gerolstein, Germany, and the history of the name, click here.

Descendants of Francis HIGGINS
Descendants of the JEHLEs of Freiburg, Germany
Descendants of David JOHNSON (1825-1915) and Lizzie Jane MURRAY (1856-1938)
Descendants of Herman B. JORGENSON, his daughter, Anna Jorgenson, and her husband, George NORRIS
Descendants of Felix McGARTY (1854-1919) and Ellen HIGGINS (1854-1932)
Descendants of A. M. PATRICK (-1906) and Lucinda SHORT (1842-1927)
Descendants of Arthur Roscoe PIERCE (1889-1958) and Plina Patrick SANDLIN (1897-1982)
Descendants of David William ROUSE (1841-1915) and Mary Jane CAVENAUGH (1853-1932)
Here's a link to a page of apparently unrelated Rouses. Maybe some are related to you!

Descendants of Isaac James SANDLIN (1856-1938) and Pearl Celestia PATRICK (1878-1955)

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Another of Dana
Winifred Pierce Rouse
Winifred's ancestors
David Rouse
David's ancestors
Helen Concannon McGarty
Helen's ancestors
Philip McGarty
Phil's ancestors
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