This section was last modified on February 23, 2001.

  • EXTRA EXTRA! Messiah is coming on Purim!

  • Tangled Up in Black

  • Mishnah Brurah for Xmas (L'havdil)

  • Tzitzit on Hamantaschen???

  • Lots of Purim Torah

  • More Purim Torah

  • Even More Purim Torah

  • Midrash Haweb -- The WWW as recorded in Talmud

  • The Last Laugh

  • Mishnah Choggoh - This one is in Hebrew

  • Why Purim Humor and What is Purim Torah

  • My all time favorite Purim parody is Hilchot Hakafe, but because it is copyright, I don't want to post it on the web. I will email it to you upon request.

  • More Purim humor coming soon!!!

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