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"He who careth not whence he came, careth not whither he goeth" W.M. Taylor

This web site is dedicated to genealogy research into the Smotherman, Smothermon, and Smitherman surnames, with special emphasis on Middle Tennessee and West Kentucky.

The Smotherman and Smothermon surnames seem to have evolved from the Smitherman surname, as follows:

Smytheman => Smitheman => Smitherman => Smotherman => Smothermon

In England, the name Smither-man was used to describe one who worked at a forge in an ironworks shop, possibly a "smithy" or blacksmith. Other variations of the Smither-man surname include: Smytherman, Smythyman, Smytheman, Smithman, and Smitheran. The name Smythyman is documented in Yorkshire County, England, from at least 1309 through 1628, at which time it also begins to appear in London and the southeastern counties of England.

In 1744, a young man named Samuel Smitherman was sent to America as an indentured prisoner to serve a seven-year sentence. Samuel had been caught breaking into a shop in London, England. Samuel served his indenture, was freed, and eventually purchased a small farm adjoining George Washington's estate, Mt. Vernon. He and his wife Sarah raised a family of at least eight children there. It is believed that almost all Smitherman, Smotherman, and Smothermon's are descendents of this determined, hard-working, former indentured servant.

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