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The Turkish Van cat is distinctive with its all white body and coloration confined mainly to the head and tail. But beyond their appearance, these cats are intelligent, personable, and unique felines. Known sometimes as the "swimming cat", the Turkish Van is increasing in popularity in the United States. While their bodies are primarily white (some spotting occurs), there are several recognized colors for the head and tail markings of the Turkish Van. The photos on this page feature examples of the breed in black/white, cream/white (which is the dilute version of the red/white) and blue cream/white (the dilute of tortoiseshell).

cream and white Turkish Van male yawning black and white Turkish Van kitten

Photo of the cream and white male by Korporate Kats

Did you know that the Turkish Van cat is a natural breed indigenous to the Lake Van region of Turkey? However the history of these cats goes back several hundred years and is rooted in the culture of the Armenian people whose ancestral homeland has only been part of Turkey for about eighty years. Armenian folklore, poetry, and songs contain references to the Van cat dating back to the middle ages.

blue cream and white Turkish Van female

The eastern Anatolia region of Turkey is a land of contrasts and beauty as well as great historical significance. These pages focus on the history of the Turkish Van as well as photos, and links to other information sources on the web so that you can learn more about this unique and lovely breed of cat and its origins. A map of the Lake Van region and information about the beautiful province of Van in Turkey, will help you learn more about where this breed originated.

turkish van paw prints

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