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Our membership coordinator finally got started on pulling together that membership info... then she had to stop for a wash. So, here are some of the most important members, anyway. More to come...

MoosSqrlQD Tabitha Twitchit
Kitty (a.k.a. "Little Boy") KirbyCosmo
Phoebe and Milo Ellie Fitzgerald
Grinch and RebelSebastian
Timmy and NinaSigma

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I am Moos, Queen Mother of the Co-Founders of the Feline World Domination Society. I like to eat and lay around and be pretty. I do not have to work hard at this; food is supplied when I want it, I can lay anywhere I want, and I am Pretty.

I have a feather-fetish, and I secretly bring the feather to my human every night so that human trips on feather every morning. He has not figured out if I bring it to him, or that silly grey feline Sqrl.

While my human steps into the big, white bowl with its floppy wall, I come in and wait until he completes the grooming-torture with the wet spray. When he pushes the floppy wall to the side, I jump onto his chest where I am petted and held until I am happy and content.

I have trained my human to feed me any thing he eats. If he doesn't, I stand on my hind legs and rub my face with both paws until he is laughing so hard he doesn't see his food disappear!

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I am Sqrl, Queen Father of the Co-Founders of the Feline World Domination Society. I am King of my home, with the highest spot in the house atop the Great Barrel Above the World. When I am here, you cannot touch me unless you are my human. And only my human can give me the power-petting that I love.

I keep my human in shape by chasing a silly blue feather that human controls with a rod. Human thinks I am trying to attack the feather. He does not realize I am helping him build hand/paw coordination.

The strangest thing about where I live is this infestation of little white globes. I believe human calls them "ping-pong balls." For some reason these globes suddenly appear. I keep trying to get them away from human, hiding them under that stand with the big moving pictures box. I don't know how these globes get out from there, 'cause I can't get them out.

Human is so silly. When I talk to him, telling how that silly cat Moos is always hoarding the food and taking the feather away from me, he looks at me with a dumb look on his face and he speaks about "getting the feather" or "where is the ball?" Don't they teach these humans anything?

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Kitty (a.k.a. Little Boy)

I am Kitty, a.k.a. Little Boy. I live in Carrollton, Texas with the parents of the human slave who maintains this site. I have successfully taken over their home, and enjoy days of eating, napping, sitting on windowsills, eating, napping, sitting on the lap of the human slave known as "The One" (or Alice to her human friends), eating, napping, and then going to sleep. I rarely pay attention to "The Other One" (or Don to his human friends) which, although he won't admit it, makes him crazy. I do say Goodnight to him each night, though, because he sticks his big face in mine and bothers me until I utter a few throaty sounds... it's embarrassing, but it's the only way to get him to leave me alone.

Although my life is most content, my one fantasy is to have a never-ending supply of Tuny (for the uninitiated, that is tuna fish in spring water) at my disposal. Happily, though, I've trained my human slave to provide me regularly with a host of delicious treats. I've even gotten her to warm up my moist food in the microwave! Well, I'm tired now so I'm going to nap.

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I am Kirby. I live in Texas with my slaves Laurie and Michael. I consider myself on the large side, but I am BY NO MEANS fat. The extra baggage is simply insurance against something happening to my main slave, Laurie. I mean, I would have to survive somehow before I was rescued, right? I wear a velvety smoky gray coat with dapper white mittens and I have an appealingly fluffy white belly. My slave was tempted to send a description or picture of her (ugh) dogs, but that would undermine our plan for world domination. (Any exposure is bad exposure, as far as I'm concerned.)

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Phoebe and Milo

We are Phoebe and Milo. Phoebe is the black one, Milo (a.k.a "Fat Boy") is the tabby. This is actually one of our baby pictures... we're much bigger now. But our Human Slave thought this one was just too cute. And it is, isn't it? How could ANY human resist us?

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Ellie Fitzgerald

I am Ellie. I've also been known as "Squeak" and "No Kitty!" but Ellie is much more suitable for an insanely cute kitty like myself, don't you think? And no, my name has NOTHING to do with my voice, although my slaves might have you think otherwise. You can probably tell from my adorable photo that I am still young, but I am learning quickly that my cute face is my ticket to great things. My slaves just can't say no to me. My favorite things in life are tearing around the house, attacking feet, running into hard wooden things that should knock me out but don't, and playing with the feather duster that the slave who rescued me brought home from work one day. She must work at a cool place with really cool people, because she brought home a whole bag of toys from work one day (many of which are displayed in this picture)!

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My name is Bumper but everyone calls me 'The King.'
I find it fitting. I own a house which in addition to being home to me and my human slave, contains another cat (Petunia) and two Golden Retrievers. Petunia is quite satisfactory but the Goldens, well, that's another matter. Let me just say that they're probably better than a smarter breed like German Shepherds. They're terrified of me - - I rule this house with a soft paw in an iron glove. If I raise my paw, or ::::horrors::::: meow, they cower and run away. Sometimes I keel over from the giggling!

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Loki (a.k.a Lionface)

I was a Prince ruling over a NY cattery until my Sire, King Sin Jin Taw returned home... Although my former title "Lionface" was quite descriptive of me, I recently acquired my own domain in Redmond, Washington, and upon my royal crowning ceremony was given the new title Loki, after the Norse god of mischief... It really fits me. One of my mischevious, and yet oh so cute royal hobbies, is my water fetish... I like to paw my water dish around the kitchen just to see the water move... To learn more about me or about Bengals email my new 8 year old slave Jesse@zenspider.com.. He will be happy to send you info and links...

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Grinch and Rebel (More newest members!)

I am Grinch, a blue-point Siamese, 18 years old. I am of the "old-fashioned" variety with an "apple" face (or so my slave was told when she described me to a breeder at a cat show recently). I have my slave well trained, waking her up at the dot of 9 PM to come downstairs to get me cheese. I was recently diagnosed with advanced kidney disease, so I am being pampered and spoiled even more than usual.

I am Rebel, a large, black and white tuxedo cat. I was given to my slave by a student (the slave teaches 7th and 8th grade Exceptional Ed.) for Mother's Day in 1992. At the present time I am shedding to such an extent that one of the mini-slaves (the human's daughter) has said that one could "knit a kitty" with what gets brushed off me every night. Knit a kitty, indeed. This place is not even big enough for the Grinch and me!

It is with great sadness that the FWDS reports the passing from this earthly world of Grinch, from advanced kidney disease. Grinch left about 4:30 Sunday, April 26. Her slave, Pat, reports that Grinch had weakened to the point that she had called the vet, who was scheduled to arrive at 6 p.m. But ever a feline, Grinch chose to do it her way. She isn't suffering anymore, and Pat has 18 1/2 years of great memories. We at FWDS hope that Grinch is enjoying a never-ending supply of tunafish and cheeze whiz in her new world. Rebel will continue the fine food tradition Grinch started, and submit recipes to FWDS in Grinch's stead. The Feline World Domination Society salutes Grinch for 18 1/2 years of kitty contributions to the cause of feline domination.

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I am Sebastian, the Great Fat-Cat of the Northwest. Really! I was even featured on Seattle's "Evening Magazine" as the largest cat in the northwest. It's true I weigh between 33-35 pounds, but I am one solid kitty! I am 12 or perhaps 13 years old (I'll never tell the truth). I love to have my human slaves rub my face, belly, and that great little spot behind the ears. If my slaves become slack in performing their duties, I "meyowl" at them until they again acknowledge that I am their lord and master. When pleased, I purr loudly. I believe in making my pleasure and displeasure known loudly. As befits the Great Fat-Cat of the NW, I make sure that I am first at the food bowls and that I get to eat a little from each bowl -- just to make sure the lesser cats know that I am the greatest (well, maybe just the largest) of the them all.


I am Milady of Ohio, Pouncer Jingles Qatt, Esq., by far the just and royal ruler of the Hayes household (if I do say so myself). I like new and fresh catnip, bag'o'mice, the old green chair my subjects think is useless, and dripping water from the sink. I have not encountered species of the canine kind excepting a greyhound-y dog across the street. None are in the safety of my kingdom....yet. I am a tabby grey-black cat, and support the goals of this society in their entirety. To put a cat on every desktop and in every drawer! I salute you, FWDS! Alas, the humans lodging in my kingdom have no "scanner", so as of today, no photo of my queenliness is included.
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I am Jane (as in Miss Jane Marple), and I am the newest member of Rebel's household. I am a sealpoint Siamese kitty, born in June 15th. I arrived at my new home on 2 August. The first thing my mom did was to weigh me-on her kitchen scales, no less. That tells me that she likes to cook, as well as read mysteries. She told me that she was going to name me Agatha, but I just didn't look like one, and besides, she called me Aggie once, and neither one of us liked it. Rebel doesn't quite know what to make of me, but he has started to get friendlier. Mom took the picture I am sending with me and my new toy-my own Siamese Kitty Beanie Baby. She is almost as big as I am.
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Timmy and Nina

Hi! Nina and Timmy here. We are Florida kitties. Our mom is Jennifer Pate, who is the daughter of Rebel and Jane's Mom, Pat. I guess that makes me Rebel and Jane's niece. We live in Lauderhill, FL. Mom and Dad both work, so we are house kitties during the day. But, when they come home, we get to go out on the porch-our special place. There is nothing like a cool (at times!) FL breeze to snooze in. Our favorite toy is a feather bird. Mom and Dad think we am cute playing with it, but WE know that in order to keep our svelte figures, some exercise is a must. A "flying feather" is my type of aerobics. We enjoy Granny's kitty treats!! They are gr.-r-r-r-r-eat (Pardon me, Tony!)

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My name is Sigma and I live in Richmond, VA. I am another grandkitty of Grinch, Rebel and Jane's mom. I am an only kitty, and am 7 years old. I have two little people in my house, in addition to my Mom and Dad. Brian is 2 and says ki-ki at me all the time. At least is isn't "Dog" which is another of his words. My other little person is Dani. She is 6 months old and likes to play. Rebel came to visit me in July. He wasn't so bad, for another cat in the house.

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My name is Akira, and this picture is of me when I just a little thing. I am about five months old now. I'm still just as cute as ever, though.

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My name is Buster, and I'm prince, heir to the throne of the Feline World Domination Society. Learn more about me on my very own introduction page!

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Queen Duchess Tabitha Twitchit

Greetings, darlings!! I am Duchess Tabitha Twitchit, Feline Goddess and Queen of my entire neighborhood in Kingstowne!! I am a royal, purebred Ragamuffin who is a former shelter adoptee (if you can believe it!!). I am a showcat who is now 9-12 years old (I won't say exactly how old I am!! It doesn't matter anyway!!), and I now have my own web site dedicated to myself and other little-known domestic and wild cats in the world... Tata for now, darlings!!

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Cosmo (Our newest member!)

I am Cosmo, the Prince of The Household. I spend my days and nights doing all of the usual kitty-prince duties like sleeping, grooming, running, and terrorizing the Old Guard of The Household, Moos and Sqrl. I live to run and I love to eat kitty treats, which I get by constantly winding my way through the legs of my servant, the human. And I love to talk. Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk. I must go now... The Household awaits!

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Does your feline wanna be a member? Send a description and/or (small) scanned photo to the Human Slave who maintains this site.

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