"Kimi's Grand Adventures!"

    Me and my mommy Kristi

    "Hi Everyone! I am "Kaytel's Kimmilia Mita"
    (that means "My Butterfly")
    and this is my "Mommy" Kristi...
    But you can call me

    I came from Kaytel Shelties
    where I was raised with Love by a great lady!
    Be sure you go visit her site too!!!

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    Now Come & let Kimi "show you how to 'Dance with Life'!"

    "The Kimi Saga - Blow by Blow"

    Bathtime Bonzai! Butterfly Defending Mommy Dog Days of Summer
    Gardening Friends with kitty Grace is her name (NOT!) Invents a new game Killer Green Ball
    Kimi cleans up Mail by Kimi Express! Mud Puppy New Trick Party Time
    Playball Saving the World The Best Spot Your Turf or Mine? Kimi's Home
    Meet Kimi E-mail us! Sheltie Links First Trip Fort Kimi
    Redwoods Storm Chasing Kimi Squirrels go "Nuts" Wet Behind the Ears Kimi Goes to Summer School
    Kimi the Sod Buster Tiger by the Tail Kimi & the Air Conditioner Kimi the Mighty Hunter Kimi Goes Fishing
    Kimi the....er...um...CAT!" Kimi goes to the Vet Kimi meets a Baby Kimi the Night Hunter Drill Sgt.

    More Kimi!
    Dog Days - the sequel!Sock It To Me Kimi!
    Hop A LongKimi's Whirlwind Sunday
    Kimi's Invisible FriendKimi the Flying Sheltie
    Kimi On Ice! Kimi's New Bestest Friend!
    Kimi The Snow Bunny!Kimi and the Snow Monsters!
    Fish Off At The OK Corral!Lunch Time at Kimi's Diner !
    After the PartyKimi The Alarm Clock
    Kimi & the Lazer Light ShowKimi Learns to Stop, Drop, Roll, and SPLASH!
    Kimi is a Mudder!Tag You're It!
    Gardening with KimiKimi the Mermaid
    Kimi the Soggy AngelfishKimi's Tiny New Friend
    Kimi takes Brigs for a Walk Kimi and the Kitten - Part One
    Kimi and the Kitten - Part Two

    Please note....Many of our stories are ONLY available
    Please bear with us - Thanks!:o)
    Read about Kimi in the April 1999 issue of
    Dog Fancy in the Dog Watch section!

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