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Hi, My name is hein bruning
I'm a 36-year old graduated guy with a masters-degree in Law  from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and I hope you will like this simple page......
On 2 july my elder sister Evelijne gave birth to my 3rd niece Ygge Noort. Both mother and niece are3 ok!

On 1 june 2008 My sister Maartje got married with Wouter de Bruijn in Amsterdam and on 7 june they had there church wedding in the South of France.

On 27 MArch 2007 my kid sister Maartje gave birth to a daughter named Dieuwertje! Both Mother and daughter are doing ok!

Since my graduation in august 2003 I still haven't found a job for which i'm trained! So after writing over  200 letters to "plead" for a job, and only 5 companies who (initially) where interested in me (but didn't want me after all), i'm still looking for a job! It's something to get frustrated about, but i'm keeping my hopes up that eventually I will succeed....

On august 29th 2003 I finally graduated! So now i'm a master of Law! Next on my path will be looking for a "real" job (instead of my jvery crappy ob at Schiphol).
Here are some (2) travel-stories (in dutch) of journeys I made to Jordan, Egypt and Israel:
reisverslag van mijn reis door Jordani?

reisverslag van mijn reis door Isra?l en Egypte
And here you find the same travel-stories but now the are in English:
report about my 2 week journey through Israel and Egypt

report about my trip through Jordan with my kibbutz mate David Pavenelli
Because i'm not afraid to recieve "hate"-mail because of my grades (or at least remarks about how bad the are), i'll give you a link my grades on the university
Please come back soon to visit my page to see if anything is/what's changed!
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for youre daily dosis of humor from David Letterman
Dutch Teletekst
The home page of the Kibbutz I went to in Isra?l
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