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Welcome to the corner of the web dedicated to a strange and rarely seen phenomenon.  
The pregnant man!

WARNING: This site contains some pictures or stories that are sexually explicit. If this offends you, or you are not of a legal age to view this material in your location then please leave >>>

OK, so (as far as I know) it can't really happen, but for as long as I care to remember I've had this strange lust.  A lust to see a man with a huge belly carrying a child to term.  I have no idea why... and for a long time, I thought I was the only one!   

To my surprise, a couple of years ago I started to find evidence of others.  Fanfic sites where male characters from well known series become pregnant, the occasional story based on the premise!  So this site is an attempt to bring those together.  I'm also going to include some pictures that are inspired by the idea of  men getting pregnant.

Have a nose and see what you think.


7/9/2003: Chapter 4 added to Couvade and new entries in the Student Diary

19/5/2003: New chapter added to Couvade and new entries in the Student Diary


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