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This section includes a collection of stories that have been written regarding the possibility of male pregnancy. 

I haven't as yet, received permission for some of the these, so if you spot one of yours, please let me know if this is okay.  If not, I will remove move them as soon as I can.

If you have a story on a similar theme that I can include, then email it to  hespregnant@yahoo.co.uk

Couvade. UPDATED
A clothing designer gets inspiration for a new line in mens wear at his department store.
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Part 1 and 2
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The Student Diary. UPDATED 07/09/2003
This story will be updated on a regular basis as our student takes part in the Millenium Project! Read the latest and then follow the diary back.
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Follow Simon as his attempts to grow a belly take on an unexpected but welcome twist.
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Blairs Baby
Fantasy fiction based on The Sentinel.
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Time at last.
My first attempt at a birth senario, I hope to follow up with the story of the pregnancy conception and growth.
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Make womb for Vijay
A pretty explicit tale following an Asian student as he finds out an American college has given him more than his freshman 15!
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Jimmy's Pregnant
Jimmy's a hustler, who runs into a doctor.  This doctor offers him a life of luxury if he is prepared to let him do some experiments!
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The Chocolate Pudding Club
For ages Dwain had wanted to join a special club, he finds a way, but it has its drawbacks!
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The Joe Luck Club
Joe goes into a Chinese herb shop, and comes out with a potion that would change is life!
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Power Man
Cartoon strip following the fight between the joker and Power man!
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A bundle of Q Joy!
Fantasy fiction based on Star Trek Voyager.  Paris has a wish come true!
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If Only If Only
Fantasy Fiction based on Stargate SG1.  Daniel gets pregnant.
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