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The role of the scientific method in the study of human behavior. It is time to get down to planning your experimental study. Bring your textbooks to class!

Remember this assignment is due the second week in February without exception.
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The diagram on the left is a copy of the diagram in the article 'Cognitive Maps in Rats and Men' by Edward C. Tolman. Tolman thought of himself as a behaviorist but he was a pioneer in Cognitive psychology. The diagram itself is a link to the pages related to Cognitive Psychology.
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The Behaviorists Approach:

The Behaviorist believes you were born a blank slate and on that slate your life is written. All aspects of your life depend solely on what you are exposed to. Your successes are not your own but rather are the success of your parents and peers in their ability to shape your existance. Free will does not exist and over the next two to three weeks we will be proving to you that you have never made an independent decision in your entire life

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Every theory of love, from Plato down teaches that each individual loves in the other sex what he lacks in himself (G. S. Hall)
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Cognitive Psychology Review Site. Click on the link in red and go to pages created to review cognitive psychology. You will find links to additional materials as well as questions to be answered. More to come as we progress.