The New Holt of Cutter Kinseeker
The New Holt of Cutter Kinseeker
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Update: 03/03/03

The RPG conversions area is getting cleaned up a bit at a time. The first section is pretty well done, but the middle and last bit are still giving me a headache. Blame it on the fact that I can't access Geocities from home. I have to do all of my editing at work. Blarg!

I'm still trying to determine how the revised Palladium internet policy actually works in regards to posting conversions. Accroding to the text. as long as you include copright info, it's okay, but MS (you know who I'm talking about) has indicated that it's never okay... which would seem to put pretty much every fan site on the net out of business. If anyone has more exact info about how her words and the actual agreement interact, please write me.

Big Eyes, Small Mouth: Rifts is proceeding apace, and my players seem to be loving the cinematic anime system.  I highly recommend it:
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