Conversions and Creations
Conversions and Creations for RPGs
This area is designed to showcase my new races, classes, and other stuff for Rifts and Nightbane. I always cherish comments from readers, especially positive ones, but any constructive criticism is welcome. Just mail me from my index page.  Coming Soon: Other RPGs!  Woot!

Note of warning: Since this page has only recently gone back up, some of these links may well not work properly yet.  I'll be fixing them shortly, but until then, please bear with me.  
OCC Creations

New Totem Warrior Variants: New Totems for the Rifts New Guinea setting, and ideas on how to convert old totems from Spirit West.

Actor/Disguise Master OCC: Throughout the ages, they have been among us, entertaining... and killing.

The Adepts: Physical and Mental, the Adepts use magic unwittingly, rarely realizing their special nature.
Physical Adept OCC: Combat monsters extraordinaire... but vain beyond belief.
Mental Adept: Indiana Jones meets Merlin.

Seductress OCC: A sexy new enemy for Nightbane and Rifts. There are three paths of Seduction, but all lead to the same place: damnation!

Somniomancer OCC: The newest of the savants takes a turn completely different from his brethren. This "true sleep-mage" ignores the Dreamstream and concentrates on its source: the sleeper.
RCC Creations

Wemic RCC: The lion-centaurs of AD&D fame come to Rifts Earth. You may have seen them in AD&D, but they're very different in my interpretation.

The Midwich Children: Be afraid. Be very afraid. Those white-haired menaces from Village of the Damned return with a vengeance for the Nightbane campaign setting.

Darkchilde RCC: Every war has its innocent victims, and after that they aren't quite so innocent anymore. This RCC details what happens to the mortal survivors of the secret war between the Nightlords and Nightbane.

Sepic Warrior RCC: Deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, where "civilized" man fears to tread, dwell the Sepic tribespeople, brothers in spirit to the great crocodile. They are hunters supreme, and with the Coming of the Rifts, they are more powerful than ever before.

Tcho-Tcho RCC: H.P. Lovecraft is my favorite author, so it was inevitable that I would convert a creature from his Cthulhu Mythos stories--but these little buggers are for the Nightbane world!

Mesmerizer PCC: Armed with the art of hypnosis and vast psionic might, the Mesmerizers have decided to strike back against the Nightlords and retake their world!
New Monsters and Miscellaneous Stuff

The Giant Saltwater Crocodile: A new monster for the Rifts New Guinea setting. Worshipped by the Sepics and feared by all others, these enormous reptiles rival the dinosaurs in terms of sheer size... and sheer ferocity.

Anbo-Jyutsu: A new martial art. For use with any of Palldium's games, although it was designed for Ninjas and Superspies. This particular martial art was inspired by an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generatiion ("The Icarus Factor").

The Serial Killer NPC Villain: Here at last! Here at last! Thank Samhain, it's here at last! Three new variants for Samhain's Serial Killer NPC!  With the disappearance of Samhain's old site, these might acutally be the only serial killer NPCs available.

Kailindo: The Way of Fluidity. Another new martial art, this one an Exclusive form for shape-shifters!  Adapted from White Wolf's excellent RPG Werewolf: The Apocalypse.

New Dog Boy Types: Just so you can see what happens when old Desmond Bradford screws up...

Kempo: A martial art based on the idea that the best offense is a good defense.
Netbooks and Large Conversions

Abodean Elves: Two of my great passions collide--role-playing games and ElfQuest. This extended work details the Elves of Abode and conversions for Rifts and the Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game.

Larry Niven's "Known Space" Series: The races, places, and sinister faces of one of the best sci-fi series ever written.

The Dreaming Jewels: Based on the 1965 novel by Theodore Sturgeon, this seven-part conversion details a new race, a new organization, and a new menace for Beyond the Supernatural/Nightbane.

Brian Lumley's "Necroscope": Harry Keogh is a man who can speak to the dead... and now you can too, in this big and crunchy adaptation of the six-book "Necroscope" series!

Ranma 1/2: The greatest anime series of all time, finally adapted for Palladium role-playing games by yours truly! Behold the power of the Chinese Amazons, the fury of the Hibiki Bloodline, the chaos of Jusenkyo, and the sheer insanity that is the Gosunkugi Collective!

The Fifth Element: Herein you'll find in-depth information, all-new ideas, and generally a deluge of stuff from one of the best sci-fi movies in recent memory, Luc Besson's The Fifth Element!.

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation: Since Palladium dropped the friggin' ball on second edition TMNT&OS, and "Next Mutation" got canceled, there was no TMNT on the regular market anywhere for a long while! I felt compelled to keep these stats here just to help keep the memory alive.  Now that there's a new series in February and a new movie coming within the year, I'm psyched beyond human belief.  In your face, Palladium!  We love you, Turtles!
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