Humor for RPGs!
You are entering another dimension, a dimension of sight and sound... and laughter! Welcome to the Humor section!
Ever wanted to have theme music for your characters? Well, now you can! Visit Theme Music for AD&D Characters or Theme Music for Rifts Characters. The former is based on a similar file I saw years ago on the web, but all of the songs are either my ideas or the ideas of my friends and family. The latter is a result of a discussion on the Palladium Mailing List in late 1997.
Sex... a forbidden topic for most gamers. But no more! Take a look at these sick and silly topics (and more!) in Sex in Palladium Games. This, too, was a result of the PML's discussions... makes you kinda wonder about the people over there, huh?
If you were an undead Juicer, would you realize it? If not, check out this list of The Top Ten Ways to Tell If You Are a Murder-Wraith.
I'm not much for conspiracy theories myself, but when you look at the Subliminal Artwork of Ramon Perez you just have to wonder...
And here, finally, is the famed article on Chicks in Gaming! You'll love it unless you're a chick, in which case I offer the following disclaimer:
I hereby state that I did not write this article, nor do I endorse calling chicks "chicks." I am a completely modern guy, in touch with my sensitive nature, and I'll whip the ass off anyone who suggests otherwise. Thank you.
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