and welcome. I see you have stumbled across my hidden citadel. It appears you are lost. You are deep in the Vale of Respite and I am surprised you got past my golems and cats without my knowing. You must have the gift as I do. Well, if so then we shall see soon enough. Oh I'm sorry, I've forgotten my manners. My name is Gairoth, a wizard of the red robes and this is my home. Well if you would like a tour I'm sorry but I'm quite busy at the moment, but please feel free to explore this place. Use this staff, it will instantly teleport you anywhere in the Citadel you wish to go and here is a list of all the places: 

Tomb of the Heroes (Heroes)

Room of the Gods (Gods)

Den of the Dragons (Dragons)

Podium of Races (Races)

Hall of Paintings (Pictures)

House of Portals (Links)

Book of Messages (Email)

And this air golem will follow you and tell you where you are.