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Welcome to the High Needs Children Website.

We, the members of Babycenter's High Needs Bulletin Board, are developing this site as an information source for all parents with high needs children. We are a group of women from diverse backgrounds, that have come together to gain the support and encouragement we need to overcome the daily issues that arise from parenting a high needs child.

The links to the left will direct you to our board. The 11 Traits of High Needs Children page will help you decide if your child is high needs. You will also find our stories, valuable information on sleep issues and reflux/colic/picky eaters. The links page contains additional sites with information we have found very valuable.

If you would like to contribute your story to this page, or have any articles you would like to write for our webpage, please send us an email. We would love to hear from you. Sign our guestbook so we know who stopped by to visit us!

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