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Hindu Holocaust Down the timeline

1Victims of Medieval Jehadi Barbarism

Dear Hindu,

Every time a Hindu is killed just because he or she is a Hindu and every time we turn away from the grim reality of Hindu genocide we are endangering our lives and the lives of our family and OUR CHILDREN.

Hindus Refugees in their own country

What you see above is the worse than a slum condition in which Kashmiri Hindu children are forced to live in. However officially in the official secularist-speak of India they are 'migrants' not refugees. And guess who may become the next victim of Jehadi Barbarism?

None wants their child to become a refugee.

Do You?

2Victims of Moghul Jehadi Barbarism
3Victims of Goan inquistion
3Victims of Khilafat-Jehadi barbarism
4Victims of Direct-Action Day Jehadi barbarism
5Victims of Partition holocaust
6Victims of genocide in Tibet
7Victims of East-Pakistani Hindu Genocide
8Victims of SriLankan ethnic violence engineered by the Church
9Victims of anti-Sikh pogroms engineered by pseudo-secularist Congress goons
10Victims of ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits
12Victims of Mulayam Singh's massacre of Ram Bhakths
13Victims of Jehadi barbarism in Tamil Nadu
16Bomblast victims of Jehadi barbarians

Hindu Holocaust Day - August 14 Every Year. Lest we forget ...

Hindu Holocaust Records maintained and updated by :Aravindan Neelakandan