WormWorld 2.02

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Some Fancy 3D Graphics
Click here to download wworld.zip (87 kb).


This is actually a clone of the real WormWorld game which I loved to play very much. Unfortunately, the real program was not free. WormWorld Screenshot
WormWorld Screenshot
The shareware version came with 6 tutor levels and 6 intermediate levels (which I have cloned as TEACH and DEVIL levels here). The shareware did not have a level editor. And on top of all that, it made the system crash quite frequently. However, I liked the game very much (it was a brilliant concept), and that's why I decided to take it up as a project.

The original game was for Windows. However, at that time I did not know how to write windows programs. The most sophisticated language I had access to was QBasic. (Thank you, Microsoft, for keeping it free!)

How to Play

The idea is very simple - you have to guide the worm to the exit. You will not however, be able to control it directly. You will have to communicate via only 3 commands - Antigravity, Barricade and Bridge. You can place a command on an empty space. When the worm runs over the command, it will take effect.

The Commands


This command makes the Worm walk on the ceiling. Applying it again will bring it down. Press keyboard '1' to place this command on an empty place. If the Worm ever runs across this command, the Worm will feel gravity in the opposite direction.

Run WormWorld and load the level 'TUTOR1'. This level must be solved using Antigravity only. You can move your cursor using the arrow keys. The purple thorns are fatal. The cyan thing that looks like a bucket is the exit. Bring your cursor on the path of the Worm (which is continuously travelling from left to right). Press '1' when the worm is anywhere but on your cursor. This will place an Antigravity command which will take effect the next time the Worm moves to that place. If you accidentally place a command somewhere you did not intend to then you can delete it by pressing the Del key or the Space Bar. Oh, and also note that if the Worm 'falls' for a large enough height it will die.


This makes the Worm turn around just as the bricks or metals do. But unlike the bricks or metals this is not permanent, that is, once it turns the Worm around, it gets used up, or vanishes. Press keyboard '2' to place a barricade. Load the world 'TUTOR2' to try this out.


Using Bridges

This makes the Worm build bridges (using some secretion or whatever) across gaps. The bridges built are permanent, that is once built you cannot anymore remove them in the course of the game. Also one more thing to note is that the bridge command has to be placed one place before the gap to operate. The adjacent picture demonstrates this. Press keyboard '3' to place a bridge command. Load 'TUTOR3' if you want to try your hands on bridges.

Other Objects

Metal:This is a very tough material. So tough that even your cursor cannot penetrate it! Load 'TUTOR5' to gain experience with these objects.
Block:These are the only objects that response to gravity except for the Worm. The Worm can move a block if there is nothing on the other side. A block will fall if there is nothing underneath it. Run 'TUTOR4' to see the blocks at work. This is a level where your cursor will be totally bounded by the metals. So you have no role in this level but for a silent watcher.
Soil:The Worm can eat through the soil if it is coming from left or right. It will not dig if it falls on the soil. Eating through the soil will sometimes set the blocks above it lose.
Valve:This is the latest addition to WormWorld. These are like directional doors, the Worm can only move through them in the direction of the arrow. This lets you build levels of a little more complexity. I haven't yet experimented much with them yet, however, to give them a try check out 'TUTOR6'.

The Level Editor

Thirty levels (TUTOR 1-6, TEACH 1-6, DEVIL 1-6, LEVEL 1-12) are supplied with this program. When you finish all of them you will need the level editor. Earlier you required to drop a message at hirak_99@myrealbox.com, but since I was getting too many messages I included the editor with the package itself. Just run the Editor.pif or hold Ctrl+Alt while starting it. Enjoy!

Version History

V 2.00First public release.
V 2.01Changed the color of metal, and added a new wall which looks like previous metal. The level-files now contain a signature. Also tweaked the levels to include the new wall.
V 2.02Fixed a stupid editor bug where filling up with either valve on that valve caused stack overflow.