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Welcome to my home page. Have a look around. I'm not a computer wiz, so there's not much to look at.

This Is A Band Named Lifehouse. Click On The Picture To Learn More About Them.
Janet Jackson
Like Janet? Me too. Click on the picture to go to her official site with pictures, music, and videos.
This Is The Cast Of Roswell. Click On The Picture To Learn More About The Show.

Star Trek? Don't Know What It Is? Don't Understand It? Click On The Picture For An Explanation.
Star Trek Fanfiction Made By You
Don't Understand Pokemon? Click Picture For A Short Explanation.
The Invisible Man
Never heard of the tv show The Invisible Man? Click on the picture to learn more.
Fun Stuff
Fun Stuff

Favorite Websites

Astrology For Beginners -This is a really cool website that keeps changing adresses. Their horoscopes do not seem to work for males though.
Roswell Fan Site -It Has A Pretty Good Up To Date Episode Image Gallery.
City Tv Site -Is Average, But Kind Of Good.
Teen Magazine Home Page-It Has Some Really Cool Quizzes.
Roswell Fan Site-It Has The BEST Image Gallery.
Jason Behr Offical Home Page

Fan Site
Jason Behr Fan Site-Has A Good
Image Gallery And Is Well Built.

Pokemon Site
Pikachu Adoption Center-Has Animated Pikachu
That You Can Adopt And Name, Plus Much More.
Virtual Pets-A Virtual Community
With Games, Pets, Chat, Homes
Shops, Email, and Battledomes.

Fan Site
A Lifehouse Fan Site

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