Jumo 012
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Eleven stage compressor, double stage turbine with axial flow

The Jumo 012 was a special designed engine for the Junkers Ju 287. The engine was designed for thrust of 6000 to 6400 lbs with a weight of 4000 lbs. Some parts were ready at the end of the war, however the prototype was not completed.

When the Russians occupied Dessau, they decided to continue the Jumo 012 developement. A total of 15 engines were ordered for the end of 1946 and the engine was now intended for the EF132. The Jumo 012 prototype was ready for static tests at the end of June, but this was destroyed during static tests in August 1946. A second prototype was built in autumn 1946 and several changes were introduced. The new engine was designated Jumo 012B. In Summer 1948 the first five Jumo 012Bs were built, but as other jet engines offer more power at a more compact design, the Jumo 012 developement was stopped in 1948 finally. Already in March 1947 the conversion as a turboprop engine was requested by the Russian commission and the Jumo 012 was continued as PTL 022. This new engine used the technology ideas of the Jumo 022 and combined practical research results from the Jumo 012, i.e. a lot of components were taken over from the Jumo 012 for the PTL-022.

Technical Data:
Engine Designator year Compressor Burner Turbines length
in m
max diameter
in m
in kg
Max. Power
in kN
Jumo 012
Jumo 012-B
11 6 2 4,945 1,080 1600 29,4 (3000kg) 6000

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