CAC 03-04 6S Bio group

Updated items:
9/2/2004 Uploaded B1,B2,B3 requirement
9/2/2004 Uploaded Enzyme experiment 注意事項
2/2/2004 Updated Reading record

What is a good B1, B2, B3
Enzyme experiment 要注意事項
Assignment record
Lab. record
Project schedule and planning sheet
Project topics and namelist
Wetland worksheet marks
Wetland visit (尖鼻嘴)
Calculation of Mid-term mark (NEW!!!!)
Lab manual for experiment on 16/9/2003(day 1, Tue)
Notes about pectin and hemicellulose
中 環 及 灣 仔 填 海 計 劃(拓展署)
Answer for Assignment 1 (on 25/9/2003; checkpt 1.3B)