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Meeting 723 Wednesday, August 30

Meeting 723 Wednesday, August 30

Brigitte gave the Invocation and Loyal Toast on this sunny morning of 30th. August, and Assistant District Governor Ray Bassett led all in the signing of the National anthem.

Kerry called all to order and Pam had a right of reply for last week, which was given to her by our guest speaker Jill Crookes.

Kerry then regaled us with on this day and also with numerous sayings from Maharishi Phucknuckel's guide to Zen. Here are some: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a flat tyre. Never forget that you are unique like everyone else.

His thought of the day: The most wasted day of all is that on which we have not laughed.
Kester welcomed all said that Kerry's Zen sayings reminded him of what the Dalai Lama once said. If you worry about being too small try sleeping with a mosquito.

Kester welcomed our guests:

Assistant District Governor Ray Bassett and his wife Irene, Duncan Elliott, Kim Monger and Julian Flanagan. Kester advised that Gordon is assisting with starting up a new Probus Club. Probus assists with the need for fellowship and intellectual exchange between the Members. Kester also advised us of a meeting he attended with the Geelong area Rotary Clubs in respect of combining special projects with clubs such as shelter boxes, flood mitigation and water supply in Thailand.

Tony Kulakauskas asked us to forward any ideas we have on any type of fundraising activities well in advance of 15th November when planning will start for next year. Let us all put our thinking caps on. Tony also spoke about Foundation 61 and their project at Mount Duneed to assist with recreational and workshop facilities. Peter Kavenagh had delivered 3 computers to Foundation 61 which were kindly donated by Anthony Jones.

Stephen Lamont advised that he has forms with the code numbers for Rotary clothing for anyone wishing to order any of the Rotary clothing.

Keith will provide a map to his home for the coffee and dessert night on 9th. September. Members attending to bring a plate. (When I arrived in Australia I thought this was a strange custom, I soon realised that you were supposed to put something on the plate). Keith advised that the hospital in Tanzania also would like a generator, but he would find out more information once in Berlin.

Adrian Hunter said the footy tipping could be anyone's game. We look forward to the winner.
Brigitte's fine session assisted in filling our coffers by asking us all to donate a small gold coin. Stephen received a fine for getting on his knee a few years back to ask Brigitte to join Rotary. Gordon for being a gentleman, I did not have my glasses on when Keith was fined so I did not hear.

Chris Sims introduced our guest speaker Pierre Franacois Lecaux or Pif for short who gave us an insight into his family and life in France. Pif comes from a town called Fougeres in Brittany. Fougeres is a 1000 year old town dating back to the middle ages. Pif comes from a close family and has two older brothers. His father was a Rotary President a few years ago and his mum and dad hope to visit at some time in the future. The High school that Pif attends has 1200 students, his subjects are geared to the sciences and mathematics. The school does not have a uniform and classes start and 0800 hrs and terminate at 1800 hrs.

Pif gave a photographic presentation, which was interesting in showing us his town in historical terms and photographs of his family and home. The piece de resistance was in the end Pif singing the Le Marsellaise the French Anthem. I bet not many of us could sing the Australian National Anthem like that. Good presentation Pif and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!

Chris thanked Pif and stated that even when Pif is with a host family we can all participate with his stay in our club.

Kester closed the meeting thanking our guests and all for attending and finished with telling us to lead the way.

Adio for now Goldie

Meeting 722 Wednesday, August 23

The meeting was opened by S@A Woodman with the usual rabble slow to come to attention. Steven Haines threw the corgi amongst the pigeons by toasting the queen and after a pregnant pause Kaz Szakiel took a low key into the anthem. The S@A tried to enlighten us about how to be a Good Housewife – suffice to say that the day of the Good Housewife is well and truly over, we deal in partnerships and you blokes need to get use to it!

As usual a few people were born and this day and others died – Hitler and Stalin signed a treaty in 1939, which we probably all could have done without. The thought for the day from Winston Churchill was his rationale for liking pigs – dogs look up to us, cats look down on us and pigs treat us as equals.

President Baines welcomed our guests – Pif, and Karen Barber, wife of Stephen (more about him later), as well as visiting Rotarian, Ned Amezdros, a member of Werribee who has moved to the area and is visiting the various clubs in the Geelong region. We don’t know his selection criteria, but it might have to be a bit left field for HK to rise to the top.

President Kester then inducted our first new member for the year, Stephen Barber, with a classification of Police Services. Graham Hobbs provided an introduction of Stephen suitable for the classifieds – GSOH, spiffy dresser, and responsible citizen, a reputation that will be enhanced even more with his new HK baseball cap! Stephen has been in Geelong for 2 years, having moved from Mildura and he and Karen have 4 children ranging in ages from 14 to 23. Stephen will be on the Community Service committee.

A few notices particularly for the fellowship calendar – I didn’t write that down as it should be in another part of the Newsletter. Reminder for annual fees and budget requirements from Directors for Treasurer Steve, and call for volunteers for the Community Service committee’s auction night garden works are needed on September 10th – they are a bit short on hands, at least Kester has done his bit by giving them a new committee member. Who gave Graham Hobbs the microphone – but he did make our S@A look good.

Our fines master, Peter Flanagan, provided quality over quantity – with Tony Kulakauskas fined for ‘looking for casual sex’, 3 members were fined for previous misdemeanours – President Kester for a brown eye in 1977, Zlata for offensive language in 1979 and Brigitte for removing and burning her bra in 1978 – all facts uncovered in the police checks.

Our guest speaker for the day was Jill Crooks from Wombat’s Wish, a community based grief support for parentally bereaved children in the Geelong area. Jill first became aware of the lack of support for kids when her own husband died. In 2004 she received a grant to visit the UK group – Winston’s Wish – which is recognised as best practice for grief support for kids ‘orphaned or half orphaned’.

The lost of a parent or parents is a rarer event these days, with a statistic of 1.5%; however that still translates to 60 children in our community with no specialist support and at risk. In the UK, 57% of children in Corrective Services have had bereavement in the family.

"The only certainty about an early death of a parent is that it marks the end of certainty; you can never again trust that things won’t go horribly wrong."

Jill took us through the impacts of the loss of a parent on children and that many are at risk as a result of this. This can be remedied through intervention to build up the resilience of these children and give them confidence and empowerment in their lives. Their trauma results in fear and powerlessness. Care establishes safety and control, and this is done through respect, understanding and empowerment.

The support group Jill has established is the first of its kind in Australia. It is based on Winston’s Wish and is fully funded by the Geelong community and needs to be embraced by the community. They are in need of additional funding, particularly for backpacks for their camp.

After the hilarity earlier in the morning, this was a very sobering discussion.


Meeting 721 Wednesday, August 16

Greetings to all my readers.

In numerical order here are the highlights of the HK rotary meeting of August 16th.

1. Sergeant at Arms Kerry Woodman called the HK hubbub to order by inviting our Deb to propose the invocation and loyal toast.

2. Welsh Bard "Boyo" Richards followed with a very fine rendition of the Australian National Anthem.

3. Kerry resumed the podium with his "On This Day" segment (ie Elvis’ first disappearance) and an offering of Australian theme jokes...A small sample follows..

.."Only in Australia do we lock up the mower in the garage and leave the car in the driveway"

.."Only in Australia do we leave the doors of the bank unlocked but chain the pen to the desk"

"Only in Australia would you find a disabled car park in front of a skating rink…etc.

4. President Kester welcomed our guest speaker Emma Dudas on the official table, guests Steve Barber and Duncan Elliott on the naughty table, the two Steves back from their O’Seas trips. He was also pleased to see Tony Kulakauskas back from his Northern holiday prior to his mistakenly planned return "just prior to the changeover dinner".

Kester congratulated all who made the fundraising dinner such a success through their help at the working bees and thanked those who attended and made the effort to invite friends and family, and to all the businesses who contributed so generously.

Approx $17500 was raised on the night.

Deb Fribbins was brought to the podium to an extended round of applause where she was presented with a beautiful floral gift for her tireless work in bringing the night together. Deb extended her thanks again to all who had "put in the hard yards" in assisting this wonderful effort.

5. Annette offered a report regarding our Pam who has been travelling a tough road lately in support of her sister. She conveyed that Pam is very grateful to all of you who have left messages of support during this difficult time. Be assured our thoughts are with you Pam.

Other notices are that the District Training Seminars have been cancelled, Sunday 27th is the Transplant Games orientation day, there is an opportunity for extra gate keeping duties in Sept. due to the football finals (trailer required see Graham), Grovedale College is conducting mock interviews 29th Aug (see Nick), Fellowship Committee meets 6pm Monday 21st at Fagg’s boardroom.

6. Fines master John Stubbings concentrated on reported sitings at the Celtic fundraiser. ie one pair of very knobbly knees, a leprechaun called Kester O’Bain, Hobbsy’s hairy sporran, Angelo’s slithery snake shoes, someone bidding for their own prize, the dastardly theft of a pen, and a New Zealand kilt siting.

Steve Lamont shared an amusing "Puppetry (OP)" story that included Keith Fagg’s confused boasting of being involved in the show once " I was really good at it".

7. Our guest speaker Emma Dudas presented her experiences of attending the 2006 RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) winners camp. Emma thanked our club for her sponsorship and presented herself as a very worthy recipient of this award. The camp offered the opportunities for exploring leadership, ethics, communication skills, problem solving, self esteem and global citizenship. Among the memorable features of the camp for Emma were the experiential presentations, goal setting, motivational talks, living, loving and leading presentations, group presentation projects, outdoor activities, evening concerts, and a where-to-now de-briefing. Emma has a passion for the Japanese language and Criminology and one of her personal goals was to return to Japan again within 12 months. She has worked quickly to achieve her goals as she is now teaching English in Japan as we read this report.

Kester closed another enjoyable meeting.

Harpistically Yours

Meeting 720 Wednesday, August 9

S@A Kerry Woodman opened the meeting and invited Barry Foss to give the invocation and loyal toast with the National Anthem being effectively lead by Peter Flanagan. As usual Kerry shared a number of "important" events from this day in history covering births, bombings, murders and Richard Nixon’s resignation as a result of the Westgate affair. He also shared with us a range of helpful hints for such diverse things as iPods, rappers, wine drinkers, criminals, employers, blind people, cheese, motorists and alcoholics. Something for all of us in that lot. His thought for the day was that the one thing in common for all great achievements is people with a passion to succeed.

President Kester welcomed our guests Steve Barber, Duncan Elliott, Pierre-François and Matthew Lamont. He shared with us that he was delighted to have the honour on Sunday to present the Eisteddfod Youth Aria award, sponsored by our Rotary club, to Olivia Cranwell from a talented field. Kester also read a letter of thanks from Lucy Stone. Suzanne was our fines master for the day with Steve Haines being the first victim, followed by all those not wearing Rotary pins, and those not having taken a working with children form. Then armed with sayings from children attempted to trap members Geoff Caddy, Chris & Danny, Brigitte, Geoff Morphett, Steve Barber, Geoff Leigh and John Watts into giving inappropriate answers. Fines finished with a game of "two up" (Steve Barber participating in an illegal gaming activity!!) not won again by Keith Fagg (he lamented never having won one), with Graham Hobbs successful.

It was Club Assembly day so reports as follows:

F/R Dinner

 – A late flurry of sales has increased attendance to ~238, which is good, but money and final numbers must be in by 10/8 latest. Any special dietary requirements to Chris Power by that time. Working bee at Deb’s at 11am and the Italian Social Club at 12 (not much use in here when the bulletin comes out on the 14th).

Club Service

 – No report from Tony as he is still away as is Steve Edwards although Stuart did confirm the money was still in our accounts. Kester reminded us that Adrian Hunter is coordinating articles with the Geelong News so please provide relevant info. At the Board meeting it was agreed that when we have guest speakers the chairperson of the day is to send a copy of the bulletin for that day to them. Geoff Leigh will have a one available at the following meeting. Stuart reminded us of the upcoming seminars in Geelong on August 20th, final numbers required by 11/8. The Board also had a presentation from Geelong East regarding the Club Runner program. Anyone wishing to take a look can find it at the following address:

Community Service

 – After a false start with Peter Kavenagh jumping the gun, and much hand-balling between committee members it was finally agreed they hadn’t met and had nothing to report. Chris Power came to the rescue to inform us that Mental Health Week commences October 8th and she has nomination forms for the HK sponsored awards. Judging will take place in mid September.

International Service

 – Peter’s turn this time and he informed us that we have some computers from DIK, we need to continue to promote Shelter Boxes and there is a need in Lebanon and we are continuing to work towards a matching grant for a power unit at Bushikori. Some quotes have been received and there is some interest from other Geelong clubs.

Vocational Service

 – We now have accommodation for the Mortlake students and 1 spare work placement. They will be here from October 9-13.

Youth Service

 – We have 2 students from Geelong College, including one of Peter Flanagan’s sons, attending the Adventure in Citizenship program in Canberra. Their next meeting is 22/8.


 – Having been initially forgotten the hard working Fellowship team informed the club that we have met and have a comprehensive and exciting program mapped out for the year. Danny informed us that he and Geoff Leigh are looking for an up market (Danny) and cheap (Geoff) site for our annual weekend away. The aim of the program is to have a social event each month with some new activities planned.

As usual a meeting full of fun, fellowship and information.

The Baleful Bomber.

Meeting 719 Wednesday, August 2

Our meeting was opened with the usual aplomb by S@A Woodman. Peter Flanagan gave the loyal toast and S@A Woodman requested a break from tradition to allow Lucy stone to lead us in the anthem. We were informed that on this day in 1932 Peter O’Toole was born, in 1934 Paul van Hitterburg died allowing Adolf Hitler to take over and in 1819 we had the first parachute jump. (Please note; I thought I got the date wrong on this and checked on the internet – apparently Andre Garnerin made the first successful jump in 1797 – I can only suspect S@A Woodman was referring to an unsuccessful jump). The theme for the jokes was – why am I married? Quite amusing but best not printed. Kerry left us with the thought that "You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist".

President Kester welcomed our special guest Pierre Françios (aka Pif) Lecaux our exchange student. Pif hails from Brittany, the Celtic area of France, and has adopted Essendon as his favourite team – who allowed that!! Kester also welcomed our guest speaker Katelyn Etcher, Duncan Elliott (coco pops man), Stephen Barber (almost a regular) and our very special Honorary Member Lucy Stone. Kester later read the letter the club received from Lucy accepting the Honorary Membership.

Secretary Monger would like to remind you that we only need to sign up 5 more people to the Network Card scheme before the club starts earning. Also there are three district seminars on 20 August and you have an email on that. Mary Elliot (not related to Duncan) has advised that the times have changed for the Transplant Games – we are not required on Sunday. Deb Fribbins has 200 for the Celtic night but needs more – members also need to think of alternatives for fundraising as this will be the last Auction Dinner. Suzanne has provided forms for Police Checks – these are needed for those taking Pif out and those hosting the Mortlake students – everyone is encouraged to get one. A tip for filling out the form – PO Box for the club is accepted and secretary will suffice for HR Manager. South Barwon Mayor gave a plug for the Police Bands night on 11 august at the South Barwon Civic Centre from 7:30. Great warm up for the Celtic night – see Keith for tickets.

Stewart McDonald commenced fines with Peter Kavenagh for a birthday and Geoff Leigh for putting Stewart on fines when it was Alison’s birthday. Deb, Barry & Robert were seen heading to their car with a case of wine before 7am, Keith wasn’t in the paper this week – only the bulletin and everyone else was fined for not being fined – how does that work!!

John Watts, unrecognisable in a tie, introduced our guest speaker for the day Katelyn Etcher. Katelyn has recently been to Uganda to the Bushikori Christian Centre ("BCC") and is on the committee here in Geelong. Katelyn is studying nursing at Deakin and very keen to continue with volunteering. Our Club is supporting the BCC by putting together a grant in memory of Richard Stone that will be matched by the District and International funds. Katelyn has always been keen to volunteer and through involvement with BCC and contact with John Duffield who runs the centre in Uganda decided to spend a month there last year. Her family were unsuccessful in convincing her otherwise and so on 11 November last year embarked on a 32 hour trip to Entebbe and then on to the village of Umbali (??).

The centre is located on 4 acres just outside the village and consists of a Health Care centre, maternity ward, primary school, sponsorship program and admin offices – and all not in the same condition that we see here. The trip was an eye opener with many highlights and amongst them: teaching kids Waltzing Matilda; living in village huts with no electricity, water or toilets; being detained at the border for taking photos of the Immigration hut; being chased by baboons; and meeting the child she had sponsored for two years.

Katelyn explained that production of electricity is inadequate to meet demand and power supply is controlled. While she was there it was switched off for 5 hours each night but this had now changed to 24 hours on and 24 hours off. Our grant is to help address this through either solar or battery systems. Katelyn encouraged us to support Bushikori – they are a local volunteer group here in Geelong supporting this community with no leakage of funds. The cost to sponsor a child is $330 per annum.

A very enlightening morning for us all.


Meeting 718 Wednesday, July 26

We had the bigger room again and could see the ethereal scenery outside that the fog presented on this fine morning.

Keith gave the Invocation and Loyal toast and Geoff started us on the National Anthem, which we sang with gusto (and all of us as well).

Sergeant at arms after some technical problem finally called us to order and told us that on this day in 1943 Mick Jagger was born, Fidel Castro started the revolution In Cuba in 1953 and Eva Peron died on this day in 1952.

Because laughter is good medicine Kerry then regaled us with jokes about "Smart AFL players?" "I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father" (Shane Waiklin"). "I’ve never had knee surgery on any other part of my body" (Luke Darcy). Brock Maclean (Melbourne) on whether he had visited the Pyramids during his visit to Egypt: I can’t really remember the names of the clubs that we went to". Kerry’s thought of the day was "The best of time and the worst of time is the best time we have. Something to think about.

Kester welcomed our guest speaker Reagan Key. Kester also advised that he and Keith made up at RC of Highton giving their talk on the Rotary Paris Marathon, sponsorship going to the Royal Flying Doctor. (I have been told by a secret source that they were very entertaining.)

Ken Mansfield from RC Highton is cycling from Perth to Adelaide and proceeds from this sponsorship going to the Fred Hollows Foundation. Kester advised that we could also do a make up on Eclub.


Stuart Monger announced that their baby boy Jan Min Ho 8 weeks old will be arriving in 3 months time. We all send our warmest wishes to the Monger Family.

Deb asked for all of us to try and get more people to attend our Dinner Auction, which is our major fundraiser. To date there are about 180 people so we need more. Keep in mind, good band and great fellowship.

Peter Kavenagh asked us to identify people who might like to sponsor shelter boxes. He also mentioned forms to be completed for the police checks.

Chris Sims was meeting Pierre François Lecaux today.

John Stubbings advised that last day for volunteers for the Eisteddfod.

Graham Hobbs mentioned the Film night 27th. July for Relay for Life.

Brigitte Hasner was in charge of the fines session and I must say there was a reminiscence of Joyce.

Brigitte asked all to pay a gold coin (small one) and then went about giving fines to Chris and Danny Power and Stephen Lamont, needless to say we were all amused and had a good laugh as well.

Keith Fagg as chairman introduced Reagan Key who is a senior consultant with O’Keefe and Partners.

Because the Salvation Army does not have a staff member in Geelong with the capacity to run such an extensive project, Reagan has been brought on board to assist with the project of Northside.

Reagan explained that her role is to assist in raising the shortfall required for the Northside facility, from both Government Grants and the general community.

With the funds the Salvation Army will upgrade the building in Cox Road which is not up to standard at present.

The Northside Geelong Community Centre delivers a range of programs and services focused on fostering community spirit and providing individuals with access to resources and support. The centre is about building community.

The current programs running from the centre include:

Computer training, Encounter (spiritual and life issues exploration) Wednesday at the Salvos. Community Lunch, Homework Club, youth groups.

With the new programme The Salvos will work in partnership with key service providers, schools and community groups, who will utilise the new centre to deliver a range of community focused programs and services.

The aim is to provide a service to get away from the welfare mentality and to help people to help themselves and to make it easily accessible to all in need.

The key words are Human Dignity, Justice, Hope, Compassion and Community.

Keith thank Reagan for her interesting presentation.

Kester then also thanked Reagan and said that is why we need to get more numbers for our dinner auction to assist with these types of projects and reminded us to "Lead the Way"

Adio Goldie.

Meeting 717 Wednesday, July 19

This morning’s meeting certainly had something for everyone. Apart from the pleasant warm atmosphere of the larger function room at Kirrewur Court, and the friendly conversations, we had Gregorian chant, we had a beautifully pitched national anthem, we had jokes, we had calendar girls…. and calendar boys, we had fitness education.. AND we had John Stubbings wearing a green slingshot. Yes, come to think of it, the one overriding memory of the meeting is of young John lending his support to that thong thing. All done in good fun of course. Thank you to John and our women members for being such good sports.

Here are the details for those who read this report, and for those who were not present and would like to know more.

Once Kerry had gained our attention and called us to order, he persisted in offering more jokes which no doubt gleaned from the internet. Those who weren’t at the meeting will have to ask those who were, about the relationship between religion and "Immaculate contraptions" "Epistles being the wives of the apostles" "Monotony being the term for living with one wife". "Jesus and his 12 decibels" and Lots wife’s comments. There were other jokes I believe. Our sergeant-at-arms segue to introducing our president was through a thought for the day. "The only way to have a friend is to be one yourself" With that he handed over to our friend to one and all, president Kester.

Kester diverted our attention from the news of war in the Middle East to the fact that it was the 90th anniversary of the battle of Frommel at which there were 5500 Australian troupe casualties in 12 hours. Kester also introduced our guest speaker for the day. Fiona McDonald. Other guests were Steve Barber, Duncan Elliot from Vic Roads, Darling Denise Stubbings and someone known to many of our members by the hugs she gave and received, Ms. Pina (Collada) Colicchia.


Pam thanked all who made the effort to support the Friends Of Buckley Falls on a wintery Sunday morning. A successful planting took place for the betterment of the falls area in to the future.

Deb Fribbins’ committee is looking for more auction items for our Fundraiser night. We have 175 people committed to attending so far, and Deb is looking for a renewed effort to get more tickets sold. She is also looking for money to be returned.

Kas thanked the International committee for a sensational Indian meal night held at the home of Danny and Chris. His Australian and international guests had a wonderful night but in fact was pleased that the Chunder’s were not present this year. (That’s a joke for those who don’t understand. .Chunder? Get it?) Ask Kas for an explanation.

The Salvation Army thanked the club for their efforts in raising $1136 for the Red Shield Appeal. Thanks to all who contributed their time in making this happen.

A card was received from Ruth and Tony taking it easy on the way to Queensland. "See you at the changeover dinner".. Some holiday!

Graham Hobbs is organising a film fundraiser for Relay for Life. "You Me and Duprey" at Readings Theatre 27th July. Contact Graham for tickets.

Adrian Hunter asked for a show of hands for the Christmas dinner, and 12th Dec is the date for your diaries.

Fines: Flanagan’s Shenanigans:

What fun! Far too many funny’s to repeat or remember, but from memory they were mostly relating to sex and sexual innuendo. For example how the Paul Harris Fellows "came out". A proposed fundraising calendar with all female members and one token male being presented with Rotary cover-up items for the photo shoot i.e.. cuff links, teaspoon, Rotary key, golf umbrella, letter opener…You get the picture? The one cover-up item photo we did manage to get, was a rear shot of John’s thong. I trust it will appear in this Bulletin. You will know it when you see it.

Guest Speaker:

John Stubbings introduced our Guest Speaker Fiona McDonald who was presenting the "Living Longer Living Stronger" program which she has successfully developed at Deakin Uni. The idea of an older generation exercising was seen as a novelty four years ago, but now is a major force to be dealt with. Many of "the oldies’ are showing up the "young-ies" with the results of their persistence and perseverance.

Fiona enthusiastically outlined the benefits of weight bearing exercise and aerobic activities.

To site a few: the regaining of balance, improvements in co-ordination, endurance, agility and speed, strength, decrease in cholesterol, increase in bone density, diabetes regulation, blood pressure reduction, relief of joint pain, increase in confidence, increased productivity, regaining of correct posture, decrease in pain (can’t read my notes properly here but Fiona said it has something to do with endorphins, sex and chocolate combined). No wonder the oldies are attending! Chronic diseases are challenged through the improved function of the neurological system, muscles are made stronger, muscle mass is regained, depression is lifted, there is a preventative initiative to combat sickness and ill health. Some health insurance companies are offering rebates to those who are attending such programs.

Fiona’s suggestions are that we do strength training 2-3 times a week, cardiovascular exercise 4-5 times a week, stretching and strengthening 5-6 times a week. These areas can all be combined in the sessions attended. I’m not sure she mentioned how often you should have the endorphins, chocolates and sex.

There is obviously so much to be gained through a program such as this that I think it is a call to us all..(well the writer of this report anyway) to take up the challenge and "join the gym".

Costs are very competitive and a great investment - See you there.

Kester related the story of John Kelly a person he met at a Boston Marathon. John started running the Boston Marathon at 60. In his late 70s he ran it in 3.3 - 3.4hrs. He is now in his 83rd year and still running them at around 5.30 hrs.

Kester expressed his thanks to all….and reminded us to "Lead The Way"

Over and out.

Cheers Harpo

Meeting 716 Wednesday, July 12


S@A Kerry called the meeting to order (at least some members responded). The invocation and loyal toast was delivered by Geoff Caddy followed by an average performance of the National Anthem lead by Stephen Lamont. Kerry then reached for Rick’s joke book and pulled out a couple of clangers relating to the male species. One of the most memorable being a male’s understanding of monogamy is something you make a dining table out of!

President Kester was introduced and reminded us of a May West quote "Brains are a great asset if you don’t let them show". This was followed by a brief lesson in astronomy. Peter Roberts completed a make up as the speaker at the Rotary Club of Prahran. Kester indicated that he was an old Prahran boy. Peter replied "they couldn’t recall you".

Pam reminded the members about the working bee at Red Gum Island off Lower Paper Mills Road, Fyansford on Sunday commencing at 0930 hours. Please bring boots, gloves and warm clothing. Deb asked for an indication of the table numbers for the dinner/auction night and requested that auction items and money is required asap.

President Kester provided information on the upcoming District Seminars on the 20th August relating to Club Administration and the Rotary Foundation. Rick commented to Keith Fagg about the benefits of the newly announced route for the Geelong By-Pass. Keith quickly moved on to the important issue of the Berlin Marathon to be held in September. He announced that he would be competing again this year (a great effort). Proceeds from the Rotary effort will benefit the Lucinda Hospital in Tanzania. It was suggested from the floor that there may be an opportunity to provide some sponsorship for Keith. (A heart lung machine might be more appropriate).

Kester mentioned the possibility of members from the club entering the Great Ocean Road Marathon next May. Although it wasn’t mentioned officially at the meeting, Christine Power picked 8 winners in the footy tipping. Well done Chris!

Fines Master Suzanne launched into her inaugural session, fining members who were not displaying their Rotary pins. This was followed by individual fines to high profile media magnets in the club. John Schofield cleaned up the field in record time in the two-up event. Suzanne finished up the session by squeezing golf balls, pebbles, sand and 2 cups of coffee into a mayonnaise jar. Well it was a bit more philosophical than that. The moral of the story was that if you take up all of your time and energy on the small stuff (sand), you will never have room for the things that are important to you (golf balls). Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness and wellbeing ie. family.

Nick Oakley then took the chair to introduce Dave Cairns, Editor of the Geelong News. Nick made mention that Adrian Hunter was a former editor of the News. Nick thanked Dave for the support provided to our club in the marketing of the Police Officer of the Year Award. Dave provided a brief insight into his 2 year stint with the News. The Geelong News now has a distribution of around 70,000 with a readership of 110,000.

Dave provided some cleverly manipulated front page articles featuring a number of stars from within the club. These features were used to demonstrate the changes in society that impact on community interest in the newsprint media. In the headline "Sexy News Shock" Graham Hobbs was the star attraction. Some may have difficulty in establishing the connection. Dave used this example to reinforce the need for the News to "sex up" the paper and utilise community engagement to achieve this goal. Other members featured included Kester, Keith, Gordon and the Powers.

Dave highlighted the endless bombardment of global information available to the community, citing terrorism as a prime example. He believes that the community are looking for some comfort in local news. This is supported by News Ltd. research.

The Geelong News will be commencing a local supplement addition for Highton, Belmont and Wandana Heights commencing on the 26th July with 10,000 papers. This edition will include a localised front page with 4 pages featuring local content including ‘My News’ and will run for 8 weeks at this stage. This will provide a forum for community groups, schools and sporting clubs to engage the community. This is all about community journalism and handing the paper back to the community. Dave believes it will provide an avenue for organisations such as Rotary to raise their profile by communicating club activities and human interest stories. He provided the example of the shelter box program as an ideal opportunity to gain community support.

Nick and Kester thanked Dave for his presentation. The concept provides a great opportunity for membership development and club support.

Kester concluded the meeting with the "Lead the Way" theme.

Meeting 715 Wednesday, July 5

New S@A Kerry called us to order promptly at 7.15 and Pam led us in the I&LT and Keith the national anthem. Kerry reminded us that this Rotary month is "Getting Started" month. He then related how he had searched through Ricks joke book but found nothing amusing but followed up with a joke about Capalano bees and the Tax Office. He shared with us some quotes from famous people and his thought for the day "I complained when I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet.

President Kester in his first official meeting in the this office welcomed our visitor Steve Barber and invited Gordon to share his thoughts on make-ups at Margaret River and Karrinyup, the latter of which use the local Surf Club as an avenue for recruiting young people for Rotary programs. Kester reminded us that today would have been Kate Leigh’s 20th birthday and our thoughts are with Geoff and Wendy. He shared with us some thoughts from the District Changeover that he and the Sims attended.

New RI president Bill Boyd major emphasis for the year will be continuing the emphasis in the areas of Water Management, Literacy, Health & Hygiene and the Family of Rotary. District Governor Andrew has urged us to enjoy Rotary and set about promoting our clubs and increasing membership.

Fines Master John Stubbings, in a role he has not filled since ’93 then strode to the podium to extract some funds. He had plenty of material from the Change Over dinner, including; those not there, Margot for going out with "friends" that night, all those who rang to check the start time, the frequent bar visitors (Robert King won that) and toilet visitors (Robert King also won that), Graham’s succinct (29 mins) address and then included some amusing extracts from the ’96 Change Over dinner notes.

As it was a Club Assembly meeting we then moved into reports.

Club Service

• The Board has decided to offer Lucy Stone honourary membership of the club

• Attendance April YTD is 83% putting us 6th in the District

• The Club is considering introducing the Club Runner program to provide internet based attendance, calendar etc.

• A new Probus club is planned for the Highton/Belmont area and Gordon is to assist with its establishment.

• Keep looking for new members.


Steve was absent (absconded to Brazil most likely) so no treasurer’s report was presented but we were all reminded that annual subscriptions are due and fee accounts were distributed.

Community Service

• Working Bee with Friends of Buckley Falls Sunday July 16th at 9.30.

• Geelong Eisteddfod volunteer forms handed out and prompt responses will be appreciated.

• A reminder regarding the Transplant Games coming up 16-21 September.


No committee meeting as yet so watch this space.


• We have been donated some PC’s and will need some additional hands to get them to DIK sometime during July. Peter K will follow up with an email.

• Shelter Box is underway and we are working with other clubs.

• Our exchange student Pierre-Francois arrives July 24th and all club members are encouraged to arrange at list one activity with him. Host families to meet at the Powers this Sunday at 2pm.


• We had an attendee at the RYLA conference last week and arrangements will be made for a presentation in the near future.

• Mortlake students are due to be with us again in the week Oct 9-13 so we are looking for home hosts and work experience opportunities.

Youth Service

• We should know this week if our Adventures in Citizenship applicant has been successful.

Fundraising Dinner

Only 5 more footy matches until the dinner so it is essential we get our tickets sold so Deb can give the venue a good idea of numbers and the layout of the venue can proceed. Tables are preferably 8 or 10 but can do 12 if necessary. She requires a clear indication of numbers next week (11/7). The next committee meeting will be 17/7 at 7pm, with a working bee at Debs on 5/8 and at the venue for setup on 12/8. More auction items are required and it promises to be a great night of fellowship and fundraising.

President Kester then closed the meeting sending us out to "Lead the Way".

The Baleful Bomber

Meeting 714 Wednesday, June 28

In the ballroom at our favourite Kirrewur Court, S@A, short Rick called us from our cocktails and we gathered for the Loyal Toast given by Danny Power and the National Anthem led by John Stubbings. Chairman for the evening, Graham Hobbs, invited us to celebrate the past and energise for our work in the forthcoming year. Assistant District Governor, Ray Bassett and wife Irene were welcomed as were visiting Presidents Jane Cox and Graeme Saddington with wife Valda. Debra Price was a guest of the Hobbs’ and we enjoyed having Des and Joyce MacRobbie, Rob and Glenn Small, Lucy, and Rob and Caroline Lytzki from Foundation 61. Apologies were received from six of our Members.

Graham introduced a moving tribute to our late President, Richard, and in doing so, thanked Rick Hattam and Stephen Lamont for their thoughtful work in preparing it. It was a progression of pictures highlighting the many Club activities in which Richard had shared between 1993 and 2006. There were Committee meetings, sporting events, social outings, celebrations with friends, his cherished Hawthorn football jumper, awards, and contributions --- all of them revealing his dedication to Rotary and the Club and willingness to put Service above Self.

Following the soup, the Year that Was was reviewed pictorially, again well done by Stephen and Rick. It featured the 4-Way Test, African chants in the background, work of various Club committees, some humour, breakfast meeting highlights with My Story talks, lots about people and Members…..

Graham then moved to a different focus --- special recognition for few who had been seen to have gone the extra mile in terms of Service above Self. The Four Avenues of Service Citation is not given often and the criteria for selection are quite stringent. Recipients must meet the highest of contributions in all four of the following areas: Club, Vocational, Community and International Service. Graham described Chris Sims as a modest general, a diplomat with balance, a sincere mate and a committed Rotarian who had exceeded all of the four required criteria and was pleased to be able to announce this award to Chris. In response, Chris thanked his wife for her support, expressed his appreciation of our Club and how he’d enjoyed working with Richard, the friends they’d made and the special fellowship and his personal view that Rotary is about more than individual accolades but appreciated the recognition anyway.

Tony introduced guests from Foundation 61, Rob and Caroline, who he described as modern day saints. The organisation started a couple of years ago with 15 volunteers and now has over 40. In October last year they moved to the new house at Mt Duneed and increased their services. The fresh hope provided by the staff and volunteers helped to restore lives in a meaningful way. Our Club will continue to support Foundation 61 this year.

Graham, in presenting the President’s report for Richard, went on to outline many of the significant events of the past year and thanked the Directors of Committees especially as well as Kester for the additional leadership and direction given in a particularly difficult year. He then spoke of the splendid example Richard had set the Club over the past 13 years. We shall honour his life and memory by naming the Club President’s Award after him and mark the event with the presentation of a memorial stone. Lucy was invited to address us and thanked the Club for this tribute. She said Rotary for Richard was like the old poem:

"Life is mostly froth and bubble, two things stand like a stone,

Kindness in another’s trouble, courage in your own."

The first recipient of the Memorial Stone was Pam for her numerous contributions and dependable support for people. Pam responded that Rotary was part of her family now. The second recipient will be Peter Kavenagh, having been recognised for his many talents, especially his unobtrusive Mr Fixit approach and work with the Exchange Students program.

Graham then spoke of the Paul Harris recognition and its significance in Rotary. In announcing that Chris Power is this year’s recipient, he outlined her many exceptional contributions to the Club including exchange student participation, fundraising, Presidency, District Committees and countless other tasks where she sees an opportunity and takes the initiative. She is a doer and asker and challenges others, is helpful to the young and old and is passionate and "powerful" in all she does. Outside Rotary, she works for the Red Cross and is a mother and family member extraordinaire. In summary, Chris epitomises the classical recipient of a PH recognition. After acclamation, Chris thanked the Club for the honour and continued that she does what she does for enjoyment and feels that she always get back more than she puts in.

On hundred per cent attendance achievers for the year were Gordon, Chris Power and Kester.

Incoming President Kester was introduced by Graham who welcomed his mother, Rae, as a special guest to the meeting. He thanked the Club for putting their trust in him and also those who had come this night to make it memorable, especially Des and Joyce who had introduced him to Rotary. He outlined plans for the next year and the membership of the new Board. He hopes we all look forward to lots of fun and hands-on service. he advised that the new RI President is a Kiwi with a simple name, Bill Boyd, and that the new theme is "Lead the Way".

To cap off a fine evening, Assistant Governor Ray presented us with the International Presidential Citation award for year 2005-06 which Kester received on our behalf. The evening then closed on a joyous note and much expectation for the new year.

Meeting 713 Wednesday, June 21

The last meeting of this Rotary Year was called to order by our stand in Sergeant @ at arms Stephen Lamont. The invocation was performed by President Elect Kester Baines and the singing of the national anthem was led by John Stubbings. Stephen’s thought for the day "This is a precious day, it will never be repeated. Live it well or know that you have wasted it forever", took on a special significance after the presentation given by our guest speaker later in the meeting.

Past President John Watts welcomed everyone to the meeting. Our guest speaker John Turley was introduced by Stephen Lamont.

The fines session was put forward due to the fact that John Schofield had to catch a plane to sunny Queensland. A number of members with birthdays were fined . Kester was fined because of his love for tomatoes shown during the vocational service dinner on Monday night. Continuing the theme of the signs of the Zodiac we discovered that Danny Power was imaginative and charming and that Steven Edwards was a born leader and a possible hairdresser.

Past President John Watts then introduced incoming President Kester Baines who informed the meeting that the first meeting of the new board will be held on Monday 3rd. of July. A working bee with The Friends of Buckley Falls will take place on the third Sunday in July commencing at 9.30 am. Past President Christine Power on behalf of the International Committee read out a letter of appreciation from Anton Van Doornik from Donations In Kind for our clubs financial support in providing a generator for St Margaret’s Hospital in Papua New Guinea. Christine also reported on the devastation caused by the Yogyakara Earthquake and the need for shelter boxes.

Our guest speaker for the day John Turley was introduced by Stephen Lamont. John held the meeting in rapt attention as he told us about his journey in being the beneficiary of a heart from a forty year woman nurse that has given him life. He told us in detail about the process that he went through, the skill of the medical team, the support of his family and although not saying so the courage and faith that took him through this experience. I think we were all reminded that life is a very precious gift and that organ donation can provide this gift. After questions from the floor the meeting was closed with the reminder of the theme of this Rotary Year, "Service Above Self".

Meeting 712 Wednesday, June 14

Bon Jour mes amies et mes amis,

Well you can tell we are almost at the end of another Rotary year – SAA Rick did not have to jump up and down unnoticed, ring the bell or do anything extraordinary to get our attention to start the meeting. Stewart McDonald gave the invocation and Keith Fagg led the singing of the National Anthem in fine voice as usual.

As Rick himself said we only have 2 more meetings to go to put up with his terrible jokes and the standard was as bad as ever (sorry Rick but there is no point making out they are getting any better!) However, his On This Day segment was a little more interesting for instance, did you know that on this day – 14/6/1777 the Stars and Stripes on the US National Flag was introduced, and that in 1909 Burl Ives was born, in 1936 the 1st Superman comic was issued, and in 1969 Stephie Graf was born (this gem was for Stephen Lamont who unfortunately was not present) and the piece de resistance - it was Mothers’ Day in Afghanistan! Rick’s Thought for the Day wasn’t much better than his usual offerings ‘Marriage is a relationship where one person is always right, the other is the husband.’ No comment from this reporter!

Past President Kerry Woodman standing in for Danny Power welcomed everyone. Margot Smith did a makeup at the Geelong Rotary Club and John Stubbings did one at Geelong West where he had been invited to judge their Battle of the Bands contest. John was very impressed with the creative thinking and number crunching of this club regarding the music contest. As Chairperson for the day I introduced the Guest Speakers – Emeritus Professor Helen Cox, and our very own Peter Roberts.

PP Kerry went on to highlight some of the achievements of his year as president which entertained us all particularly those members who were present during this era. It must have been quite a significant reign because we had a grand total of 48 members and the ignominious distinction of being the Club most associated with the infamous Clock Tower.

We have been given notice and this will be confirmed that the Friends of Buckley’s Falls want to have a Working Bee there on the 3rd weekend in July. The Community Service Committee will confirm this and let you all know in advance the specific day and time.

John Stubbings will be accepting payment for the Changeover Dinner from now on and would prefer not to be collecting money on the night – so please get it over and done with sooner rather than later so John can relax and enjoy the night as well.

Deb also gave us a reminder re the function on August 12 so please ask your family, friends and work colleagues to come along and make it a great night.

Keith Fagg as fines maestro took the floor and expertly pinged Angelo on who gave the invocation (of course Angelo wouldn’t know because he wasn’t there yet!) Kerry for taking everyone back to the good old days, Barry Foss for the colour of his vehicle and for appearing in the Addy near a headline about chaos, Angelo again for not getting his photo in Geelong Business News and leaving it all up to Keith, Geoff Caddy for the footy tipping, anyone who did not greet me with a kiss (phantom kisser) and Steve Richards who still would be going on with his story if we let him.

Finally we got on to the most interesting business of the day – Helen Cox and Peter Roberts giving a "hands on" introduction to their presentation. In the short time available Helen gave an interesting and succinct insight into the findings of the research report "Relief of suffering at end of life".

The research was able to be undertaken because Peter, St John of God Health and Deakin University School of Nursing won the inaugural Kings Scholarship in 2004. Music-thanatology is a sub speciality of palliative care which addresses the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of a dying patient with prescriptive music, using harp and voice at the bedside. The sole focus is to "help the person move toward completion and to unbind from anything that prevents, impedes or clouds a tranquil passage." In a nutshell, the work of the music thanatologist is to help the person complete the work of leave taking.

The study found that music - thanatology makes a profound difference to the way patients and their families experience the end-of-life journey. The study acknowledged and validated the work of the music – thanatologist who through his presence offers prescriptive music that is so powerful and adds to the depth of compassion, and creates the safe environment of reverence, peace and tranquillity for people to do their own work of unbinding and leave taking. As Helen says in the report and wherever she speaks "Its importance is immeasurable".

A copy of the Full Report is available for circulation within the Club and anyone wanting to support the recommendations which are directed to the provision of music-thanatology services in Australia, and support of the music-thanatologist, can contact me at home or at work.

Au Revoir ~ Morticia

Meeting 711 Wednesday, June 7

A chilly start to the morning, which saw SAA Rick Hattam invite Kerry Woodman for the invocation, and Maestro John Stubbings to lead off the national anthem.

Only one joke from Rick today, but a good one! It was something to do with women wearing leather, pulse rates, and cars, and by general acclaim was the best one of the year! This was the first meeting of the Geelong and our environment month, and we should all be glad to be there as it was the first day after the world was supposed to end on 6-6-06. Rick finished with a meaningful thought for the day "we are not here to see through one another, but to see one another through"

Acting President Kester reported that Stewart McDonald’s father had sadly passed away in Shepparton this week, out thoughts are with Stewart. The district changeover dinner is on July 2nd, Kester, Suzanne and Chris Sims are going up, if anyone else would like to go please see Kester.

Past President Graham reported on the South Barwon footy club gatekeeping, instructions will be issued volunteers, and Graham would welcome any feedback on how the gatekeeping is going. Deb mentioned the dinner auction, preparations are proceeding to schedule, and we have now sold 4 tickets! The target is 400 so a few more to go, and donations and raffle prizes are required. There will be a working bee on Sat 5th August, so please keep that date clear. Rick is looking for a photograph of Richard Stone in a Hawthorn jumper of scarf, if anyone has such a photograph Rick needs it for a day only.

It was Finesmaster Steven Lamont’s last appearance for the year, and he managed to extract money out of most people in the room, starting with Steve Richards who featured in the Surf Coast Times. Steve gave a long a detailed explanation of how this came to be, so long that we never heard the end of it! Angelo was fined for use of coercion to increase sales of security systems, and Nick for putting a tie on last week, even if the trousers didn’t match. The finesmaster resorted to some serious undercover detective work to deduce what happed in the Haines household while Debbie was away and Steve was running the show. Apparently the menu was a little monotonous, and the carefully planned schedule was put into disarray when Cassie became ill. Steve had a go at Essendon supporters, one of the few clubs that Cats fans can still have a crack at, and finished with a story about Christine and a towel which is better not repeated. A fine from the floor, Tony presented Gordon with a Carlton scarf with the initials GA on it, which had been fished out from the bay after being flushed down the toilet at CSIRO.

On to committee reports, Treasurer Steve Edwards reported that the accounts were in good shape, especially the fundraising account which was now back to budget. This was due to a combination of extra income from the Trivia night and sale of entertainment books, and savings in expenditure, mainly from the Pergola which was $2,500 under budget thanks to a generous donation from Robert King.

President Elect Kester talked about options that had been proposed to honour Richard Stone. A number of proposals had been received, and the board had made some recommendations for consideration by the club, and to be put to Lucy. The recommendations were that the President’s Award would be renamed after Richard, with a suitable award purchased; the club would seek approval of Barwon Water to purchase and install a seat near Buckley falls, with an inscribed plaque. In addition the club would continue its commitment to Bushikori, with a matching grant from the Rotary Foundation. Bushikori have proposed 3 possible memorial projects, a Solar power supply system to maintain continuity of power supply for the hospital, and refurbishment of the laboratory, or an ultrasound machine for the hospital. These proposals were agreed by general affirmation.

Fellowship committee Director John Stubbings reported on the changeover dinner on June 28th, partners are most welcome, cost is $35 per head. John needs numbers and money before the event to avoid taking money on the night. International Director Christine reported that our exchange student Pierre François will be arriving on July 26th, and that we now have 2 shelter boxes that can be used for demonstrations and presentations. Peter Kavenagh will circulate an email from Emily, she appears to be having a wonderful time, including learning a belly dancing routine for the district conference!

Nick Oakley talked about the Sacred Heart Mock Interviews coming up next week on Tuesday and Wednesday, please see Nick if you are able to participate. Steve Haines from the Youth Committee thanked Robert King for his donations and efforts on the Pergola.

Kester reminded directors that reports are due to Geoff Leigh by June 19th, thanked all outgoing directors for their efforts, and closed the meeting reminding us all of "Service above Self"

Meeting 710 Wednesday, May 31

S@A (we only have short Rick now) opened the meeting and Rob King gave the Invocation. After Brigitte stopped talking, John Stubbings led us in the National Anthem.

Short Rick tried hard with a few words of wisdom. "Opportunity knocks only once but temptation comes every day" was the best of them. He suggested Min selected them and that she should share the blame. Another went something like this: "some minds are like concrete, sometimes mixed up but then fixed rock hard". Annette sitting next to me trumped all of the jokes with a true story. Her mother’s faculties are not quite what they used to be. Nevertheless, one day recently, Annette took her for lunch and a coffee at a nice place. Her mother pulled out a $5 note, handed it to Annette and volunteered that it was her shout today and she would pay. Later, she asked if there was any change!

Short Rick told us that Lady Godiva rode on this day (Lamont is still lamenting missing it) and that the last of 15,007,008 T-model Fords rolled off the assembly line. When asked, Biggles Baines was able to say correctly that this is the anniversary of the last flight of the Concord and also the anniversary of the start of Kingsford-Smith’s flight across the Pacific.

Acting President Graham welcomed the guests: Supt. Steve Barber and wife Karen, SS Peter Miller, SC Andy Brittain, SC Sally Ellis, SC Amanda Evans and husband Paul, Peter McLean from Bendigo Bank and Ian Walter from the Geelong Animal Welfare Society.

PE Kester suggested that members could still review his list of proposed duties for the coming Rotary year. Stuart Monger thanked the half-dozen or so Rotarians who helped in the Red Shield Appeal. $1100 was collected and this was really a good community activity.

Christine announced that our Club will be co-ordinating promotion of the Shelter Box appeal for the District. She thanked Faggs for their recent donation to provide a box.

The usuals were fined for being late — Zlata, Peter Flanagan, and Deb. Rob King missed his Fellowship duty and all sitting on the extra table were fined. Rick was fined for calling our Nick, Nick Hughes! Peter Roberts won the "toss the coin" comp.

Nick spoke about the virtues of the Police Officer of the Year Award and how it gave us the opportunity to recognise and encourage service beyond the call of duty. He thanked our sponsors — Bendigo Bank, K-Mart, Geelong News, and City of Greater Geelong. The winner of this year’s award, Amanda Evans addressed us. She related how shocked her husband was when she won, and that she felt it was the highlight of her career. She felt that all members of the Sexual Abuse Unit were deserving recipients and should share the recognition. She did her job to make a difference by serving the community.

When presented with the $500 cheque from Bendigo Bank, Amanda nominated Geelong Animal Welfare Society to be the recipient. Ian Walter accepted it joyfully on behalf of the Society and gave us a small insight into its work. Much of it is unpleasant when animals need to be destroyed, homes cannot be found for up to 23,000 cats and 80% of dogs. He urged us to discourage people from letting dogs breed as we already have too many in Geelong, and to remember the Society in our wills.

Supt. Barber expressed appreciation to our Club for running this award and thanked Nick and Barry specifically. The Police Force looked forward to a continuation of the award and their happy relationship with H-K.

A/P Graham thanked the guests for coming and asked all to Celebrate Rotary with Service above Self.

Meeting 709 Wednesday, May 24

The small group of Cats supporters clustered together trying unsuccessfully to ignore the satisfied smirks of the few Collingwood supporters present. They were put out of their misery by our Sergeant @ Arms Rick Hattam calling the meeting to order.

The invocation was performed by Pam Virgona in a different manner. (namely by repeating suggestions heard from others because she had forgotten how it went). The singing of our National Anthem was performed by Half Marathon Man Keith Fagg in his usual enthusiastic manner. On taking control of the meeting S@A Rick told some jokes that reflected on the perceived roles of females and males. We all left the meeting wiser for knowing that on this day in 1830 Mary discovered that she had a little lamb. "Rick’s thought for the day"—"A person is only complete when she has a true friend to understand her, to share all her passions and sorrows and to stand by her through her life", gave us food for thought as Past President Christine Power took to the podium. Past District Governor Eddie Loughnan our guest speaker was introduced to the meeting together with Peter Dale from the Rotary Club of Geelong East. The following announcements were made. Members were reminded about the distribution of tickets for our annual fundraising event. Steve Richards finalised arrangements for the Red Shield Appeal on Sunday the 28th. of May. Nick Oakley reminded members of The Police Officer of The Year Presentation. President Elect Kester Baines thanked the members who attended the District Assembly. He informed members that a proposed list of the names of members of committees for the next Rotary Year had been placed on each table. If there are concerns Kester is to be contacted as soon as possible.

Fines Maestro Geoff Caddy took to the floor for possibly the last time for this Rotary Year. Zlata Seljak, Angelo Kakouros and Peter Roberts were fined for being late. Pam Virgona contributed to the fines box for her novel way of presenting the Invocation. S@A Rick for his introductory jokes which may have led to an animated discussion between Geoff Leigh and Brigitte about who should get the cups of tea. This led to another fine. Past District Governor Eddie Loughnan was fined for mistaking the President of our club during his year as District Governor. Geoff Caddy in a classic Kevin Sheedy move then diverted attention away from Essendon’s seven straight losses by fining all Geelong supporters. Keith Fagg was fined for the usual reason. Kas Szakiel for the width of the shipping channels in Corio Bay and Nick Oakley for using scissors at the trivial pursuit night to produce the longest strip from a minty wrapper. Peter Kavenagh was fined from the floor for continually mentioning the number 102 on the bus on the way to the District Assembly as was Pam Virgona by Gordon Abraham for using a non inclusive by line, "Bon jour mes amies". For a further explanation ask Gordon. The fines session ended with further quotes from Guru Bob related to various members of our club who had not been included so far.

Our chairperson for the day Peter Flanagan in introducing Past District Governor Eddie Loughnan referred to his long and distinguished record of service to Rotary.

The subject of Eddie’s address was the Rotary Foundation. Eddie stated that The Rotary Foundation is the heart and soul of Rotary International. He then went on to demonstrate conclusively that this is indeed the case. The case of how a matching grant in Zambia had freed young girls from the task of collecting water by walking 10 kilometres each day by the instillation of hand pumps that provided clean water, was one graphic example. This not only provided clean water with the subsequent improved health effects but also gave the opportunity for the young girls involved to go to school. The building of fibro cement tanks in Kenya with the flow on benefits was another example of how matching grants through The Rotary Foundation has made a significant difference. The progress that has been made through the polio eradication program and how our involvement in The Rotary Foundation can assist was graphically illustrated. We were reminded that Group Study Exchanges and Ambassadorial Scholarships are funded through the Rotary Foundation. Eddie encouraged us to become both Centurions and Sustaining Members of The Rotary Foundation. In an answer to a question from the floor Eddie pointed out that Rotary is in an unique position to ensure that aid given is delivered to where it is meant to go.

In closing the meeting Past President Christine Power a strong supporter of The Rotary Foundation thanked Eddie for his presentation and thanked our guest Peter Dale for attending. Christine then encouraged us to "Lend A Hand" and think of "Service Above Self".

Meeting 708 Wednesday, May 17

Bon jour mes amies,

A beautiful morning for the breakfast meeting which eventually got started after Brigitte was sorted out by SSSAA Rick. Gordon made the invocation and Geoff led the singing of the Anthem in fine form as per usual.

SSSAA Rick noted that it was almost the end of the Rotary year – he will be relieved because he won’t have to source terrible jokes any more (and we won’t have to listen to them!) and we’ll all get a change of jobs to do. Yours truly is looking forward to her final report for the year!

Rick’s "On This Day" segment informed us among other things that in 1846 the saxophone was patented, in 1868 Edward Jenner developed the 1st vaccination program, and Horace Elgin Dodge was born. His Thought For The Day was ‘Do take time to follow your dreams, your life will be immeasurably richer’

Past President Graham chaired the meeting and welcomed our guest speaker Jean Paul to members. Appreciation was extended to John Stubbings and the Fellowship Committee for the Trivia Night which sounded like a lot of fun.

Steven Haines is organising another Youth Committee meeting at his home next Monday evening at 7.30pm.

Nick Oakley reminded members that the Police Officer of the Year Awards will be presented at a function at City Hall, Geelong on Monday May 29, at 5.30pm. Members are encouraged to attend and support the recognition by the community for the work they do. There will also be a Vocational Committee meeting at Nick’s home on May 22, at the usual time.

Kester reminded members planning to go to the District Assembly at Stawell to meet at 61 Separation St, North Geelong at 5.45am for a 6.00am start on Sunday, May 21. This is if you would like to go to Stawell by bus.

Kester also reminded us to think about ways to honour Richard’s memory – he will list the suggestions received so Club members have the opportunity to have a say in what will eventually be done. This will be done in consultation with Lucy and the Stone family. Kester circulated a list of roles and responsibilities for the new Rotary year.

Deb hit the ground running with posters, tickets, and promotion of the FUNd raiser event on August 8, 2006. Stuart announced we are almost there with 85 network cards – we actually need 100 to get started - so keep on promoting this at least until we get to the first 100!

Fines maestro Keith delivered a very clever fines session fining Rick for his terrible blonde jokes, Peter Flanagan for a number of issues pertaining to his profession, Zlata, Annette and myself for being innocent partners in the legal entanglements associated with the previously mentioned legal eagle, all the Essendon supporters, Adelaide supporters, Nick Oakley for being Above Average as well as above height, Geoff Leigh for the copious amounts of empty wine bottles at his table (and I wasn’t even there to help) (actually they were the prize for wining the Trivia night and they were full) Peter Roberts for his appearance in an Anglican Church publication, all the Steve’s, Steven’s and Stephen’s in the club (who were all sitting together at the same table) Angelo for some obscure reason I missed, and myself for being Gray and Gorgeous! Thank you Keith, that really made my day!

Graham introduced Jean Paul who is project coordinator of the Leaders for Geelong Program. This is a new initiative to assist the future leadership in Geelong. 25 participants will be immersed in this intensive leadership program over the next 2 years, and will be exposed to a number of prominent and successful leaders from all walks of life.

Jean noted the similarities between this leadership program and the goals of Rotary particularly the concept of service above self. She thought Rotary might be able to sponsor a participant from the not for profit sector ($5000) as well as other resources such a speakers, and addressing concerns and challenges in the Geelong Region and beyond. It looks to be a most worthwhile project and I’m sure we will look forward to learning of its progress, and eventually the results it produces.

For those interested in learning more about water sustainability and environmental issues Kester recommends reading ‘The Weathermakers’ by Professor Tim Flannery. A most interesting meeting and topic – we wish all concerned well.

Au revoir ~ Morticia

Meeting 707 Wednesday, May 10

SAA Rick Hattam finally got the attention of a noisy meeting after a few minutes, inviting John Stubbings for the invocation and Loyal Toast which was given in memory of Richard Stone, who sadly passed away last week.

Rick opened proceedings with a series of jokes about professions, such as a Plumber; "We repair what your husband fixes" and a muffler shop "No need for an appointment, we hear you coming" etc. On this day in 1908 the Methodist Church started Mothers Day, and in 1954 Bill Haley recorded "Rock around the Clock", the first Rock single to reach number 1 in the charts. President for the day Graham Hobbs welcomed today's guests, speakers Ian Courtney and Andrew Pepplinghouse from Vic Roads, and Ulrike Wurth. Graham thanked John Watts for his moving speech at Richard's funeral, reflecting on Richard's involvement with Rotary and the Bushikori program.

Angelo spoke about his makeup at Torquay, where the topic was abuse of the elderly. He must have made quite an impression as he was asked to go back as a guest speaker later on! John Stubbings spoke about the Trivia night this coming Saturday, it promises to be a great night. Deb announced that tickets are now printed for the Fundraising Dinner on August 12th, she will be issuing them shortly, and reminded everyone to start asking for raffle prizes. Nick Oakley reminded everyone about the Beyond the Call of Duty presentation night on May 29th, anyone wishing to attend please see Nick or Barry. Kester spoke about the District conference on May 21st in Stawell, we have been invited to share a bus with Bayside and Geelong Central, which should be an improvement on last year's boneshaker that the club used. Kester proposed that the trophy for the bowls night should be in Richard's memory, which was agreed by all members. Following on from the talk that Bob Barry gave last week about the Garrthalala Secondary School project, meetings have commenced at the Black Sheep Cafe on Wednesday nights at 6pm to move this project along; anyone from the club interested in helping is welcome to attend.

Paul Kavenagh spoke about a fundraising event on Sunday May 29th to help support Jemma, the daughter of one of his clients. Jemma has a brain tumour, and has to travel to Melbourne every day for chemotherapy. Please see Paul for more details. Gordon reported on the Saturday morning that he and Peter spent manning the gates at the South Barwon footy club. Apparently quite an enjoyable morning, collecting $7 entry fee from spectators, including those reluctant to pay! The club gets a percentage of the gate, so a good fundraiser in the winter months. Finally Graham reminded directors to get their reports in asap in readiness for the changeover dinner on June 28th.

Finesmaster Steve Lamont surprised everyone by beginning the session seriously, asking for copies of any photos of Richard Stone that members might have. Our newest member Geoff Morphett, was fined for his anniversary tomorrow, and then again for supporting Collingwood, who happen to be top of the AFL ladder (Geoff was quite happy to put in for this). However a trip to Perth this weekend for the Pies will soon see them restored to their rightful position. Steve then reflected on the Tasmanian miners trapped for 2 weeks in small space together, and invited members to speculate on who they would like (or dislike) to be together with for 2 weeks. Some interesting answers!

Chairman for the day Tony introduced Ian Courtney and Andrew Pepplinghouse from Vic Roads, with an update on the Geelong Bypass. This project is now moving ahead, managed from an office in Corio, with 24 staff. The bypass was first planned in 1959, and the proposed route featured in maps from that time. However the land was not reserved until 1980, then there was a further delay to 2002 when a strategic study recommended the Western route for financial and environmental reasons. Funding of $380m was approved federally in 2005, and construction began this year and is due to finish in 2009. The bypass is will be 23km long, 2 lanes each way but designed to accommodate 3 lanes at a later stage. There will be extensive landscaping, and will include a number of bike paths.

Work has commenced on Stage 1 (from the existing highway to the Midland highway), and should be finished in early 2008. Stage 2, to the Hamilton highway is out for tender, and the route of Stage 3, up to the Princes Highway at Waurn Ponds is not decided. There are 2 alternative routes, either side of Deakin university, and a complex process of consultation and decision making to arrive at a final conclusion, which is expected to be concluded mid 2006.

When complete the bypass will save lives by reducing traffic on the Princes Highway, but surprisingly only reduce the traffic on La Trobe Terrace by 20%. The planned vehicle usage is 25,000 cars per day, rising to 38,000 per day in 15 years, with no tolls. Tony thanked Ian and Andrew for an informative talk, and Graham reminded us to Celebrate Rotary and of Service above Self.

Meeting 706 Wednesday, May 3

SSA Rick started the meeting with Margot giving the Invocation and Geoff Leigh the National Anthem.

Stuart presented a banner from Norfolk Island Club following his holiday / visit a few weeks ago.

Rick gave 3 days of Rotary—Yesterday, Peter Roberts played on the ABC, today in 1494, Europeans sighted Jamacia for the first time, and tomorrow at 2 minutes and 1 second after 3, it will be 01-02-03-04-05-06. His thought for the day—"Happy is the home that shelters a friend".

Sadly, Kester reported that President Richard died last night, and asked us to keep a minute’s silence, reflecting on the great service he’s given to this Club and the community.

Pam reported a make-up at the Kew Club, and Rotarian Bob Barry, a visitor from the Geelong Club was welcomed.

Graham is progressing the footy gate keeping arrangements with the South Barwon Swans and we start in earnest this weekend. He will be recruiting volunteers every 2 weeks for the remaining home matches.

Bob Barry told us about an exciting project his Club is doing in Arnhem Land in association with the Nulumbuy and Bayside Clubs. Called the Garrthalala Secondary School project, it aims to provide some satisfactory accommodation for the high school in a remote town having a high proportion of indigenous citizens. So far, $200,000 has been raised. Supplies will go up on a donated truck, further donations are required, and volunteers needed. Bob left brochures on the tables.

John Stubbings counted numbers for the Trivia Night on 13th may and we appear to have a good roll-up of 64 at this stage.

Probably for the first time, our in-coming President, Kester, inducted Geoff Morphett into our Club. Geoff has been a member for 23 years at two other Clubs, Ocean Grove and Gisborne. He is married with 4 children, all of whom follow Collingwood which is a big problem!! (no problem here!! - ed)

Geoff Caddy did the fines. He should have fined Natasha for pinching this Scribe’s breakfast while he was writing notes, but instead did the opposite! While all this was going on, Brigitte drank my tea and so was duly fined as well! Barry was fined for having his boss as guest speaker, Steve Richards for putting our Cheque through the washing machine, Margot (two-heads) Smith for playing two-up like a Tasmanian, and Peter Flanagan for being late even though he lives only 2 minutes away! Guru Bob’s word of wisdom for the day—"There’s no point in having your cake if you can’t eat it!"

Additional sobering thought for Kester; "Those who think they know everything are an embarrassment to those of us who do".

Club Assembly saw Steve Edwards report that our fundraising is on track, assisted lately by Christine’s sterling efforts in selling Entertainment books, the District Assembly in Stawell (Kester sacrificed the chance to run in the half marathon to attend), and that the furniture in Montpelier Park is finally installed! Community Service is looking for 6 volunteers for the Red Shield Appeal, Chris wants people and Clubs to buy Shelter Boxes, Pierre is to attend school at St Joseph’s, and Rotary is looking for nominees to lead the next GSE team. Police Officer of the Year actions are on the way and we have recommended a recipient—more details later. RYPEN had a successful meeting with 38 children from across the District. They shared drama and team building experiences. The pergola at the house is progressing slowly. Deb assures us that fliers and tickets for the Fundraiser will be available next week.

Kester closed the meeting with the challenge to "serve above Self", as Richard would have wanted us to do.

Meeting 705 Wednesday, April 26

ON a beautiful but chilly autumn morning, surrounded by the foliage of the trees in Eastern Garden against the background of a misty Corio Bay, the club gathered.

Standing out amongst the crowd in a long black cloak and fashionable scarf was Tony Kulakauskas who would not have been out of place on the streets of Paris on a cold winter's day.  It goes without saying that all women members were fashionable dressed and added to the ambiance of this splendid occasion.  The small groups huddled together against the cold were called together by our SAA Rock Hattam also formally dressed.  The invocation was performed by Chris Sims most appropriately wearing an elegant jacket and the suited Geoff Leigh led us in a rousing rendition of the national anthem.  Rick thanked members for their attendance at the ANZAC Day Service and reminded us of how our club became involved in the event.  These remarks were reinforced by our chairman for the day Graham Hobbs.  Our guests for the day Ulrike Wurth, Lindsay Drummond and Mark Haines were welcomed as was visiting Rotarian Geoff Morphett.  Chris Sims had recently visited President Richard at St John of God.  He encouraged us to visit Richard.  John Stubbings told us what an absolutely splendid trivia night we are going to have n May 13th at the Highton Bowls Club.  Tickets were distributed.

Steven Haines with the assistance of his straight man, son Mark conducted the fines session.  Mark displayed exquisite timing as a straight man.  The Haines would make a great double act at the Comedy Festival.

Graham Hobbs then gave us the background to the establishment of the Geelong Playspace.  He gave credit to the sponsors including our own club and Past President Bernadette Uzelac.  He then took us on a tour of this wonderful facility demonstrating how not to use some of the equipment.  Graham explained the various features.  It should be noted that Graham  gave considerable support to this concept during his year of presidency.  It was a great morning and it was very uplifting to see this concept that can be enjoyed by all children completed.

Meeting 704 Wednesday, April 19

Stand-in SAA Stephen Lamont brought things to order and asked Zlata to give the invocation and loyal toast — for Rotary, Australia, world peace and inner peace (she tells me you can’t have the fourth without the third!).
The thought for the day—the best relationship with each other is greater than the need for each other.
SAA declared this a retro morning. As Past President Keith was sitting in for Richard, his Annual Report from 1995 was reviewed. Apart from being too long, it contained a gem—as well as Being a Friend, he urged us to give service above self, the theme for this year! Keith has never been 11 years in front of the pack before!
Other significants from that year were Kester’s healthy breakfast and Paul and Zlata joining.
Unfortunately, Richard is not well and was unable to go home for Easter. We were read a letter from Richard but penned by Lucy, thanking us for our messages, our help with meals, and concerns for his wellbeing. It also included a big reminder about the Hawk’s big win last weekend!!!!
We had one visitor, Ian Lyle, a guest of Lleeanne’s, and a visiting Rotarian, Geoff Morphett.
Rotary next week—ANZAC dawn service at the Boer War memorial at 6-10 am on Tuesday, followed by coffee and biscuits. Regular meeting is at Geelong Playspace at 7 am on Wednesday. If you want a hot cuppa, please bring your own thermos.

Bayside Club is looking for volunteers to assist with their Careers Expo.

The Geelong Eisteddfod wants our assistance again, please. John Stubbings will provide some forms soon to allow volunteers to enter their names.

The Trivia Night on 13 may is coming up—please arrange tables of friends. Bring your own nibbles and drinks are available at the bar.

Graham and Deb gave a reminder about our major fundraiser and to kick off the auction items, Ulrike donated a fine Juice Fountain. Everyone is to try to arrange a table of 8 or 10. We also need donations of goods/items for raffles, auctions, prizes, etc. It will be a dinner dance and Deb will arrange a flyer and tickets soon.

John Schofield did the fines. After complaining last week about the Euro in the fines box, Keith did the classic of recycling it and was duly fined! Kas had to pay a toll fee because his mob had bullied Patricks into submission. Angelo’s photo was seen twice in the Business News.

In terms of Chinese good culture, those such as Steve Edwards born in 1961, the year of the Buffalo, are conservative, methodical and good with their hands (I’ll have to check with Jenny). Those born in the year of the Tiger (Zlata and Stephen Lamont) can be stubborn and hotheads. They’d make good matadors. For the year of the Rat, Danny and Steve Richards fessed up. They are opportunists, quick-tempered and overly critical.

Danny introduced Lleeanne Smith for her My Story talk. Seems he met her in the Bank and things developed from there. She owned up to being nervous and terrified of speaking in public. (This became obvious after her talk as she immediately ripped up her notes!).

Lleeanne was born in January 1959 in the middle of a heat wave. She had mature age parents and her mother did not appreciate motherhood at 45. Personally, I can share some of her concerns as my father was in his fifties, too! She lived at 101 Aphrasia Street for the first 23 years until she married for the next 23. Her childhood was happy and carefree and the family did much entertaining with relatives, friends and neighbours. Local boy Ian Lyle was a particular friend. Her father worked in the wool stores and always smelt of lanoline. He played in a country band where he met Lleeanne’s mother.

She had many adventures at Sunday School, up the liquid amber tree, running in pigtails, at Brownies and Guides, and wars with the other local kids. After St Andrews, she went to Morongo and made some very good, life-long friends. Unfortunately, Mr Wallis died and Lleeanne became even closer to her mother, even though they had some spectacular arguments. She studied secretarial skills at Geelong Business Academy and later worked for accountancy firms. We heard about cruise trips on the Oriana but very few of the interesting details! Apparently, Deb Fribbins sailed on the same floating sin bin! To balance the story of the voyage, she met a sober English engineer whom she later married. Kelly was born in 1989 and later developed a love of sports. Jacqueline is still at Geelong College in Year 10 and is more interested in artistic and creative pursuits.

Lleeanne has developed an interest in rowing and enjoys the friendships she’s made there. Keeps in touch with Kelly there, too. At work, she is Practice Manager at the firm of Ingpen and Bent where Gary is her brother-in-law.

In thanking Lleeanne, Danny gave her a valuable Visy pen as a throwback to the years when visitors and guests were given Bruce Howie pens. Keith closed the meeting and urged us to give Service Above Self by Being a Friend!

Meeting 703 Wednesday, April 12

Into the big room today for a change, and a full meeting with many guests.  SAA Rick Hattam called the meeting to order, and invited John Schofield for the invocation.  This invocation was a slight variation on the officially sanctioned Rotary invocation, so we all drank to the Cats and Rotary, and also to John’s new Grandson.  John Stubbings led off the national anthem, a big effort required to fill the bigger room.

Rick opened proceedings with a series of musician’s jokes, none of which this reporter could be bothered to record.  However on this day 400 years ago the Union Flag was created, and more recently Bill Haley and the Comets recorded Rock around the Clock, Yuri Gagarin went into space, and Tiny Tim was born.  Rick introduced President for the day Gordon Abraham.  While Richard is absent Past Presidents will chair the meetings, with Kester chairing Club assemblies and board meetings.  Kester gave a brief report on Richard’s health, he is still in hospital, feeling better with changed medication, and would welcome visits as long as they are short.  Annette is co-ordinating a roster to help out Lucy, and we all wish Richard well.

Back to Gordon, who pointed out the Declaration of Rotary in the corner of the room, that should be displayed at all meetings. He then welcomed all the guests; Geoff Morphett, (now a regular), Kester introduced Phil and Jo Rose, (with a young Rosebud), Tony introduced musicians, Marshal and Ria Green and Ian “Weary” Williamson, whom we were to hear more from later on.  Steve Haines promoted the Young Achiever Awards, and encouraged members to become Mentors for this scheme.  Chris Power reported on the official opening of the Geelong Play Space on Friday, to which our club was a significant contributor.  The Play Space is next to the Botanic Gardens, and is proving to be very popular, with 200 cars per day using the facilities. (one assumes the cars’ occupants enjoyed the facilities as well).  An interesting side effect is the increased patronage of the Botanic Gardens, which has doubled since the opening of the Play space.  We have a club meeting there in a couple of weeks.

Gordon reported on the arrival of a cheque from the Bendigo Bank from the sale of the diaries, a grand total of $13 for us, but a total of $28,000 in the Geelong area so clearly there is much potential for us to use this as a more substantial fundraiser.  On a similar topic Graham Hobbs reported on an approach that we have had from the South Barwon footy club for assistance with manning the gates at their home fixtures.  For a small investment in time on 10 or so Saturday mornings by a couple of people the club would get a percentage of the gate.  A strong show of hands showed support for this proposal, which Graham will progress.

Chris Sims publicised the Bayside RC Trivia night on May 12th, unfortunately the night before the Highton Kardinia Trivia night.  Adrian Hunter distributed the footy tipping results, and for once even though Geoff Caddy is at the top of the list he does not have the most correct tips!  Money in to Adrian as soon as possible please. 

Fines master Keith Fagg leapt into action with his normal gusto, fining the various members with birthdays, anniversaries etc, along with all those who didn’t attend Graham’s birthday bash.  Geoff Leigh put in for the various errors on the bulletin, and Barry Foss for being a week out in the footy tipping competition.  Nick Oakley was accused of money laundering while paying for the meeting, although not very profitably as the foreign currency tendered as change was worth more than the Australian equivalent.

Chairman for the day Tony introduced the Musician guests for the day, Marshal and Anna Maria Green, and pianist Ian “Weary” Williamson.   Marshal gave some amusing anecdotes of some of his experiences as a touring musician, a varying and satisfying life, meeting many people.  Ria sang 3 songs, “It had to be you”, (after a couple of false starts while they agreed on which was the right music!), “He is funny that way”, and “When I grow too old to dream”, all delightfully performed.  Then Marshal gave the best Muso joke of the day; the definition of perfect pitch is throwing a Banjo down a mine shaft without it touching the sides.

Gordon closed the meeting, entreating us all to “Sow the Seeds of Love”

Meeting 702 Wednesday, April 5

In calling the meeting to order our S@A Rick Hattam with some relief noted the members were relatively quiet. Rick called on Paul Harris Fellow Geoff Leigh to lead us in the national anthem and Peter Roberts to perform the invocation and loyal toast. We were then informed that the month of April is magazine month. Rick then proceeded with some old but good jokes about the effect of cows being milked and carpets fading because of day light saving. After reflecting on the Grand Prix he then proceeded to do a character analysis of various members of the club using the car they drive as a key indicator. Stephen Lamont was delighted to know that Jaguar drivers are passionate and romantic while some of us were surprised by characteristics that we didn’t know we had. He then commented that on this day in past years many people were born and many people died. After this startling observation and continuing the automobile theme, Rick gave us his thought for the day which went like this: “The thing that matters most in life’s journey is the passenger that you take along with you”. A fine thought if you trust the driver. President Elect Kester Baines presided over the meeting in the absence of President Richard. The news that Richard is back in hospital and at this stage requested that he does not have visitors or phone calls caused us all concern. We all hope that Richard’s condition improves and that he will be back in the chair soon.

Kester introduced visiting Rotarian Geoff Morpett from the Rotary Club of Ocean Grove. Martin Shirley reported on his make up at the Rotary Club of Sandy Bay at the Rest Point Casino. He also told us about a Friends at Court program that the club is involved in. Kester and Suzanne attended the President’s Elect Training Seminar at Horsham last weekend. Kester indicated that it was a very positive experience. The following announcements were then made.

Past President Graham Hobbs invited members and friends to the opening of the Play Space in Eastern Park on Friday.

Secretary Chris Sims drew members attention to a letter from District Governor Wayne Barrett, encouraging members to support the District 9780 Cyclone Appeal.

Peter Kavenagh gave us an update on Emily’s progress in Colorado. He encouraged us to send at least one e-mail while she is there.

Past President Christine Power gave us information about a Community Forum on mental health to be held in the Fred Flanagan Room at Skilled Stadium on Monday the 10th. of April. She also drew our attention to the Entertainment Books that are selling well.

Stuart Monger gave us an update on the network card. We still need another forty people to sign up before we can begin making a profit.

Kester then returned to the rostrum and reminded us of the Heritage Workshop to be held at Warrnambool and the District Governor’s Golf Day at Terang.

He also informed us that The East Timor Friendship Committee are looking for a member and nominations for Student Peace Fellowships are being called for.

Graham Hobbs thanked members of the fellowship committee for completing their commitment to his garden as part of the fund raising at the dinner auction.

Fines Master Stephen Lamont then strode to the rostrum still flushed and excited in the knowledge that Jaguar drivers are both passionate and romantic. In a state of high excitement and wearing his Rotary hat he fined Chris Sims who celebrated his wedding anniversary we assume with Christine. Peter Flanagan, Graham Hobbs and Zlata Seljak for their birthdays. Our fines master always on the job managed to fine past member Nick Hughes who shares a birthday with Zlata when he came across him at Pt. Lonsdale. Stephen then put on his football hat representing the Mighty Cats and fined the supporters of all winning teams who were delighted to contribute to the fines box. After donning a Grand Prix hat he noted that all the formula one drivers were men. Women members were therefore fined. The ever observant Stephen, noted that Angelo Kakouros was dressed in the colours that represent the fight against breast cancer he was therefore fined. Returning to the car racing theme Deb Fribbins and Margot Smith were fined for their alleged driving habits, Steven Haines and Geoff Caddy for their association with Shell and Keith Fagg for not providing a formula one racing simulator in the kids playground at Mitre Ten and Kerry Woodman for being distracted by the grid girls. Finally Grand Prix enthusiast Steven Edwards, not able to attend this years Grand Prix, was then presented by the observant, romantic, passionate and thoughtful Stephen Lamont with various items of memorabilia from the track including various discarded parts from the Ferrari driven by Michael Schumacher. He paid for the privilege.

Committee reports were then presented.

Club Service:

President Elect Kester gave an invitation to all to attend the District Assembly to be held on the 21st. of May

 Treasurer’s Report:

The treasurer’s report was tabled. Steven Edwards indicated that both the operating and fund raising accounts were tracking as expected.

Community Service:

Steve Richards is looking for a member to accompany our Shine On Awards Nominee to Maryborough on Sunday the 7th. of May. We were reminded that there were forms available to register as a volunteer for the Transplant Games. Information about the Young Parents Access Program was presented. Steve also gave us an update on the Montpellier Park Project and called for volunteers for the Red Shield Appeal on the 27th. and 28th. of May.

Youth Service:

Steven Haines informed us that arrangements for sponsoring three students to RYPEN from Newcomb Secondary College are in hand. Plans for the Pergola at the house are still proceeding if slowly.

Vocational Service:

Nick Oakley brought us up to date with the plans for The Police Officer of The Year Award on the 29th. of May. There will be publicity in The Geelong News. The theme for the award will be Beyond The Call of Duty.

Fellowship Service:

John Stubbings reported on the success of the trip to Sorrento last weekend. He reminded us of the Trivia Night to be held on the 13th. of May at The Highton Bowls Club and the assistance that we are going to give to The Geelong Eisteddfod in July.

International Service:

Christine Power announced that we have a Shelter Box Certificate of Appreciation number oz1804. It is important that Rotary sells this project to the Geelong business community.

Christine then reported on our involvement with The Rotary Club of Highton in Opportunity International, an organisation that provides micro financing for third world countries.

President Elect Kester then closed the meeting by encouraging us to follow the Rotary theme of Service Above Self.  


Meeting 702 Wednesday, March 29

SAA (short) Rick opened the meeting with Kerry as Acting President.  Steve R gave the invocation and then was tempted to give the Welsh version of our anthem with some backup from John Stub. 

SAA presented his joke for the day --- about that guy that took up engineering because he lacked the charisma to be an undertaker!  Kerry wondered how he escaped this time!   We then heard that the Niagara Falls became iced up this day in 1848, and the Royal Albert Hall was opened.  Reminded us that friendship is the cement that holds the world together.

 Kerry opened meeting 701, nobody had done a real makeup, Dr Bernie Jenner was our only guest.  Chris S advised that our incoming student to come in June or July is now known ---  Pierre Lacroix from France.  A school is being organised for him.  IMPORTANT!  We are still looking for 1-2 host families with whom Pierre might stay.  Please give it careful thought and discuss with family, etc.  Even if not hosting, please plan to do something with Pierre --- a weekend away, a night out, a meal, etc.

 Footy tipping has started and tips can be sent electronically to Adrian by email, or left on your table.  Forms for volunteering to assist at the Transplant Games in Geelong are to be returned soon.  Our nominated time is about 16-17 September. 

 John Scho. fined a few people for misdemeanours and especially those born in the Chinese year of the rabbit --- Geoff L and others are expected to be obliging, pleasant and seem superficial!   Born in the year of the Dragon, Chris P is expected to have vitality, be enthusiastic and a perfectionist and have a big mouth.    Deb, a year of the Snake type, is rich in wisdom but has a stingy attitude to money!

 Our guest speaker, Dr Bernie Jenner, PHF,  was introduced by Pam.  His talk was about Hope Bereavement Care, an offshoot of Barwon Paediatric Bereavement Program which had its origins in the 1980’s.  Formally, it is now the clinical arm of Barwon Bereavement Services.  It still has much the same goal after a couple of name changes ---  providing support for families who have lost a child suddenly.  Initially, the State Health Department provided funding and it’s been a struggle ever since.  Association with SIDS has been beneficial and United Way has been a tower of strength.  Our Club has been a significant supporter in recent years.  Now joint funding is getting the job done.  Still, more support is needed and HBC is looking at better marketing and alternative fundraising.

 The number of referrals has increased substantially during the 1990s and HBC now has 1.3 effective full-time counsellors.  Last year, 55 referrals were received.  Suitable office and counselling facilities have been provided in level 2, Kitchener House,  at Geelong Hospital.  Following much renovation and restoration, the accommodation is now suitable and has allowed HBC to enhance its profile and services.  Its scope is being widened from loss of children to include stillbirths, miscarriages and young adults.  Road accident deaths are an area where HBC feels its services are frequently needed and this requires additional planning and support.  It also runs group sessions for fathers, grandparents, siblings, etc.  Memorial services are part of the program and these help families considerably.

 In answer to a question, we learned that cash expenditure is about $50,000 pa with a similar amount of help provided in kind.  Another Member observed that while we have words with specific meanings like orphan and widow, we don’t have one for a parents who’s lost a child. 

 Kerry thanked Bernie for his talk and, in a flash back to the past, urged us to, “Build the World with Action and Vision”.

















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