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The Honeycrack website first went online in March 1995 at the University of Southampton, where I was employed at the time. The site then followed me to the University Of Surrey in December 1995, when I took up a new job there. In Early 1997, around the same time that Honeycrack called it a day, the server at Surrey died and the site was moved to this current location courtesy of Geocities. During the lifetime of the site there were various rewrites and style changes, reflecting the continuing development of HTML and my ability to use it and the continuing expansion of the site.

This is the final version of the Honeycrack website. I have included all the material I have found on the web relationg to Honeycrack and will continue to update the site as I find more material. Latest changes to the site will be listed below.

I have included a basic navigation bar at the top and bottom of each page. This will take you back to the front page, list of pages or the news page. In the segmented sections of the site e.g. lyrics, I have put a secondary link back to the relevant index.

the latest changes on the HONEYCRACK web site are:

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