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Holywood Boys Football Club was founded in 1991 by Holywood man Raymond Alexander.  Since then the Club has grown.  The Club provides organised football for 7-16 year olds.

All positions and roles in the Club e.g: (Coaches, Assistant Managers, Managers and Chairman etc) are run on a voluntary basis.  They all sacrifice their time and energy to encourage the boys to a better future in football.

The Club provides a stable environment for the boys to interact through playing football and having the opportunity to develop their skills to their full potential.

The future of the Club depends very much on the voluntary work of
not only the Coaches, Managers, Committe Members etc but also on
the support of local businessess and organisations.

If you would like to Support the Club by either Sponsoring us or giving a Donation please contact us HERE.  Your help would be very much appreciated.

sign our Guestbook below:  Simply click on the Guestbook and it will open.  All you have to do is click on post new message and simply fill in the questions.  Thanks!

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