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Mr. Nigel Pope

is one of the board members of HOMEBANK MORTGAGES PLC, a company whose registered office is West Stow Lodge, West Stow, Bury St Edmunds IP28 6ET and whose trading address is Finance House, 20a-30 Abington Street, Northampton NN1 2AJ.

In the past there have been many complaints about the financial services provided by HOMEBANK MORTGAGES PLC, and these complaints were related to the seriousness of the actions of the company, as well as to the quality of their financial services.

The company constantly disobeys the FSA regulations not only by the unprofessional financial services that they provide to their clients in the UK, but also through the way it contacts its potential clients.

According to the Financial Services regulations, in order to make phone calls with the purpose of setting a mortgage appointment, a Mortgage company has to solicit a survey for its potential customers, in which they have to give their express approval to receive a phone call regarding mortgages. HOMEBANK MORTGAGES PLC not only ignores this regulation, but imposes the call centers to make phone calls with the purpose of setting mortgage appointments without any kind of survey, and also provides the database of phone numbers in order to do so, which is another action prohibited by the FSA regulations.

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