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Welcome to Homestead Traders! (We are changing over from EarthWorks.) Whether you have questions about livestock, where to buy seeds, or need assistance in locating import/export/investor possibilities for your agriculture products, we're here to help and we'll work hard to find you the answers. Although our target audience are those who could not otherwise afford this type of service, most of our work is affordable to all all, regardless of economic situation. Domestic or international. Individual or group.

Our main focus is on Organics, Livestock, Fruits and Vegetables, Herbs, Sustainable Farming, Free Range, Environmental Preservation, Rare Breed Preservation, Alternative Livestock and other related areas. We are also passionate about Historic Preservation. we'll help with research, monitoring trade boards for buyers or sellers, find answers to your questions, look for investors or investment opportunities, hints and tips, sources.....whatever you need. If we can, we'll help. Please remember, however the we are not brokers and will not make your deals or sales, nor do your importing/exporting. We will help you make initial contacts, gather information, research regulations, etc. Contact us anytime.

Donations are also appreciated. This will go towards our future broadcast expenses. Donations are accepted through PayPal, and a link is provided for your convenience at the bottom of this page, on the left.

Thank You ahead of time for your support!


We will be selling seeds at this site in the near future. Please stay tuned for updates!

Feel Free To Contact Us Through Email First To Schedule A Chat Time, Or Take A Chance That We're On Now!

Didn't find us on line or prefer to make an appointment for a chat? Feel free to email us to set up a mutually agreeable time to sit and discuss your project needs.

Heritage Turkey






Heirloom Gardens

  Watch for our taped and live video and audio broadcasts, coming in mid to late 2008. Right now, We'll help you develop your own workshops and programs. Consultations may be by e-mail, snail mail or even phone or fax. And we will not only work with agriculture. We'll also help you with markets, programs and suggestions for your traditional arts and historic preservation projects. (Fee Based) Please come back soon for updates. We are working on our last step of finding sponsors and obtaining new facilities to make your experience a memory to last. We hope to be having our first workshops online in late 2008. But we're here to talk via live chat (at left) or e-mail now!

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