Muh page is unda mad construction... check back lataz
Big ups to the United States Marine Crop!
Jus wanted to say whad up to muh boy Kris... whos un the usmc. stay good n stay safe please. i miss you boy.
Tha pic reminds me of muh boy Oscar! He for ever got girls sweatin him! muahz pa!
R.I.P. Baby Girl we miss you.
Imma Princess n u betta not forget tha!
Thas muh girl Kai n her man Rajiv.
Whad up Sami! lmao u know u muh girl!
Dis is muh boy Camo-Kahmil! lmao he THINKS hes a pimp! lmao muahz luv ya boy!
Yo if you a BITCH get the fuck out.
Yo Kai, Don't make me take muh shoe off! lmao Hell Ba!
If you dead R.I.P. If you alive you needs to come back!
Shout Outs To Muh Girlz
Shout Outs To Muh Boyz
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