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This is where we describe in detail how this company works, and how you will make money! This is also the page that will tell you how much the program costs.

Below are the different ways you can make money. Each is described in detail below.

  • Selling E-books (100% profit!)
  • Selling products offered by other home businesses (commission)
  • Selling newsletter subscriptions from your website (creates residual income)
  • Selling services such as webhosting, and domain registration (residual income, and commission)
  • selling the Honest Home Business package (commission)

When you first download this package, you will get a number of things in the file you download. You will get a copy of each E-book shown on the products page, and a copy of the website that sells it. (20 different E-books to sell!) You will get a copy of the website template that you will sell your products and services from. (a $1500+ value!) You will get a letter from me, telling you step by step how to set up your websites. You will get step by step instructions on where to go to sign-up for the other businesses we promote, and work with, and how to sign-up for them and get started. Finally, you will get my personal E-mail address, and my personal phone number! Once you are on board with us, you will be able to contact me anytime you need help!

This is how your business will work. You will use the website template provided to setup an E-commerce store, much like the one seen at www.oocities.org/marketingbooks2002. You can change the colors, or anything you would like to change on it to make it your own style. (if you need help doing this, it is available) On your main page of your website will be a link to sign up for the Minute Marketing Help Newsletter. This newsletter is $10/month, and you will recieve $5 from every subscription you sell, and $5 every month that the person is a paying member of the newsletter.

What is in the newsletter?

For $10/month a person will get 1 free E-book product, and ready to sell website. The E-book that is included in the newsletter changes every month. The newsletter will also have different hints and tips on selling, and promoting your websites. It will have product reviews, and new home businesses that are worth looking into. Plus much more. A person can sign-up for 1 month at $10, or they will have the option to signup for 6 months at $45.00! If a person chooses the $45 option, you will recieve $20 in commissions. Newsletter sales are a great way to start earning residual income, and making money from your website!

Selling your E-books

E-books are the best and most profitable product you will sell on your site. The basic idea behind them is, you get 100% profits from them. If you sell an E-book for $24.99, than that $24.99 is all yours! A customer can pay securely with a credit card, and once their card is processed, they will be taken to a page where they will instantly download the E-book they ordered. Their payment goes right into your Pay Pal account, which can then be easily transfered into your bank account. It works great, and is VERY profitable!

Other companies Products

We have basically found a way to use other businesses opportunities, (only the good ones) and profit from them by combining your e-commerce website, and their products. We can now offer everything from DSL internet service to household cleaning products! All the products we currently can offer are displayed on the "products" page. We are always interested in new products to sell, so keep your eyes open, and you could earn some extra money by letting us know about a new product, service, or company!

Webhosting, and Search Engine Submissions

We will show you how to partner with the best webhosting and search engine submission companies in the business! Selling web hosting can create a great residual income, and we can offer our customers some GREAT deals! Once you sell someone web hosting, chances are they will have their site hosted for at least a year. That means a years worth of income for a one time sale! For our search engine submission sales, you can currently earn 25% of the sale! Most sales are $199.00, so thats a pretty good amount of money each time you sell!

Selling the Honest Home Business program to others

One more way you can make money! We are going to give you the opportunity to sell our home business program to people through your website! You can do this through a featured link type of link, or just as a normal product. Whatever you choose. If you decide to do this, you will need to notify us of your decision. We will give you what you need to sell it, and whenever you send someone from a special link to our website, we will know. If they purchase our program, you make a percentage of the sale!

We are always coming up with new ways to make money on the internet! When you purchase this program, you will get a free membership to our newsletter! (not the Minute Marketing Help newsletter) The newsletter will inform you of new ideas we have, and how membership is doing. It will also announce the current months "Top Dog". The Top Dog is the person who sells the most copies of the Honest Home Business program. This person will recieve a bonus from the company!

You get ALL THIS for a one time fee of ONLY $39.99!!

That's right. Its as simple as that. In less than 5 minutes, you could be downloading something that will Change your life! Ordering is simple, and quick! Once your credit card is processed (in a matter of seconds), you will instantly be taken to a page where you can download everything I desribed above! I hope to be in business with you soon!

Thats about it. If you are still in the dark about anything involving this company, please contact me at honesthomebusiness@yahoo.com