honey X´s Bios page

 honey X´s Bios page

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18.07.2004 Ok, the page wasn´t updated for more than a half year. It´s because I´m quite busy right now having not enough time. However, there are some news worth to be mentioned.

1) The Mobile mod Guide for Athlon XP CPUs can be found here.

2) A new version of CrystalCPUID is aviable, giving you the benefits using Cool´n Quiet with Mobile Athlon XP´s on Desktop Systems.

3) I´ve updated the Bios page and added a bunch of modified BIOS´s for the Asrock K7SXX series, supporting Halt@Idle and a few other useful things.


30.12.2003 Well, the site wasn´t updated for a while but I have some great news for you.  

A small modification of your Athlon/Duron allows Multiplier control via Software on the fly within Windows. The same modification unlocks hardlocked CPUs (past week39). A guide will follow. As long I suggest  reading this discussion which will answer all your questions.

Btw, a PowerNow!-like driver for desktop systems which takes advantage of this modification will also be aviable soon and  will give you the advantage to use Cool´n Quiet on Soket A systems.

27.10.203 Today "omnipagebook" posted his Abit KV8-MAX3 Review on The Rebels Haven Computer Forum. You can discuss it there or simply just read his Review here.

Added some news about the data corruption issues happening on the Iwill K7S3-N into the Review. 

22.09.2003 The whole site got a bit redesigned and the OC Bios section finally updated. Hope you like it.
22.09.2003 After testing my new Iwill K7S3-N basing on the SIS748 chipset for about a month now ,I finally wrote a review about it.
If you want to know more about it´s Pros and Conts, check out the Reviews page.



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