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it's been said that good things come to those who wait, and being that many of our fans (at least 3) have waited patiently over the last 4 months for any sign of life from the hibernating beast that is the hook disgorger, i've decided to (slightly) update the site just to let y'all know we're still breathin'. though the beast doth lie inert, it soon shall rise to judge the living and the stupid.

we are scarred but not dead. we may even practice in a few days. maybe...

an update of band members past and present:

dave, still nursing his wounds and hobbling 'round on bone poles, has returned to the "we see you" skool of the farts and will probably do something there one day. now more than metal than ever, as two new giant steel rods have been placed within his distill femur (complementing the plate which has resided in his arm since the 9th grade), he faces the daunting task of learning how to stand up. once this is accomplished, rock is sure to ensue.

bryan the lion is posing as a student at american AND howard universities, while tending to bidness at a local Mailboxes Etc.®. No friend of free time, (and, subsequently, band time) he has also assumed the role of an art teacher at a skool for teens who've not had the easiest of childhoods. dog bless him. oh yeah he just blew a small fortune on a honda mini-cycle of power. lets hope all his little bryan parts stay intact.

phil...well, he's back in richmond but strangely absent from public view, or at least my own. he came over and shared a laugh a couple weeks ago, and i spotted him crossing the street yesterday. perhaps a call to his trusty cell phone will offer some clues as to his latest doings, though calling his house will surely result in a sore ear from a rude roomate zombie.

adam is trying desperately to balance classes and rock, as he lays it down in a new band, roman holiday, with friends jared and curtis. he and dave are also sharing a house and battling over the last veggie dog.

kevin, still officially disgorged from the group but swinging the sticks for many a new project, is now chillin' indefinitely in good ol' reston.


7/5/02 Old news here.

Once again, news has gone to shit whilst we attempt to nurture sound. ideological shifts since last update: kevin and the rest of us have parted ways (amicably, gossip whore) for the time being.. you never realize how difficult it is to maintain a bi-city band until summer comes and the DC-RVA carpool dwindles. phil now mans the cans, and has been joined in beatmaking by one adam xavier palmolive, who is a better metronome than god, and provides us with tiny ear penises to salvage our hearing. dave and myself are too stupid to play other instruments, so we have kept to our respective axe wielding. most important, line up is not static; more change sure to arise when rock demands it. demo soon, hopefully.
On other fronts, the dudes in action anthropological excavation is slowly coming together...am psyched about finally printing all of our brilliant lyrics.
Shows? ummm.. will be perpetrating a cathartic rebirth of reston speed metal when time is right (2 or 3 weeks from now sounds pretty good)... accompanying anasthesia rip-offs include stip/guido and perhaps a handful of tie dyed maniacs. please forgive me for my sins, i want not but to feel your holy touch. sometimes, i wish i had skeleton bones.