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~comfort and hope for those who grieve the loss of a child ~
Made for Heaven : A tribute to our daughter Hope Elizabeth. Includes a drawing of Hope.

Our Story : Here you may read about our personal experience of pain, loss ,and hope.

Letter to the Hurting : A letter from my heart to yours. Here I share the source of my hope and comfort.

Promises of Hope : There is comfort to be found amidst our pain. Find hope and healing in these comforting words.

Daddy's Page : Daddies are often forgotten grievers. Here you may read a poem written from Hope's perspective       to her daddy. Included is a photograph of Hope Elizabeth

The Nurse Beside You :This beautiful poem was written by a very special friend and nurse. It gives a rare look into the hearts of those who care for for us during the difficult and heartbreaking time of pregnancy and infant loss.

A Mother's Lov
e : A poem dedicated to all mothers who know the excruciating pain of losing a child.

Forever Our Children Memorial
s: Here you may email the information you would like to include in a memorial listing for your own precious child.

Other Memorial Site
s : The links on this page will take you to some other beautiful sites where Hope is listed and    where you too may list a memorial for your own child.

Helpful Link
s : You are not alone in your grief. Much help and comfort  can be found in the various sites listed here

A Contribution of Hope : One way we memorialized Hope..

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