Meet Andrew Evans
AOG National Superintendent

False Prophet

False Pastor

False Apostle

False Teacher

His real name is Wilfred Andrew Lever Evans.
He calls himself “Doctor”, although he has never completed any tertiary study.
He controlled the Assemblies of God in Australia from 1977 to 1997.
He was the only AOG National Executive member to receive a salary from the AOG National Office during that time.
But he refuses to accept any responsibility for the scandals which have engulfed the Australian AOG in recent years. The Bible says that teachers of the Word should “incur a stricter judgment” (James 3:1), but Andrew Evans refuses to acknowledge any kind of responsibility for either his teachings, or for the outrageous actions of the National Executive that he has dominated for the last twenty years.

False Prophet
“Decade of Harvest”?
At the 1989 AOG National Conference, Andrew Evans prophesied that the church in Australia was about to enter a “Decade of Harvest”. During the nineties, the local AOG churches were going to be overrun with desperate people, all clamouring for a seat within an AOG church.

Allegedly, the pressures were going to be so great that God had warned Andrew Evans in advance, so that he could begin organising the massive facilities that would be required to meet the new demands.

Of course, the reverse has occurred. People are leaving AOG churches in Australia in droves. At least two thousand people have left Andrew Evans’ own church since 1989.

On 14 February 1995, Andrew Evans stood up at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre and announced: “This is it. This is REVIVAL!”

He was referring to stage hypnotist Rodney Howard-Browne’s success in getting a small crowd of people to laugh (for no particular reason).

That prophetic announcement of “REVIVAL” by Andrew Evans, almost two years ago, has been followed by a sustained decline in attendances at most Australian AOG churches.

The only Australian AOG churches to maintain their numbers or grow since that time have been the ones who have steadfastly refused to have anything to do with the so-called “Toronto Blessing” peddled by Andrew Evans.

False Pastor
False promises  





More about
Fred Evans

At the start of the AOG Insurance Agency Scandal (5 November 1993), Wilfred Andrew Lever Evans was the Senior Minister at Paradise AOG, Chairman of the AOG Insurance Agency Sub-Committee, State Superintendant of the AOG in South Australia and National Superintendant of the AOG in Australia.

Andrew Evans knew more than anyone else outside of the AOG Insurance Agency about what was going on there.

[ Despite that, from the time the troubles became public, Evans has never ceased to bleat about his hands being “tied”. Even when the rumours surfaced in December 1996 about his brother Freddy Evans being involved in adultery, Andrew simultaneously protested Freddy’s innocence and announced that he would not be part of the AOG National Executive investigating committee. Don't get any on you” is Andrew Evans’ constant motto. ]

On the day of the sacking Greg Sowerby rang Andrew Evans and asked about the wages which were due to his wife at that time. Andrew Evans promised that she would receive her money and two cheques were duly made out to Meredith.

A few days after the cheques were deposited, the bank “dishonoured” them. Andrew Evans had arranged for the cheques to be cancelled!

You needed to have been there to fully appreciate this event. A distressed young mother of two, having received firm assurances from her “pastor” of eighteen years, had the means to pay her housekeeping bills ripped from under her.

On discovering that the cheques had been dishonoured, Meredith immediately drove to Andrew Evans’ home and confronted him. Andrew Evans promised Meredith to her face that she would receive the money, but no money ever came!

This was a cowardly attack on a distressed mother with two young children.
• By her “pastor” of eighteen years, no less!
• By the National Superintendant of a pentecostal denomination!
To this day I am astonished by the cowardice and cruelty of Andrew Evans.

and abuse
Andrew Evans followed his attack on Meredith Sowerby by ringing my wife—Rainee Sheppard—and threatening and abusing her. He did it on a weekday afternoon, when he knew I would be at work.


[ I had the phone number changed to prevent him doing it a third time. ]

Apparently Andrew Evans believes that God grants some special Christian grace to “ministers” who threaten and intimidate women.

Defames own sister!
Having established a clear pattern of contempt for women, Andrew Evans then extended himself by defaming his own sister.

Evie Glasgow, youngest daughter of Tommy and Stella Evans— having discussed, explained and pleaded with Andrew Evans about the foolishness of knowingly violating scripture—placed her views in print (see: Papers by Evelyn D. Glasgow ).

Andrew Evans objected to Evie’s writings on the grounds that she had “used” her father’s name. How pathetic! What gives Andrew the right to call himself “Evans”? His childhood fantasy that he is Elijah returned and that he has received some magic mantle from his father is just that— a dangerous fantasy.

Andrew Evans’ response was to instruct one of his lackeys, Ron Hunt, to write a letter to AOG pastors across Australia “on behalf of the Evans family” [A.E. trying to avoid responsibility, as usual], in which he defamed Evie as being mentally unstable, low-life scum who approves of fornication.

The letter was read out to the Queensland State Conference in October 1996 and, according to some reports, was applauded by the AOG pastors present. (For their sake, I hope that is not true. God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows, that shall he reap. Anyone cheering the defamation of a defenceless widow can look forward to some interesting dealings with the Living God.)

Evie’s response was typically gracious. Read her Open Letter to the AOG National Executive for yourself.

False Apostle

Evans spends church money
to pay a lawyer
to have the
Bible banned!
The KJV says of God that “thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name” (Psalm 138:2).

Andrew Evans and many of the current Australian AOG National Executive have a different formula—they have exalted their name above the Word of God.

Keith Ainge sent out an Official Communique on behalf of these men justifying Andrew Evans’ actions in suing me for “defamation”.

In that document, Ainge made a series of absurd statements, to which I responded in a draft letter dated 17 August 1996. The letter was never sent, because Andrew Evans and his mates who sued me for “defamation” — joined, notice carefully, by Keith Ainge — obtained an injunction preventing me from “publishing or causing to be published the proposed letter”.

Of course, that injunction only applies in South Australia.
If I were to publish the following passage in South Australia, Andrew Evans’ lawyer has already promised he will arrange to have me “breaking rocks”.

Keith Ainge’s Communique makes the claim that their legal action is a “last resort”. He says that “there are simply no alternatives left”.

Which is, of course, a load of baloney.

They could always try the Jesus alternative:
If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also (Luke 6:29).

They could try the Paul alternative:
If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head (Romans 12:20).

They could try the Peter alternative:
When they hurled their insults at Him (Christ), he did not retaliate; when He suffered, he entrusted himself to one who judges justly (1 Peter 2:23).

And they could try the genuine spiritual leadership alternative:
Brethren, even if a man is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness; each one looking to yourself, lest you too be tempted (Galatians 6:1).

You be the judge. Should I be imprisoned indefinitely for quoting (while in South Australia) from these or any of the total of twenty-eight separate verses of the Bible used in the draft letter?

The ugly truth of the matter is that Andrew Evans, Keith Ainge, and the other fake “apostles” are spiritually bankrupt. When confronted with spiritual truth which exposes their ignorance of God’s Word, they retaliated by using church money to pay a lawyer to have the Bible banned.

Ainge’s claim that the legal action was a “last resort” and that “there are simply no alternatives left” was finally proven to be utterly false when Andrew Evans filed a Notice of Discontinuance on the action.

In plain English, Andrew Evans chickened out before the judge could award him a token $1 compensation for his imaginary damages.

False Teacher

The following papers were written in response to Andrew Evans’ teachings.

Paper 1:
In March 1995 Andrew Evans published a booklet called “A New Wave of the Holy Spirit”. It contained references to twenty passages of Scripture, none of which actually supports the thoughts or ideas that Andrew Evans claims for them in his booklet.

The Evans booklet had only been released a few days before it was challenged in print by A New Wave of the Spirit?

A furore broke out after the people in his church began to realise that Andrew Evans is a false teacher.

In a typical response, Evans denied all responsibility for his own booklet, saying that he had plagiarised (stolen) the content from another preacher —Rob Rufus of New Covenant Ministries—a man whom Andrew Evans had driven out of the Australian AOG and accused of being a “cult leader” to local Immigration officials!

Paper 2:
On 7 May 1995, Andrew Evans preached an outrageous sermon which purported to teach on “Testing the Spirits”, but which really examined the subject of “Authority in the Church”. In it he made a cult-like demand that the people believe what Andrew Evans had to say, simply because he said they should believe what he had to say!

Trust me, I'm a Doctor! examines Andrew Evans’ ignorance of Scripture, his false claims regarding his personal authority, and his dishonest and manipulative response to the challenges made for him to support his teachings from the Bible.

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